Best Baby Business book Stockists

Best Baby Business book Stockists

By Request June 2012 Baby Steps Shy shop owner Dana Malone was looking for new retail space with sexy CJ Turner when her wayward cousin literally left a baby on Dana’s doorstep with a birth certificate listing gorgeous, blue-eyed CJ as the father! Suddenly they were sharing baby duties and close quarters… Also includes The Prodigal Valentine and Pride and Pregnancy

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You Have To Kiss a Lot of Frogs eBook

“A provocative and intelligent look at the ways that people search for a meaningful life.”—Publishers Weekly Forty-five-year-old actress Karrie Kline doesn’t usually lose a lot of sleep over her age or her single status. But after one too many bridal showers, a notice on her apartment, an expired unemployment claim and her acting prospects drying up—too old to play the ingénue, too young for the role of matriarch—she’s awake at 2 am and determined to get perspective on her life. Starting with the men she’s dated. From the man whose parents loved her more than he did, to the famous actor who had more bark than...

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Heir to a Dark Inheritance ebook

They say that Alik Vasin's heart is carved from the hardest diamond and the coldest ice... Alik is powerful, ruthless, and incapable of love. But when he discovers he has a daughter nothing will stop him from claiming the child as his own. Jada Patel will do whatever it takes to keep little Leena in her life- even if it means a convenient marriage. Though there can never be a future between them, resisting the powerful Alik is impossible. Jada thinks she's known desire but, catapulted into Alik's glittering world, she discovers an all-consuming, intoxicating passion that can melt even the coldest of hearts. ‘Such intense...

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The Wedding She Always Wanted ebook

Cherish June 2011 Emily’s world tilted on its axis when Javier twirled her in his arms. The jilted bride-to-be never expected to meet a man like him at the wedding that should have been hers. Still, she knew the handsome playboy was wrong for her in every way. So why was she letting him sweep her off her feet? Javier didn’t believe in fate. But from the moment he spun Emily onto the dance floor he was captivated by her. Emily had faith in Javier – and in the passion that made him long to shed his bachelor ways. What would it take to get her to say yes? To take that fateful walk down the aisle…with him?

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The Forbidden Bride-To-Be eBook

brother. Handsome, fabulously wealthy Alex Sinclair was the man of her dreams... but seemed to have no time for love. HE WAS MORE THAN HE APPEARED TO BE... With one glance from Sophie's soulful eyes, the walls around Alex's heart melted. But there was more than honor standing in the way of his claiming his brother's bride-to-be. With all the lies that stood between them, could Sophie make Alex see her for what she truly was: his soul mate... ?

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The Ambassador's Daughter book

Mira February 2013 Paris, 1919 The nations’ leaders have gathered to rebuild the world from the ashes of the Great War. But for one woman, the City of Light harbours dark secrets and dangerous liaisons Brought to the peace conference by her German diplomat father, Margot resents being trapped in Paris where she is still looked upon as the enemy. Yet returning to Berlin means a life with the wounded fiancé she barely knows. Torn between duty and the desire to be free, Margot strikes up unlikely alliances: with Krysia, a musician who protects a secret; and with Georg, the handsome, damaged naval officer who makes Margot...

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Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex both

Modern September 2010 Her head says no! Yes, Xavier Lefèvre was still the most gorgeous guy Allegra had ever met. If it were possible, he’d got even tastier with age! But everything has changed since that long, hot summer affair years ago. This time it’s strictly business – like it or not they both own the vineyard, and she isn’t going to sell Xavier her piece of the label! But her body screams yes! Now she has two months to prove to him she’ll make a great partner, and to persuade herself she doesn’t need him in her bed. Yet who is she kidding? Even the thought is far too tempting, far too delicious… Château...

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To Kiss a King eBook

For security expert Garrett King, rescuing a damsel in distress is routine. He knows sexy, desirable Princess Alexis left her castle to look for independence and true love – and she thinks she’s found it in him. But he’s no white knight, he’s been hired to protect her during her adventure and he doesn’t do happily ever after…

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Sunset Surrender eBook

Desire March 2013 Sophia Montrose is no stranger. Not after the scorching kiss rugged cowboy Logan Slade once shared with the alluring Spanish beauty in school. Now she's back - Logan wants to hate her, but can he resist their unquenchable love-hate passion?

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The Rake's Inherited Courtesan ebook

Historical June 2009 A scandalous bequest! Daughter of a Parisian courtesan, Sylvia Boisette longs for respectability, though gossips say she is nothing more than a gentleman’s paramour. Now, with her guardian dead, she finds herself in a shocking situation… Christopher Evernden is appalled by his uncle’s will – Mademoiselle Boisette is now his courtesan! Although his body responds to Sylvia’s tempting sensuality, he knows he should rid himself of his disreputable charge. But, surprisingly, Sylvia has a vulnerability to match her exceptional beauty. Perhaps his inherited mistress could become his rightful bride!

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Touch of Temptation book

Nocturne December 2010 The more dangerous the desire, the more delicious the surrender… Werewolf Kellan has vowed to redeem his playboy past…even allowing himself to be captured to save a woman he’s never met. Once imprisoned, stealing into Chloe’s cell is the easy part – withstanding her irresistible beauty is next to impossible! Chloe struggles to keep her unusual powers over other people’s emotions in check, never trusting that any man could love her. Until her mesmerising rescuer awakens a primal craving for contact. Their passion is their strongest weapon against their captor. But Kellan’s biggest battle...

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