Bargain Best of Barlow Stockists

Bargain Best of Barlow Stockists

There aren't many people for whom the mere mention of their name brings a smile to people's faces but Frank Barlow was one of them. You didn't have to hear that voice with its broad Nottinghamshire accent or see that face with its hint of an impish smile. His humour was in the words that he wrote and his character was in every line. Frank was a household name among anglers as famous for his fishing skill as for his waspish wit and hilarious way with words. He set a match record for the River Derwent with 104 lb 9 oz of chub at Borrowash and once had 72 bream for 180 lb in a pleasure session at Holme Pierrepont. In 40 years of match fishing he tasted success at the highest level on the Open circuit winning river championships and team titles with Shakespeare and Notts Fed helping the latter to two National wins one with a record weight and another with a record points tally. And every week he recounted the highs and lows of his previous weekend's outings in his eagerly awaited column leaving us with a legacy of home-spun phrases and notorious nicknames that were unmistakably Frank. It is strange and sad to think that a new generation of anglers has grown up never having benefited from Frank's words of wisdom and for whom the terms 'cesspit' 'grueller' and 'parrot cage' have no special meaning. But that is one of the reasons for creating this book to take the best of Frank's ten years of weekly columns and to present them to a new audience. For those who knew and fished with Frank it will be a stroll down memory lane with someone who was always great company win or lose. And for those who are new to Frank's writings it will be a chance to get to know a man who combined a love of angling and a unique turn of phrase with a wonderful gift for making people laugh. They broke the mould when they made Frank and no one has come along who can fill his waders but thankfully he left a golden legacy in his words. This book is a reminder of how good he was. Wherever he is now he's sure to be making someone smile.

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Rogues and Rakes book Stockists

Special Releases June 2008 From the passionate court of Charles II to the heat of Tuscany. The Beckoning Dream When her brother Rob was arrested, the only way Mistress Catherine Wood could ensure his release was to accompany a stranger – pretending to be his wife! – to Holland on a spying mission. With roguish charm her ‘husband’ made no bones about wanting Catherine in his bed, while she was surprised how hard it was to hold him at bay as they travelled into danger together… The Lost Princess Having never met her future husband, Marina Bordoni, lady of Novera, reluctantly set off to her wedding – only to be...

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Genki I with MP3 CD 2nd Edition Textbook Stockists

The 2nd edition of the popular genki textbook for beginners in Japanese. Genki offers integrated resources for learning elementary Japanese through a well-balanced approach to all four language skill areas—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Divided into two volumes, the 23 lessons of GENKI introduce students to a wide range of elementary grammar points, nearly 300 kanji, and approximately 1,100 vocabulary terms. The new edition includes culture sidebars, MP3 audio material, actualised vocabulary and new grammar points explanations. ISBN:9784789014403C0081

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Mental Maths Every Day 8-9 Stockists

Mental maths skills are essential for all age groups and this series of six books provides lots and lots of practice of number facts to make sure children are really up to speed with their mental maths! Each page features four columns of mental maths questions that children are challenged to complete in less than one minute. Answers are provided also arranged in columns for ease of marking. When used on a regular basis improvements in accuracy and speed will soon begin to show.

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To My Sons Stockists

This humorously illustrated book is a collection of wisdom that renowned adventurer Bear Grylls wants to share with his sons about the risks tumbles and victories of a well-lived life. In To My Sons Bear Grylls shares the quotes sayings Scripture verses and spiritual wisdom he has learned in his life - the wisdom he felt was important to pass along to his three sons Jesse Marmaduke and Huckleberry. Bear's book also features a series of illustrations by well-known Uk-based sketch artist Charle Mackesy. The book is a perfect gift for fathers and a poignant primer for boys and men of all ages. In a time when families are...

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The Expanded Guide - Nikon D810 Stockists

The Expanded Guide book by David Taylor covers everything you need to know about photography to help you utilise the full potential of the Nikon D810 DSLR camera. This comprehensive, step-by-step guide includes a pull-out quick reference guide and is made up of 9 chapters: Overview, Functions, Menus, Flash, Close-Up, Movies, Lenses, Accessories and Care, and Connections.

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Project: Runaway Heiress eBook Stockists

When her designs keep showing up on a rival's runway, heiress and fashion designer Lily Zaccaro plans to go undercover and catch the thief. But soon, after long work days and sizzling nights, she's falling for the rival's CEO, Nigel Stratham! Lily desperately hopes that Nigel is innocent, but in the face of so much deception, their future is hanging by a thread...

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High King's Tomb Stockists

With the ghostly help of the First Rider Karigan G'ladheon had transported the corrupt spirit of Mornhavon the Black into the future buying valuable time for her king and country. But how far in the future is Mornhavon now? A hundred years? Ten years? Only one year? There's no way to tell. So though the immediate threat has passed Mornhavon's shadow still lies heavily on the land and on their minds ...although there are threats closer to home as well. The D'Yer Wall protecting Sacoridia from the dark corrupted Blackveil forest remains breached despite Karigan and her fellow Riders best efforts. They've scoured the land...

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Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 5: More Stories C: Sleeping Beauty Stockists

The Stage 5 Biff Chip and Kipper Stories written by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta provide a rich story context to help develop language comprehension and decoding skills. Stories More Stories A More Stories B and More Stories C take the children from familiar predictable events at home and school into the less certain realms of fantasy through the magic key adventures. The new-style inside cover notes provide advice and support to help adults read and explore the story with the child supporting their decoding and language comprehension development. Each pack of 6 includes a Group/Guided Reading Notes...

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Life in the United Kingdom Stockists

Pass the Citizenship test with Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship" - the only official test book written by the Home Office Life in the UK Advisory Group the people who set the citizenship test. This is essential reading for those: taking the Citizenship test to qualify for British citizenship or settlement; wanting to apply for British citizenship or settlement or teaching English or basic skills to refugees immigrants or prospective applicants for British citizenship or settlement. This essential text: includes details regarding the latest changes in UK immigration law; provides full information required...

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Accident Man Stockists

Meet the Accident Man Samuel Carver. Carver is a good guy who makes bad things happen to bad people. Drug-baron's helicopter develops mechanical failure mid-flight: reason being Samuel Carver. Terrorist blown-up in his own bomb factory: again the reason being Samuel Carver. Ex-SAS now freelance mercenary he is the frontline weapon of the 'Consortium' a black-ops British government outfit or is it? Carver is called to do a hit at very short notice. Do this job for us and be paid very well. Refuse and you better run and hide. He believes the target to be a high-ranking Pakistani terrorist. The job is to organise a car crash...

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