Bargain Breville VIN339 PressXpress 2800W Steam Iron in Purple Stockists

Bargain Breville VIN339 PressXpress 2800W Steam Iron in Purple Stockists

"Let's be honest - most of us aren't fans of ironing. The Breville? team are no different so our new VIN339 PressXpress? 2800W Steam Iron has been designed with you in mind. Great performance and easy-to-use features make ironing quicker and easier to give you more time to do the things you actually enjoy!The ultra-powerful 180g steam shot gets deep into fabrics - powering through tough creases -while our specially designed steam channels keep the steam at the heart of the soleplate; right where you need it. With its premium ceramic finish the multi-directional soleplate with precision tip delivers effortless gliding in all directions. The super-wide soleplate presses more fabric and removes more wrinkles with every single glide. Simply put super-wide means super-fast! The easy-fill inlet makes filling quicker and spill-free while the large 400ml tank means more ironing between re-fills. Safety features include auto shut-off which automatically switches the iron off if left unattended or knocked over and a Safe-Store heat indicator to tell you when your iron is cool enough to put away. An improved heel design gives greater stability and neat cord storage. All perfect for busy homes.Breville believe comfort is important too so this PressXpress has a soft-grip handle to reduce fatigue. The extra long 3m power cord with 360? action provides greater manoeuvrability and reduced tangling. Up-to-temperature illumination means you can see at a glance when your iron is ready to use.Anti-scale and self-clean features help prolong the life of your iron by reducing limescale and other impurities. Anti-drip prevents annoying water drips. If time is short the vertical steam function is perfect for a quick spruce-up or for delicates tricky-to-iron items and even hanging curtains.

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The easy manoeuvrability and durable ceramic soleplate of the Super Steam 2200w Safe Store Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate offers an easy-glide ironing experience. Working through even the most difficult and deepest of creases and the tallest ironing piles is an absolute breeze with the help of this powerful iron. Even those difficult garments scrunched up at the bottom of the ironing pile can be pressed to perfection.The built-in Safe-Store soleplate heat indicator offers safe handling and storage. Perfect for the busy family this indicator can help you keep the hot iron out of small and curious hands. This clever little...

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When it comes to those pesky ironing piles, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Cutting down the time it takes to cut through those pleats, work shirts and school uniforms, the Breville VIN393 will take the chore out of laundry. In a striking green design the VIN393 is not only first grade in performance, but in contemporary style. To look after you as well as your laundry the VIN393 comes with a variety of safety features - the SAFE-STORE SolePlate Technology helps to indicate if or if not you're safe to store or handle your iron. Stability and peace of mind is key - no matter where you're resting your VIN393 the steel...

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Power through the ironing pile with ease with the Breville Supersteam VIN384 steam iron in orange and white. This steam iron heats up quickly and delivers high performance to handle deep creases and many different types of material. A convenient 250ml water tank and 30g/min of steam ensure you can work your way through the laundry pile hassle-free. The powerful 2200W output ensures this Breville steam iron delivers a fast heat-up to reduce waiting times. It also features a unique Safe-Store heat indicator so you know when it is safe to put the iron away. With a comfortable handle, up-to-temperature indicator light and self-clean...

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Thanks to a range of clever features and functions, the Press Xpress 2800w Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate is the ideal iron for the busy household. The precision tip and carefully-positioned steam channels mean even the most fiddly and delicate of items can be quickly and effectively ironed to perfection. Combine these easy-ironing features with clever additions such as self-clean technology, anti-drip body and an ergonomic, soft-grip build, and you've got an iron which takes the struggle out of one of the least popular household chores. And better yet, the easy-pout inlet means no more accidental water spillages all over...

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Breville TECHnique 2000 Steam Iron VIN124 The Breville TECHnique 2000 model provides high-performance steam ironing using an easy-to-use digital control. It delivers in style too, with an illuminated tank and handle and eye-catching blue digital display, all housed in the modern and ergonomic TECHnique design. Fantastic features include a smooth glide ceramic soleplate with Advanced Steam Tip Technology, allowing you an extra burst of steam when you need it most, helping you reach those awkward places on collars and in-between buttons. 2400 watts of steam power ensures a perfect finish in super quick time. For unrivalled performance...

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