Bargain Blue Valentine (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Blue Valentine (DVD) Stockists

Blue Valentine is an intimate, shattering portrait of a disintegrating marriage. On the far side of a once-passionate romance, Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling) are married with a young daughter. Hoping to save their marriage, they steal away to a theme hotel. We then encounter them years earlier, when they met and fell in love”full of life and hope. Moving fluidly between these two time periods, Blue Valentine unfolds like a cinematic duet whose refrain asks, where did their love go?Special Features include: Deleted Scenes Q&A Making Of Home Movies Director and Editor's Commentary Running Time: 111 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 09/05/2011

Bargain Deal: £7.99

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Earthflight [2011] (DVD) Stockists

Spectacular BBC One natural history series capturing some of the world s greatest wildlife phenomena and natural wonders through the eyes of birds. Amazing sights from six continents are revealed in a whole new light as the six-part series joins the journeys of snow geese, cranes, flamingos, pelicans, eagles and other birds. Using cutting edge new filming techniques to show everything in exquisite detail, viewers have a uniquely privileged perspective flying with cranes high over the waterways of Venice or skimming with the bald eagle over the edge of the spectacular Grand Canyon. Earthflight unlocks the secrets of the skies,...

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The Passing Bells (DVD) Stockists

Everything is more intense... Like your brain's taking it all in, knowing that it might be the last cloud or the last blade of grass you'll ever see... An epic historical drama spanning the five years of the First World War, as seen through the eyes of two ordinary young soldiers: one British, one German. Set against battles on the iconic Western front alongside the lesser explored but equally epic struggles in the East, the story charts Tommy and Michael's coming of age on opposite sides of Europe's bloody battlefields. They each find love, friendship and courage amidst the horror of the war to end all wars.' Scripted by award...

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Support Your Local Sheriff! (DVD) Stockists

A spoof on westerns with James Garner stoping off in a small town on his way to Australia. He becomes sheriff, and hires Jack Elam as his deputy. Together they capture villains and put them in a prison without bars and shoot-outs with unloaded guns. Running Time: 89 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|French|Dutch|Swedish|Finnish|Norwegian|Danish|Romanian Release Date: 05/07/2004

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Alexander - Director's Cut [2004] (DVD) Stockists

Director's cut of the adventure based on the true story of one of history's most luminous and influential leaders, Alexander the Great. Alexander (Colin Farrell) was a man who had conquered 90% of the known world by the age of 27. He led his virtually invincible Greek and Macedonian armies through 22,000 miles of sieges and conquests in just eight years, and by the time of his death at the age of 32 had forged an empire unlike any the world had ever seen. The film chronicles Alexander's path to becoming a living legend, from a youth fueled by dreams of myth, glory and adventure to his lonely death as a ruler of a vast Empire....

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Cause Celebre (DVD) Stockists

Helen Mirren gives a searing performance alongside David Morrissey in this powerful adaptation of Terence Rattigan's radio and stage play. Based on the true story of a crime of passion that shocked 1930s Britain, Cause Cálá¨bre features support from Harry Andrews, David Suchet, Oliver Ford Davies, Clive Swift and Geoffrey Bayldon, and is adapted for television by Ken Taylor (Lady Chatterley) and directed by the BAFTA-winning John Gorrie. Alma, the unhappy young wife of distinguished architect Francis Rattenbury, a man in his mid-sixties, begins an aff air with the couple's eighteen-year-old handyman, George. As the affair...

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Deadliest Catch Series 4 Gift Pack [DVD] Stockists

Each year, hundreds of fishermen arrive at Dutch Harbour for the beginning of the Alaskan red king crab season. They work 24-hour shifts for days on end in brutal conditions, braving 12m waves, 130kmph winds and sub-zero temperatures, with 360kg crab pots slamming against the deck. Well-placed pots can mean a catch of king crab worth millions of dollars, while unlucky hauls will only just cover the boat s operating expenses. Running Time: 420 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 19 Sept. 2011

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Plastic Man - The Complete Series [1999] (DVD) Stockists

Two-part ITV drama mini-series starring John Thaw as Joe McConnell, a highly respected, principled and charismatic NHS plastic surgeon who seems to have it all: a wonderful, supportive wife, three lovely children, a beautiful home and a fulfilling job to which he is passionately devoted. But Joe is plagued by the sense that something is missing from his perfect existence, and when attractive and feisty clinical psychologist Louise (Frances Barber) appears in his life, he becomes torn between his deep love for his wife and his all-consuming desire for his younger colleague. Running Time: 100 minutes Region: Region 2 Release...

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Great British Railway Journeys - Series 1-3 (DVD) Stockists

Passionate about trains, Michael Portillo charts the great British romance with the railways as he retraces journeys that were first documented in the monthly railway guide, Bradshaw's Handbook. He sees what's changed and discovers how our love of the railways all began. This 14 disc DVD set features all 70 episodes from the first three series of Great British Railway Journeys. Series 1 Covering 4 different journeys: Liverpool to Scarborough Preston to Kirkcaldy Swindon to Penzance Buxton to London Michael explores the secret ammunition factory at Gretna, sails the last steam boat on Lake Windermere, learns to talk scouse in...

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Across the Wide Missouri (DVD) Stockists

This film is set in a period of American history rarely covered in motion pictures. Due to the popularity of beaver fur for hats, trappers invaded the Rocky Mountains ,still wild and not officially part of the United States. Clark Gable stars as Flint Mitchell, a beaver trapper who takes a Blackfoot woman (Mexican actor Maria Elena Marques) as his wife with passionate result. The supporting cast is a who's who of cinema history Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island) Adolphe Menjou a veteran of films from the silent era. Alan Napier (butler to Adam West's Batman) and J. Carrol Naish combine their talents in this magnificent panorama...

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