Bargain Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess ebook Stockists

Bargain Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess ebook Stockists

Modern April 2010 Claimed… Billionaire Alex Matthews’s sights are set on penniless ‘ice’ Princess Serina of Montevel. His job is to keep her brother under surveillance, but it’s Serina who has caught Alex’s eye! Taken! Whisked to his secluded tropical retreat, Serina finds her outer shell of royal decorum crumbling at the power of Alex’s presence. Before the impoverished princess realises, she’s drowning in Alex’s glacial blue eyes and…waking up in his king-sized bed! Deceived? She thinks Alex is her Prince Charming, but has he led her astray under false pretences…?

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Lionheart's Bride eBook

Historical Fiction May 2011 King Richard and Princess Berengaria, 1191. Princess Berengaria’s lady-in-waiting, Adriana, takes her duty to the future Queen of England seriously – she will defend her to the death! When their sea voyage to the Holy Land ends up in shipwreck and capture Adriana knows her only hope lies with the mysterious Irishman, Liam MacEgan. Liam escapes to reach Richard the Lionheart and together they plan a rescue mission. Nothing will stop these warriors from succeeding – their future brides are captive on Cyprus and they’ll raise hell to claim them!

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The Vampire's Seduction book

Paranormal February 2012 Seduction is the weapon of choice!Finding out she was a witch had upended Mari’s life, but being thrown into a war between otherworldly creatures surpassed the surreal. Her coven battled a clan of vampires…and caught in the middle were Mari and one vampire hellbent on rescuing his brethren.No spells could protect her from Nicholai. No potions could assuage the longing he’d awakened in her. Mari wasn’t sure she wanted protection…until she discovered Nicholai’s intention. Could she believe the enemy she’d come to love meant to destroy her? And would it matter when Nicholai discovered she...

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Player's Club: Finn eBook

Blaze May 2012 The Pledge: Diana Song, steely legal counsel and all-around fixer for Macalister Enterprises. The Goal: Same as always: do her job. The Conditions: Complete the Player's Club initiation challenges...then shut it down. The Complication: Finn Macalister, the boss' son, sexy daredevil and Club stalwart. Finn has always loved living on the edge...and what's more exciting than seducing the famously frosty (yet incredibly hot) family lawyer? He knows Diana's been tasked with getting him to quit the Player's Club: that makes her the enemy. And you know the old saying: keep your friends close, your enemies closer!...

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A Girl Less Ordinary both

Riva October 2012 Can a leopard really change her spots? Eleanor worked hard to transform herself into Ella – switching braces for a breath-taking smile, dowdy clothes for fabulous dresses, and heartbreak for flirty, fun-only dates. Her extraordinary transformation became her profession – and as an image consultant she’s hired to prep fiercely private billionaire Jake Donner for a series of press interviews. Jake Donner has never forgotten his childhood friend Eleanor – and he’s shocked to see how she’s changed into Ella. Once, dorky Eleanor and geeky Jake were each other’s only support… Could their once-innocent...

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Sydney Harbour Hospital: Tom's Redemption both

Medical April 2012 Sydney Harbour Hospital’s most elusive – and eligible – doctor has returned…Surgical registrar Hayley Grey knows all the gossip about renowned former head of neurosurgery Tom Jordan – he lived for his job, shunned relationships, and two years ago he disappeared.Now he’s back and his secret is out. Tom’s blind and will never operate again. No wonder he’s the proudest, rudest man she’s ever met – but that doesn’t stop her being drawn to his powerful charisma!There’s no denying the chemistry between them is mind-blowing, but there could be so much more if only Tom would let Hayley see...

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Much Ado About Rogues ebook

Meet the Blackthorn Brothers – three unrepentant scoundrels infamous for being perilous to love… Who is the darkly handsome “Black Jack” Blackthorn? With his air of mystery and menace, the whispers about him hint of highwayman or even dark prince. But no one knows how dangerous he can truly be. Now Jack’s mentor has disappeared and Jack must track him down before it’s too late. His unlikely help: the man’s daughter – the very woman Jack had once wooed and betrayed. Lady Tess Fonteneau knows more about the fine art of clandestine activities – and about the mysterious Mr Blackthorn – than he realises. As...

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Return of the Rebel Doctor book

Her irresistible rival For years Katie has run her small Scottish community hospital, and is not impressed when the bad boy from her past comes back to stake his claim on her job! Ross McGregor might have been from the wrong side of the tracks once, but the ex-army doc has developed a charm that's as sharply honed as his medical skills. Katie intends to fiercely protect her dream job- but why does she find her mind wandering to thoughts of the handsome doctor who's back in her life?

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Craving Her Soldier's Touch eBook

Feisty nurse Jaci Piermont's heart was crushed when Staff Sergeant Ian Eddelton walked away from their passionate night together. But letting him know? Not an option! Now Ian's back - as gorgeous as ever, but with dark secrets in his eyes. Her head might be screaming Keep away, but Jaci's rebellious heart has a very different idea...!

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Torn Loyalties eBook

Love Inspired Suspense February 2013 FRAMED FOR TREASON Madison McKay doesn't trust anyone. The former military woman and owner of Lost, Inc., learned about betrayal the hard way, in work and in love. That's why she'd never let herself fall for ex-military special investigator Grant Deaver. Yet when Madison is framed for a security breach at a top secret military facility, she's forced to put her life in Grant's hands. But after she discovers that he's been deceiving her, everything will be torn apart unless Grant can convince her to trust him with her life...and her heart. Lost, Inc.: By finding and helping the lost, these...

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Taming Her Irish Warrior book

Historical April 2011 AS PASSIONATE IN BED AS ON THE BATTLEFIELD When did Ewan MacEgan grow to be so overwhelmingly strong and disarmingly sexy? He intends to wed Honora St Leger’s demure sister – but why should that matter to Honora? She would rather wield a sword than a mending needle and, as a widow, she knows there is little pleasure in the marriage bed… Ewan MacEgan has set his sights on a wealthy bride but, tantalisingly, he finds himself drawn to the forbidden Honora! One touch and he is longing to awaken her sensuality… FREE bonus story inside –  The Warrior’s Forbidden Virgin

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