Bargain Bill Brandt Stockists

Bargain Bill Brandt Stockists

Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light" is the first full-scale examination of Brandt's oeuvre that attempts to trace a coherent trajectory across the photographers multifaceted career. With 162 rich duotone reproductions made from the finest of the photographers vintage prints this book seeks to lay out Brandt's career in all its unruly splendour as Sarah Hermanson Meister writes in her introductory essay. Meisters fresh scholarship and keen attention to the chronological developments of Brandt's career including for the first time an analysis of the dramatic evolution of Brandt's printing techniques shed new light on an artist long considered an enigma by art historians. A comprehensive survey of the work Brandt published during World War II in a number of popular illustrated magazines reveals the origins of some of his most remarkable postwar work while a technical examination of the photographers often painstaking retouching techniques accompanied by detailed illustrations offers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the process that was critical to the ultimate impact of Brandt's extraordinary photographs."

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Ottolenghi Stockists

Ottolenghi is one of the most iconic and dynamic restaurants in the country. Its unique blend of exquisite fresh food abundantly presented in a cutting-edge elegant environment has imaginatively redefined people's dining expectations. For the first time Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi are publishing here their superb sweet and savoury recipes. Yotam and Sami's inventive yet simple dishes are inspired by their respective childhoods in West and East Jerusalem but rest on numerous other culinary traditions ranging from North Africa to Lebanon Italy and California. The 140 original recipes cover everything from accomplished...

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RME for Scotland Stockists

RME for Scotland Level 3 provides full coverage of the Experiences and Outcomes detailed in Curriculum for Excellence and encompasses all four capacities. The Development of Beliefs and Values permeates the book which will act as an invaluable and inspirational resource to motivate students in the study of religious and moral education. In particular the book offers An emphasis on reflective learning Active learning strategies throughout An emphasis on Christianity though widening Christianity to its role as world religion Use of a number of world religions An emphasis on non-religious belief systems Wide opportunities...

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Festivals Around the World Pack x 5 Stockists

Let’s celebrate! This beautiful series lets you start learning about major religious festivals around the world. Each religion has its own special days, celebrated in various colourful ways. Don’t miss out on the fun – come and join the party! See dragons dance in the street for Chinese New Year, and Hannukah candles lighting up Jewish houses. There will be feasts, gifts and special Eid prayers for Muslims. Plus: don’t forget to look out for the Divali fireworks! Very first look at key religious festivals, designed for beginner readers Beautiful photos bring alive the fun while helping to explain the text...

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Iris and Ruby Stockists

Rich and alive with descriptions of the bustling streets of old Cairo and the vast foreboding desert surrounding it - 'Iris and Ruby' is a stirring story of mothers daughters and the distance between three generations of one family. Stiflingly quiet and claustrophobic Iris Black's Cairo house is suddenly disturbed by the unexpected arrival of her troubled and wilful granddaughter Ruby. Teenage Ruby has run away from England to seek solace with the grandmother she hasn't seen for many years. An unlikely bond is formed as the two open themselves up to one another. Ruby helps Iris document her deteriorating memories of the...

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iPod & iTunes Portable Genius Stockists

Get savvy advice and hip tips on making the most of your iPod and iTunes The Portable Genius series is all about getting the most from your Apple-inspired digital lifestyle. You'll find important basics about setting up your iPod and iTunes plus troubleshooting tips advice on customizing the iPod experience and ways to take advantage of the coolest iPod and iTunes features. Hip and handy this edition covers the latest version of iTunes and the iOS as well as tips and tricks that can also apply to your iPad and iPhone. Watch for the Genius" icons and find smart innovative ways to get more from your iPod and iTunes. Shows...

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How to Master the UKCAT Stockists

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is used by the majority of UK medical and dentistry schools to identify the brightest candidates most suitable for training at their institutions. With over 600 questions the best-selling How to Master the UKCAT 4th edition" contains more practice than any other book. Questions are designed to build up speed and accuracy across the four sections of the test and answers include detailed explanations to ensure that you maximize your learning. Now including a brand new mock test to help you get in some serious score improving practice "How to Master the UKCAT" will help you prepare for...

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It's Not the End of the World Stockists

Karen's parents have always argued and lately they've been getting worse. But when her father announces that they're going to get divorced it seems as if Karen's whole world will fall apart. Her brother Jeff blames their mum. Her kid sister Amy asks impossible questions and is scared that everyone she loves is going to leave. Karen just wants her parents to get back together. Gradually she learns that this isn't going to happen -- and realizes that divorce is not the end of the world.

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Kidnapped by the Cowboy ebook Stockists

HISTORICAL March 2010 Taken! Callie Mae Lockett had once trusted TJ Grier – cared for him, even. But then her brother was killed and TJ took the blame. Now he wants a chance to clear his name, even if that means kidnapping Callie Mae… Redeemed? Alone in the wilderness with TJ, Callie Mae should feel afraid. Instead she is attracted to this rugged cowboy, and begins to believe in his innocence. But the truth will be dangerous for both of them and, with time running out, can TJ clear his name and claim his woman?

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Beyond the Sunset Stockists

In the untamed outback of Western Australia the Blake sisters are together again despite what seemed like unsurmountable odds.For Cassandra - reunited again with the man she loves - the Swan River Colony is a refuge that seems like a miracle after her ordeals. And two of her sisters have fallen in love with their new way of life. But then a messenger arrives from faraway England and it is the fourth sister Pandora who jumps at the chance to make her way back to the Lancashire moors that she misses so badly.The way home though will be even harder than the voyage to Australia. The only ship that can take her and her new...

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Goosebumps #15: HorrorLand: Heads, You Lose! Stockists

Jessica and Ryan can’t wait to use the two-headed “joke” coin they bought from the HorrorLand gift shop. But the joke is on them. One simple toss of this coin whisks them back in time, into a world of terror… Suddenly, Jessica and Ryan are on the run from royal guards who accuse them of beheading their prince. Unless they can avenge this prince and reunite him with his head, their own heads will be on the chopping block! #halloween-1016

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