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Bargain Back in the Lion's Den both Stockists

Modern February 2012 Imprisoned with the past…Conan Ryder storms into gym instructor Sienna’s life, interrupting her workout and raising her heart-rate through the roof! He demands his little niece comes with him to visit his sick mother, but Sienna won’t release her child into the hands of her estranged in-laws alone. With trepidation she re-enters the lion’s den…The luxurious home in the South of France is a gilded prison under Conan’s accusing gaze. Blaming Sienna for his late brother’s demise, he plans his revenge… But when his dark game of seduction is turned on its head – who’s using who?

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Cougar's Conquest eBook Stockists

Nocturne Bites February 2012 Gwynn Macka hasn't seen Brett Sorrellson in over a year, not since their relationship had ended so abruptly. Not since the brilliant, sexy man she fell for learned her secret and she'd been forced to flee. Now Brett is back with an offer to join a covert military unit of shapeshifters, and the spark of their attraction is instantly reignited. Neither can resist sharing one last night of passion, but as a cougar shifter, Gwynn had been taught only to trust her own kind. Can she truly trust Brett with her secret...and with her heart?

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A Puppy for Christmas ebook Stockists

Christmas shop November 2012 by Carole Mortimer, Nikki Logan & Myrna Mackenzie "3 Brand-New Christmas Romances with Canine Charm!'' On the Secretary’s Christmas List Bree has landed an amazing job but her new boss is a difficult, unreliable playboy – who is also infuriatingly gorgeous… When Bree looks after Jackson’s son and energetic puppy, she realises what she wants this Christmas… Read this and two other stories in this great festive collection.

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Royally Romanced book Stockists

Blaze March 2013 Once upon a time, there lived an overworked prince named Giorgio Di Leone. So, when his little sister announces she's getting married, he flies to the enchanted kingdom of New York. There he meets Renata Pavoni, but can a normal gal find a “sexily ever after” with a real prince?

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Outback Engagements book Stockists

Special Releases September 2010 The Outback Engagement by Margaret Way Darcy is shocked when her father’s will leaves half his estate to her sister Courtney, but gives overall control to Curt Berenger – the only man her father had feared; the one Darcy had nearly married. And now, to Darcy’s horror, Courtney seemed interested in Curt – her Curt… Also includes: Marriage at Murraree by Margaret Way

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Bonded by Blood book Stockists

Paranormal February 2012 A choice between vengeance and love…No one can protect Mackenzie Foster-Shaw from the vampires who crave her rare blood type. Until she encounters an impossibly sexy stranger, a man she must trust with her life.For Dominic, Mackenzie satisfies a primal hunger – and the bond they share goes beyond heat, beyond love. She alone can supply the strength he needs to claim his revenge. But in doing so, he could destroy her…

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A Vampire for Christmas book Stockists

Special Releases November 2011 As Christmas bells are ringing, a new blood lust is born!With the winter drawing in, an alluring world of dark demons and strange temptations beckons. As the snow falls, four powerful vampires are getting ready for the Christmas season.Driven by a thirst for blood and a desire for destruction, these forbidden lovers and immortal souls want to sink their teeth into the most debauched celebration of the year – by taking human paramours to share kisses beneath the mistletoe and dangerous deeds… Enter their wicked winter wonderland for one sinfully hot Christmas!

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Rancher's Perfect Baby Rescue eBook Stockists

Intrigue May 2012 Susannah was grateful to the strange community in Cold Plains for helping her when she was pregnant and alone. But when her baby was born with a minor defect, she discovered the horrible truth about them. And she ran. Desperate and exhausted, she found refuge at the Pierce ranch…but could gruff rancher Nathan be more than just her saviour?

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Swept Away! book Stockists

Accidentally Expecting! On holiday in Italy, Ferne is dazzled by charming Dante Rinucci and his zest for life. She doesn't realise that every day could be his last. But Ferne's surprise pregnancy, and the chance to be a dad, could save Dante... Salzano's Captive Bride Marco Salzano is furious! One moment of passion in the sultry heat of carnaval has had its price. Burning with suspicion and anger, the arrogant Venezuelan billionaire is going to track down his errant one-night stand and claim his love child! But he's accusing the wrong woman! Hawaiian Sunset, Dream Proposal Dr Amber Shaw has packed her bags, put her broken...

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Her Boss the Hero book Stockists

?Top-Notch Heroes — The Best There Is — Need a Top-Notch Woman Not a Pampered Princess! Tama James runs the helicopter paramedic team and, when he hears Mikayla Elliot got her job by connections, he’s outraged. But bright, bubbly Mikayla is impressive and soon Tama needs to declare that he wants her on his team…and in his bed. Not a Useless City Girl! Kirsty Boucher has come to work under the blazing African sun, looking for a fresh start. Handsome Dr Greg du Toit is off limits though — he’s her boss and has a tragic past. He thinks Kirsty isn't cut out to be a doctor in Africa… New Girl, New Start Nurse...

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Lawman's Perfect Surrender / Cowboy Fever book Stockists

Lawman’s Perfect Surrender Police deputy Ford believes no self-respecting lawman would let a woman, even a sexy brunette like Gemma, distract him from his job. Evil has come to rural Cold Plains and Ford can’t risk the petite newcomer getting involved. Fleeing from an abusive marriage, Gemma thought she was safe. But desire for the rugged lawman leads to danger… Cowboy Fever Viviana had never forgotten the delirious days of passion she’d once shared with Dakota. He was a bull rider at heart and a loner by choice…until fate put him in place to rescue her and the baby she’d never told him they’d had. With a killer...

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