Bargain Brighton Babylon Stockists

Bargain Brighton Babylon Stockists

'Bags of fish for cats - 50 pence'. So it was written on a chalkboard sign outside a fresh fishmonger's under the arches of the raised promenade along the beachfront of England's newly super trendy and booming seaside City of Brighton and Hove. In Brighton Babylon PK Heights is a Grade II listed maisonette flat in one of the City's up and coming Regency Squares that provides the elegant base for a series of interlocking true stories about the city's people and their lives. Newly relocated from London Brighton resident Peter Jarrette combines and intertwines his stories using a colourful palette that is one part Brokeback Beach and three parts seawater. He vividly portrays a selection of suspect characters and shocking episodes; much like the curious bits and pieces that might be on offer in one of those bags of fish for cats. To the author's consternation the residents and visitors are a thoroughly peculiar and motley crew. This former string of south coast fishing villages with a royal and decadent past may now be a thoroughly cosmopolitan City and even aspire to being an international hub but it has not yet lost its renowned and celebrated dark side far from it. Brighton Babylon is populated by a cast of unsavoury hobos and bother boys; Yardie obsessed golden shower webmasters from nearby Crawley; mistakenly racist London hairdressers; strangely scripted market researchers; extemporised short-haul cabin crew; pushy airline First Officers; politically incorrect new food emporia; a vengeful crumbling resort Pier and a locally obsessed cat-mad press pack.

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Under Your Skin Stockists

This morning I found a body. Soon the police will arrest me for murder. And after that my life will fall apart. Gaby Mortimer is the woman who has it all. But everything changes when she finds a body on the common near her home. Because the evidence keeps leading back to her. And the police seem sure she's guilty...UNDER YOUR SKIN is an unpredictable exquisitely twisty story which proves that there are only three rules in life that mean anything: Assume nothing Believe no one Check everything

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Libra 2013 eBook Stockists

With his trademark blend of knowledge, insight and wit, Dadhichi shares his predictions for the new year. Your year ahead is set to be a big one, Libra. Past actions come into fruition, bringing new opportunities and good fortune, while increased social interactions promise the exchange of ideas that will lead to deep personal growth and fulfilment. In Dadhichi’s horoscope for Libra, you will discover which star signs are worthy of your passion and sensuality, how to use your inherent communication skills in the workplace and what 2013 has in store for you. YOUR STARS WILL REVEAL Monthly and daily predictions for 2013 Insights...

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City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle / Bachelor Dad, ... book Stockists

Medical April 2010 CITY SURGEON, SMALL-TOWN MIRACLE Marion Lennox Dr Maggie Croft’s decision to have her late husband’s baby has left her combining pregnancy with caring for a small town community! Dr Max Ashton had been heading back to his glamorous city life – but Maggie makes him remember another time, before he locked his heart away… BACHELOR DAD, GIRL NEXT DOOR Sharon Archer Single dad Dr Luke Daniels has come home to heal his heart. Dr Terri Mitchell remembers Luke from growing up in Port Cavill – maybe too well! The twinkle in the new doctor’s eyes makes her shiver, just the way it always did! Terri can’t...

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Animorphia: An Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge Stockists

Just: WOW. How does this doodling genius do it? And just as important: how will you colour it in?

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Asterix and Cleopatra Stockists

Gaul was divided into three parts. No four parts - for one small village of indomitable Gauls still held out against the Roman invaders. BOOK 6 Getafix Obelix Dogmatix and Asterix visit Egypt to help an architect build a palace for Caesar. There they are entranced by the Sphinx the pyramids and Cleopatra's nose.

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Shoku-iku Japanese Conscious Eating for a Long and Healthy Life Stockists

New diet? Gluten and possibly diary-free? Then shoku-iku is the way.Shoku-iku represents healthy eating in the Japanese term. Whether you are going on a diet or you have allergies to diary or gluten, this book is ideal for you. Shoku-iku teaches you what ingredients should be included for different types of interesting, healthy yet delicious dishes as well as how you should cook them to get the best results. This all includes 5 colours, 5 tastes, 5 textures and come from one of the five groups. There are also 5 ways to cook different types of dishes, which includes the microwave; therefore, you may not even require an oven...

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Baby & Toddler Knits Made Easy Stockists

Gorgeous knits for babies and toddlers. If the arrival of a newborn baby inspires you to give a handmade knitted gift then Baby & Toddler Knits Made Easy" is just the book you're looking for. Perfect for beginners with step-by-step directions and photographs of finished projects as well as giving the more experienced knitter inspirational ideas and patterns. With over 50 projects ranging from simple hats blankets and nursery items to more advanced patterns such as jackets jumpers and fun toys you'll be sure to find a pattern to cast on to. Also find options for boys and girls or unisex items and patterns you can adapt...

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A Nanny Named Nick eBook Stockists

NANNY WANTED Single mom seeks experienced live-in carer for baby boy. Immediate start. Fly-by-nights need not apply. Nick Joseph was every woman's fantasy: darkly handsome and great with kids. Linda just couldn't say no when he offered his services as temporary nanny to her baby boy. Soon she was as attached to Nick as little Rory was. But Nick had made it clear he was not a marrying kind of man, so how could Linda tell him that she wanted him to look after her , and not just Rory, permanently? What's more, how would Nick react when he learned that he was caring for his own son? NANNY WANTED! They need a nanny - and look what...

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PM Green: Max and Jake (PM Plus Storybooks) Level 12 x 6 Stockists

This is a sequel to ‘A Friend for Max’. Children who have had to overcome a fear of water will empathise with Max’s reluctance to go swimming. They will also understand his feeling of triumph when successful. Green level titles introduce more compound words, some longer sentences often with two clauses and different forms of text such as non-fiction, rhymes, diagrams, fables and verse. PM Plus Storybooks feature a classic story structure with tension, climax and resolution to engage young readers. The books have been written using carefully selected vocabulary to ensure children experience reading success.

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Secondary ELT Readers Starter Level - Level 1: Mr Bean's Holiday (Book only) Stockists

Mr Bean is back – and he’s off to France grappling with the food, the language – and the French police! #elt17 #secondaryelt #eltreaders

'Secondary ELT Readers Starter Level - Level 1: Mr Bean's Holiday (Book only) Deal' priced at £4.20  =>  Click for Deal

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