Bargain British Politics For Dummies Stockists

Bargain British Politics For Dummies Stockists

So - you want to be knowledgeable about British politics but don't know where to start. The rich history complex statistics and tricky political jargon are getting in your way not to mention the media hype (is politics only about duck houses and moats?). But don't worry! British Politics For Dummies is your essential guide to understanding even the trickiest questions surrounding politics in the UK so you'll be discussing the ins and out of leaders parties ideologies constitutions laws cabinets and summits past and present in no time - and with maximum confidence. Coming up to the potential end of Labour's historic three terms in power there's never been a better time to get to grips with politics. British Politics For Dummies includes: Part 1: The Basics of Politics Chapter 1: Taking in the Political Universe Chapter 2: Understanding Why Politics and Politicians are Important Chapter 3: Looking at Democracy & Participation Chapter 4: Examining Different Political Ideologies Chapter 5: Forming of the British Political State Part 2: Elections and Britain's Parties Chapter 6: Electoral & voting systems Chapter 7: Voting Behaviour & Trends Chapter 8: Honing in on Political Parties Chapter 9: Pressure Groups Chapter 10: Politics & the Media Part 3: The Ins & Outs of Parliament Chapter 11: Britain's Constitution Chapter 12: Examining Britain's Parliamentary Democracy Chapter 13: Gazing at the Summit: the PM and Cabinet Chapter 14: Ministers & Civil Servants Chapter 15: The Courts & The Judiciary Chapter 16: Laying Bear Devolution & Local Government Chapter 17: Joining the Lawmakers: Becoming a Politician Part 4: Politics Worldwide Chapter 18: Understanding Britain's Place in the World Chapter 19: Taking in the International Stage Chapter 20: Expanding Your Horizons: Europe Chapter 21: Leading the Free World: US Politics Part 5: Parts of Ten Chapter 22: Ten Significant Prime Ministers Chapter 23: Ten Major Political Scandals Chapter 24: Ten Events Which Formed the Modern Political World Chapter 25: Ten Political Trends for the Future

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My First Word Book Stockists

Collins Primary Focus: Spelling - My First Word Book is aimed at ages 4-5. This write-in book allows children to build up their own dictionary for each letter of the alphabet. Example high-frequency words are provided for each letter with the opportunity to practice these words and plenty of space for children to add their own on each page. * Spelling rules are developed over the series to consolidate skills * The focus on phonetic spelling and word structure demonstrates clear links between spelling and grammar * The Word Books allow children to create their own dictionary and explore the alphabet * Ideal for building reference...

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Terry Harrison's Sea and Sky in Watercolour Stockists

Popular author Terry Harrison shows how to paint seas and skies using simple watercolour techniques. Step-by-step photographs and clear explanations show how to achieve the effects needed to paint the various elements of skies and seascapes. These are then combined in three demonstrations showing every stage of painting a beautiful picture from drawing to finishing touches. Learn how to create impressive paintings of crashing waves a coastal footpath and a sunset over the sea.

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Jamie Foreman Stockists

Jamie Foreman is one of Britain's most iconic actors. He is also the son of Britain's most notorious gangster Freddie Foreman. Jamie's life has been anything but ordinary. Right from the start his world was one of contrast and contradiction: he grew up surrounded by London's criminal elite living by their code of honor and respect yet he himself was brought up to be a straight goer." The backdrop of his home life was to differ greatly from his time at school as at seven years old Jamie found himself in the unlikely surroundings of a boarding school. The happiness of his family and school life was snatched from Jamie when...

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Working Wheels: Digger Stockists

Diggers are powerful machines that dig holes and lift loads. Take a look at the exciting world of these working machines and the jobs that they do.

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PM Purple: Guided Reading Pack (PM Storybooks) Level 19 (36 books) Stockists

This pack contains six copies each of the following titles: PM Purple: A Dog Called Bear (PM Storybooks) Level 19 PM Purple: Moppet on the Run (PM Storybooks) Level 19 PM Purple: Nelson Gets a Fright (PM Storybooks) Level 19 PM Purple: Roller Blade Run (PM Storybooks) Level 19 PM Purple: The Pedlar’s Caps (PM Storybooks) Level 19 PM Purple: Zala Runs for Her Life (PM Storybooks) Level 19 Purple level titles introduce a variety of topics to promote reading for pleasure and offer plenty of opportunities to look at rhyme and rhythm within words to build fluency and phrasing. Each meticulously levelled PM...

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The Geography Detective Investigates: Farming Stockists

Part of a hugely popular series, this appealing book takes an interactive approach to geography, using Q&A sections, projects and simple experiments that can be done in the local area.

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PM Blue: Lost at the Fun Park (PM Storybooks) Level 9 Stockists

Jonathan an his mum and dad have gone to the fun park. But Jonathan has become lost! Blue level titles introduce children to sentence structures and common word endings. This level also teaches how to read with insight, encouraging children to stress words in bold type for example. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3–24.

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Bedded for Pleasure, Purchased for Pregnancy ebook Stockists

Modern June 2009 Bought for a million dollars… When Zarios D’Amilo meets Emma Hayes again, she is no longer the clumsy teenager who tried to kiss him, but a beautiful, confident woman. Now he wants her! Claimed for convenience… To claim his inheritance, this Italian playboy must curb his wild ways. He needs a convenient fiancée, and Emma needs a million dollars. So Zarios seizes his opportunity – he will have her! But passion soon leads to pregnancy. Suddenly, the stakes are higher…

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Tiara Friends #1: The Case of the Stolen Crown Stockists

One fairytale palace, two besties – and a sparkly mystery to solve! Every maid dreams of being a royal princess. But at times, every princess dreams of being a maid. (A welcome break from tea parties and balls.) So it’s lucky that Millie and Jess look just like twins – except that one’s a maid, and the other’s a princess! These best friends love to swap dresses, change places and have big adventures at Peveril Palace. Everyone’s fooled! So when a diamond crown is stolen just before a royal birthday party, can these tiara friends use their disguise skills to find it? First in a fairytale new series for fans...

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New Year Fireworks ebook Stockists

New Year Fireworks Brilliant, dazzling, intense! Sabrina was Duke Marco Calvetti's houseguest in his Amalfi-coast villa. Marco's romantic words and skilled hands were so seductive, but his brooding eyes hid secrets. It was a New Year's she would never forget... Last Christmas Jake Fox had found his wife with her boss. Now Jake and Bella are tricked into spending the holidays together in a remote cottage. Can Jake learn to love - and trust - Bella again by the New Year? One perfect New Year's Eve on a private yacht with champagne had left Cassandra Wilde pregnant - with Benedict Constantino's baby! The Italian tycoon's plan...

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