Bargain Beeswax Pellets Stockists

Bargain Beeswax Pellets Stockists

Latin name - Cera alba Our small organic beeswax pellets from New Zealand will dissolve easily when you make your own moisturisers, cleansers, and ointments. As a listed ingredient in many of James Wong's recipes from his new book 'Grow Your Own Drugs - a year with James Wong'.

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Stockists of Pond Pellets - 3 Ltr Tub

Pond Pellets - 3 Ltr Tub

Pond Pellets are a pelletised form of food which are highly efficient in delivering nutrients to the fish. As with all fish feeding the golden rule is little and often.

Stockists of Sinking Pellets

Sinking Pellets

A sinking version of their popular imitation Pop-Up Pellets, these Sinking Pellets from Enterprise Tackle are ideal for fish that are often wary of a popped up bait. Resistant to nuisance species like crayfish, they contain real fish oil and shellfish...

Stockists of 12.5kg Bag Fruit Treat Pellets

12.5kg Bag Fruit Treat Pellets

We've blended real fruit with high energy suet to give your birds a fruity treat that's bursting with flavour. Especially popular with softbills such as blackbirds, thrushes and robins, they can be scattered on the ground or table to give a fruit supplement...

Stockists of 12.5kg Bag Mealworm Treat Pellets

12.5kg Bag Mealworm Treat Pellets

Suitable for year round feeding, these suet pellets have been blended with dried mealworms to create a delicious, high energy treat for your garden birds. Why not try feeding them from a nut feeder...

Stockists of 2.5kg Suet Pellets and Mealworms

2.5kg Suet Pellets and Mealworms

This new mix combines some of the best high energy, protein rich ingredients available into one "superfood" for birds. Insect Treat pellets, dried mealworms and wild berry flavour (blueberry and redcurrant) make this the ultimate softbill mix. Feed from...

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