Bargain Battle Bugs #3: The Poison Frog Assault Stockists

Bargain Battle Bugs #3: The Poison Frog Assault Stockists

Forget Beast Quest: here’s Bug Quest! Massive insects. Insane battles. Bugs rule. Or do lizards? Find out! The bugs have won a brief victory by teaming up with spiders. But now the lizards have forged their own deadly alliance. Their new friends: the poison dart frogs, who enjoy munching on insects just like lizards do. The bugs are fighting back against an aerial attack from the frogs’ lethal flying darts. But while the bugs watch the skies, even more deadly frogs are sneaking in from the water… #battle-b1

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The Rancher's Unexpected Family eBook Stockists

Since Holt Calhoun’s marriage ended, the town of Larkville knows that ‘no’ is pretty much the sum total of the taciturn cowboy’s vocabulary. But Kathryn Ellis won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. She needs Holt to save the local clinic before her baby arrives! Holt does his best to ignore his growing feelings, until an early arrival with Kathryn’s heart-melting smile makes it impossible to turn on his spurred heel and walk away…

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Shattered Identity eBook Stockists

Love Inspired Suspense February 2012 Someone—with a very personal motive—has it out for Lisa Wade, Ocracoke Island's sheriff's dispatcher. She was viciously attacked, her home was ransacked and one very precious possession was stolen. Deputy Scott Michaels plans to stay close until the culprit is caught...but that means involving Lisa in the investigation. And her assistance may cause more trouble for Lisa when she finds clues in a journal to a deadly mystery. As Lisa and Scott cross dangerous territory, they inch closer to the truth—and to each other. But lurking in the shadows is a killer determined to keep some secrets...

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Slow Cooking Properly Explained Stockists

Dianne Page's collection of over 100 traditional family recipes for the slow cooker has been a bestseller for many years and is perfect for those who are buying (or thinking of buying) their first slow cooker as well as for the expert. Now updated to cover the latest developments in slow cooking her recipes prove that slow cookers not only produce tasty soups stews and casseroles but are also ideal for cooking fish fruit and vegetables. Slow cooking enables the food's flavors to blend and develop. It tenderizes even the toughest cheapest meats offers flexible meal times for busy families and produces no cooking smells...

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Compact Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus Stockists

The Compact Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus is the ultimate one-stop reference containing both a dictionary and a thesaurus in one handy reference volume. The dictionary and thesaurus texts have an integrated design which has been tried and tested with users to speed up browsing and look-up. The dictionary has excellent coverage of everyday English containing over 90 000 words phrases and definitions and incorporating the newest words and phrases from Oxford's language research programmes. The thesaurus provides over 100 000 synonyms and antonyms. This dictionary and thesaurus is ideal for anyone who needs an all-in-one reference...

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Captive in the Spotlight ebook Stockists

Modern March 2013 Out of the limelight... Domenico Volpe has been a paparazzi target for years, with his rugged Roman looks, glamorous lifestyle and, most recently, a family tragedy.  Now the woman at the centre of it all has been released from prison he'll do whatever it takes to keep her quiet.  And into the fire! Domenico ensures that Lucy Knight accepts his offer of refuge on his well-guarded offshore estate. While the media furore abates on the mainland things are heating up on the island!  And Domenico is beginning to doubt Lucy's guilt as he uncovers the innocent, sensual woman behind the tough façade... ...

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Springboard Book 8 Stockists

Springboard is a series of nine graded activity books designed to help build the functional English skills required at school at work and in other aspects of day-to-day life. Illustrations are used throughout to support the wide variety of activity types included ranging from simple word reading and letter formation exercises to complex writing tasks requiring considerable precision and attention to detail. Springboard 8 helps students to practise: conjunctions connectives compound nouns prefixes using speech marks thesaurus words idioms and writing a balanced argument.

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Viktor the Deadly Archer Stockists

Fight the Beasts Fear the Magic! Join the hero Tom on a high-action adventure with terrible Beasts and deadly danger! Tom must face not one but two Beasts on his next amazing Quest! The forests of Avantia are stalked by Viktor the Deadly Archer who rides a terrible skeleton horse. Will Tom prevail against double the danger?

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Connectors Orange: Uncle Al Goes to Camp x 6 Stockists

The most affordable and effective way to use your Pupil Premium. Groundbreaking reciprocal reading which narrows the attainment gap through peer-to-peer learning.

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The Garrisons: Cassie, Adam & Brooke book Stockists

By Request November 2012 Stranded with the Tempting Stranger - Brandon wasn’t used to being ignored. So when Cassie Garrison refused his repeated attempts at contact, he set out to teach the elusive heiress a lesson. But once his seductive mission was accomplished, would he find his professional mission at war with his personal interests? Also includes Secrets of the Tycoon’s Bride and The Executive’s Surprise Baby.

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The Huntress eBook Stockists

Nocturne December 2010 Huntress Eve Williams had a personal—and painful—reason to want Andre Vossimer dead. The professor was devastatingly handsome, dangerously charismatic...and a member of the Secret Vampire Society. He was also the man who killed her sister. But when Andre unexpectedly kissed Eve, her need for revenge was replaced by desire...and the hope that Andre might not be a killer after all. Their passion was too strong to resist—even if being together put Eve in danger of being hunted by the very vampires she was trained to slay...

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