Best Better Than Good Hair Stockists

Best Better Than Good Hair Stockists

A revolution is sweeping through the homes offices and salons of black American women. Relaxers are out. Weaves are so yesterday. Tired of the expense and damage of chemical treatments and artificial enhancers women of color are going natural thanks to Nikki Walton of the natural hair blogger and expert on online hair therapy. In Better Than Good Hair" this gifted curl whisperer educates women on how to transition from relaxed to completely natural hair with advice and styles for every length from fierce braid-n-curls to fancy faux buns. She also counsels those considering the big chop-cutting it all off at once to sport a bold and beautiful teeny weeny afro a la Viola Davis and Esperanza Spalding. Here too is essential guidance for parents of mixed-race children dealing with new and unfamiliar hair textures and styles. Combining her expansive knowledge with tips from other experts in the field "Better Than Good Hair" is full of indispensable information including: Product recommendations; Home haircare recipes; Advice on how to manage natural hair for children; How to Henna gray hair; Illustrations/step-by-step directions for nearly two dozen hairdos from Frohawks to twist-outs; advice for dealing with detractors. Featuring over 100 black-and-white photographs and line-drawings and with a foreword by Kim Wayans "Better Than Good Hair" is a must-have natural hair care bible that will help women of all ages and styles achieve their natural beauty."

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Puritan Bride book

Mira September 2011 ‘Surely the chief cause of our ruin was Viscount Marlbrooke himself? And now you wish me to marry into the family?’ The scandalous, sexual games at the Restoration Court of King Charles, have turned Marcus, Viscount Marlbrooke, into a cynic. It is not love that lies within matrimony but the victory of a bitter inheritance feud, securing his rightful claim to Winteringham Priory. Katherine Harley is an innocent pawn, raised a puritan she may be naive to the ways of the court, but not to the price placed on her hand in marriage. In the many machinations to secure Winteringham one thing has been overlooked…...

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Theatre of War

It is 1942. The theatres of war are North Africa and Italy. All eyes follow the front but behind the scenes a messier war continues an improvised game of snatched triumphs terrible mistakes and terrifying uncertainty. Cabaret singer by night spy by day Richard risks his life to help British servicemen escape occupied France and get back to England. Rose leads a group of dancers with mixed morals high-kicking to entertain the troops as Hitler's bombers roar in the skies above. Then she is given orders to join the forces in the field destination unknown. Meanwhile a phantom pianist who has lost the love of his life is...

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Conquest of Everest

29 May 2013 is the sixtieth anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest. The allure of Everest remains undimmed and the publication of this unique book celebrates this most majestic of mountains with exclusive access to the photographic imagery and private archives of celebrated climber and photographer George Lowe the last surviving member of that triumphant expedition. Not only the anniversary of the first ascent 2013 sees other significant Everest anniversaries: 50 years since the first American ascent; 35 years since the first ascent without supplementary oxygen; and 25 years since the first ascent by a route up...

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The Wedding Charade ebook

Modern February 2011 Her trust fund is dwindling. If Jade Sommerville is to continue living in the manner she’s become accustomed to she has only one option…make the notorious Nic Sabbatini marry her! The youngest of the Sabbatini brothers, Nic doesn’t suffer fools, or respond well to ultimatums – especially those in his grandfather’s will! But when the stunning, wilful Jade breezes into his office and announces their upcoming nuptials to the world’s media, Nic might have finally met his match. He’s turned Jade down once before. But this time? THE SABBATINI BROTHERS Three powerful playboys from the richest...

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This Heart within Me Burns - Crissy Rock

Best known for her role in cult comedy TV hit Benidorm and for playing Maggie Conlon in Ken Loach's remarkable film Ladybird Ladybird Crissy Rock is a hugely popular actress and comedienne. But Crissy's path to success was far from easy and her life has been plagued by trauma and turmoil. Never has there been a more honest and disturbing biography ever written; never has there been so much to tell. Crissy Rock's poor but idyllic young life was plunged into darkness at the age of eight when her grandfather began to abuse her both physically and sexually. Pregnant and married to a violent bully at sixteen it seemed that trouble...

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Mad Frank

MAD FRANK - Frankie Fraser's own extraordinary story - the truth about the legendary villain who for fifty years was a key figure in Britain's underworld. A peer of the Krays and the Richardsons arguably as influential and certainly as dangerous. Fraser has served over forty years in prisons and mental institutions for his various crimes. MAD FRANK AND FRIENDS - Frankie Fraser made hundreds of enemies over his fifty-year criminal career. His second volume of memoirs explains why the criminal code to which he belonged produced alliances that were equally as powerful and far more enduring.

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Best of Grade 1

The Best of Flute is a major collection of the best loved pieces and studies selected by the major examination boards from current favourites to forgotten gems. These books include the pieces which have captured the imaginations of teachers and students over the years. Technically tried and tested all the pieces have been rigorously researched by flute expert Sally Adams. A CD of performances and piano accompaniments is included as well as useful practice tips. In each of the books one piece from each list of the 2008-2013 Associated Board syllabus is included enabling candidates to use the books in their graded examinations.

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Heiress to a Curse book

Nocturne December 2011 He was supposed to kill her,not fall in love with her.Yet one look at Alexandra and Marius was a man possessed by a hunger he’d never known. Keeping his family curse a secret from the woman whose death would end it would take all of his stone-cold strength, but protecting his family’s enemy might be the death of him. Alexandra’s charismatic new neighbour intrigued her as no man had. What secrets was he keeping and what did he know of the mysterious winged creature rumoured to be haunting the night skies? The truth would be her undoing – or her destiny…

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The Bumblebear

Hmm. Is that a bee? Or is it a bear dressed up in a bee onesie? Clue: he looks really cuddly. Would you try to cuddle a bee?

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Practical Bioinformatics

Practical Bioinformatics is specifically designed for biology majors with a heavy emphasis on the steps required to perform bioinformatics analysis to answer biological questions. It is written for courses that have a practical hands-on element and contains many exercises (for example database searches protein analysis data interpretation) to complement the straightforward and practical topics. The chapters are focused on DNA RNA and protein sequence analysis-frequently performed subsets of the field of bioinformatics-taking the reader through the commonly asked question what can I learn about this sequence?" A special...

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