Bargain Beard Grooming Kit Stockists

Bargain Beard Grooming Kit Stockists

If your gorgeous man about town is of the bearded variety, this rather splendid Hello Handsome gift set is the perfect accompaniment to all his furry faced wonderfulness! Set to make scruffy tufts into smart and handsome locks, this set provides you with all the tools for the job to get your beard in tip top condition. The Beard Grooming Kit will make your daily grooming routine an absolute breeze, with a specially designed two sized beard comb, Beard Wash ‘Facial Fuel’ (45ml) and Beard Wax ‘Tame the Mane’ (15g). All presented in a stylish presentation gift box, this trio of goodies makes the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Bargain Deal: £12.99

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In Season S&P Shakers Stockists

Rabbits are notorious for their habits of destroying vegetable patches and being really frisky… If you know someone who fits that bill as well then why not treat them to these cute salt and pepper shakers. The In Season Salt and Pepper Shakers are the perfect cheeky house gift for friends and family. With one black rabbit for pepper and one white rabbit for salt, each rabbit is poised for a good old fashioned humping sesh. So you can have a good laugh as add some tasty seasoning to your food.

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Breakfast Of Champions Spoon Stockists

Do you find your morning ritual of chewing cereal dull? Do you wish you had time to squeeze in a workout in the morning without actually having to sweat and spend any energy? Well the answer is here with the Breakfast of Champions Spoon! This novelty spoon has been shaped to resemble a muscled arm clutching a dumbbell. With every trip of the spoon from cereal bowl to your mouth you can content yourself in the knowledge that you’re working out and it fits in perfectly with your morning routine. This novelty spoon would make a great stocking filler or gift for an office colleague. Alternatively you can grab yourself one...

'Breakfast Of Champions Spoon Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Cat Selfies Stockists

We all know that selfies are awesome, but there is one thing that goes a step above and those are pet selfies. This brilliant kit contains 14 weird and wacky props that allow you to take hilarious photos of your felines without having to wrestle them into funny clothes. The last of the 14 props is a whiteboard emblazoned with ‘#catshaming’ and there is a black dry wipe pen included so you can write your cats misdeeds and share them with the world. Now everyone can know that Tiddles steals your food off your plate when he thinks no one is looking. Other hilarious props include a crown, a ‘cat’-erpillar...

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Superhero Selfie Kit Stockists

Have you ever looked up at the sky and known you should be flying through it wearing a cape and spandex? Of course you have! The Superhero Selfie Kit allows you to finally realise your dreams of becoming a real life superhero with 6 colourful props including 2 masks, a chest plate and 3 cartoon sound effects. The props are easy to assemble and everything is included for you, simply use the sticky dots in the packaging to attach the sticks to the props. Go from citizen to superhero in one quick flash of a stick! This product would be perfect for parties or as a gift for that person you know who loves a good costume. Please note...

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Monster Voice Changer Stockists

Scare the life out of your friends with this Monster Voice Changer in the shape of a mask complete with googly eyes and gaping mouth. Simply hold it up to your face to give yourself a monster makeover. Press the buttons and speak into the microphone on the reverse to transform your voice into that of an alien robot or monster.

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In Season Salt & Pepper Shakers Stockists

Looking for a moving in present for someone who enjoys things that are a little different? Then look no further! These In Season Salt & Pepper Shakers are the perfect gift for any home, season your food using these little black and white bunnies!  This naughty pair will spice up your kitchen table as well as your dinner! Don't want to use them for what they are? Then pop them onto the mantelpiece and use them as an ornament! Made from ceramic.

'In Season Salt & Pepper Shakers Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Unicorn Soap On a Rope Stockists

Showers and baths can be pretty boring. Bath fizz can spruce things up a little bit but we have found something better. More fabulous, much cuter and fragranced beautifully, the Unicorn Soap On a Rope is the magical alternative to boring bath times. His name is Stuart and he is more than happy to hang from his little rope or get right into the nitty gritty scrubbing action. As you know, Unicorns have always been sweet creatures which is why Stuart is covered in a gorgeous, sweet tooth engaging candy floss scent. Rub him all over your body and be left squeaky clean and smelling 100% delish!

'Unicorn Soap On a Rope Deal' priced at £4.97  =>  Click for Deal


Desk Cable Clips Stockists

If your desk is a constant mess of cables and wires, then it’s about time you got a grip! Grab yourself one of these Desk Cable Clips and start organising those unruly wires. The niche little gadget is the companion who keeps any cable under control. Simply attach the clip to the edge of your desk and you’ll be the envy of the office in no time. Made from firm plastic with a soft, non-slip rubber head, the Desk Cable Clip can hold up to three cables at once measuring up to 6cm in thickness. 

'Desk Cable Clips Deal' priced at £6.49  =>  Click for Deal


Pocket Microscope Stockists

Take a closer look at the world around you with the Pocket Microscope. Ok so it’s not completely ‘pocket size’ but it is a lot smaller than the usual microscopes you would find in a lab, allowing you to quickly and easily zoom right in on thousands of objects. Powerful optics built into the microscope reveal a clear and sharp focus at up to 30x magnification. An exciting way to give young scientists a new look at the world, the Pocket Microscope is an educational piece of kit that everyone can enjoy.

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Dog Selfies Stockists

Have you ever wondered what Fido would look like in a business suit and hat? Of course you have! Since the dawn of time man has tried to dress up their animals in amusing ways and now the Dog Selfies kit is here! This kit is the best way to take hilarious photos of your dog as all props are on sticks so you don’t actually dress up your dog in real clothes. This can make the whole experience fun and spontaneous as you wait for the perfect moment to whip out a novelty tie to adorn your pooch. This kit comes with 13 clothes props and a whiteboard with the words ‘#dogshaming’ pre-written on. An included black...

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