Bargain Brush Strokes   The Complete Boxed Set (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Brush Strokes - The Complete Boxed Set (DVD) Stockists

Complete Series One to Six Now available for the first time complete, all six series of the much-loved comedy series Brush Strokes starring Karl Howman are now available in one DVD collection. From John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, the creators of hit series Please Sir! and The Good Life, Karl Howman stars as Jacko, painter, decorator and all-round charmer, never happier than when he s in the company of the opposite sex. Somewhat naughty, always good-natured, Jacko lives with his married sister Jean and hangs out with the eccentric publican and wine bar owner Elmo Putney, while working for Bainbridge Decorators with his side-kick Eric, under the watchful and distrustful eye of his boss Lionel. Working and flirting with Lionel s secretary Sandra, his daughter Lesley, his wife Veronica, and just about anyone else he comes into contact with from policewomen to nuns and a very persuasive Italian daughter with a very protective family, it s a recipe for a little love, a lot of laughter and forty episodes of great comedy television that feels as fresh and funny today as when it first hit the screen. Running Time: 1180 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 7 Oct. 2013

Bargain Deal: £29.99

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The True Story of the Last Panthers - Smash & Grab (DVD) Stockists

The Pink Panthers are the world's most successful diamond thieves - having stolen more than $330 million worth of jewels from boutiques in the world's most opulent cities. With incredible unprecedented access, gang members Mike and Lela tell their story using a unique and cutting edge animation style (for obvious reasons they wouldn t show their faces). In addition we see an interview with Lucky, a courier, and Mr Green the fence, or final link in the illicit diamond trade. Intercut with their stories are Inspector Yaan Glassey of the Geneva Anti-Criminal Brigade and Captain Hervá Conan of the Paris police. They describe their...

'The True Story of the Last Panthers - Smash & Grab (DVD) Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


The Very Best Of Don Williams (CD) Stockists

The Very Best Of Don Williams (CD)

'The Very Best Of Don Williams (CD) Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Vera - Series 5 (DVD) Stockists

Mulit-award winning actress Brenda Blethyn returns as DCI Stanhope in the critically acclaimed crime drama, Vera.The indomitable DCI Vera Stanhope returns to face a number of daunting cases. Aided by troubled new recruit DS Aiden Healy (Kenny Doughty), they investigate a deadly blaze at a coastal caravan park, unearth a thirty-year-old mystery in an old mining community, delve into the tragic last months of a young man found floating in a farm slurry pit and uncover a life of secrets and lies when a well-loved family man plummets to his death from a multi-storey car park. Each enthralling episode is set against the breathtaking...

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Das Boot Director's CUT [wolfgang petersen] HD DVD (DVD) Stockists

Das Boot German Sub WWII Film Release Date: N/A

'Das Boot Director's CUT [wolfgang petersen] HD DVD (DVD) Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Jethro - The Cornish Ambassador (DVD) Stockists

Cornish comedian Jethro is back, entertaining a raucous West Country audience with a series of anecdotes, jokes and sketches. Region: Region 2 Subtitles: None Release Date: 14 Nov. 2011

'Jethro - The Cornish Ambassador (DVD) Deal' priced at £8.99  =>  Click for Deal


The Doctor Blake Mysteries - Series 1 (DVD) Stockists

Doctor Blake, a keeper of secrets, a solver of mysteries. The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an original, period murder mystery series, starring Craig McLachlan as the maverick town doctor Lucien Blake - a risk-taker, he's impulsive and not afraid to upset the status quo. Doctor Lucien Blake left Ballarat as a young man. But now, he finds himself returning, to take over his dead father's medical practice. And one of the unwanted duties his father left him is the on-call role of police surgeon. Set in the old gothic gold rush town of Ballarat in 1959. The wealth that built its grand architecture long gone - but not the mysteries,...

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Under The Volcano (DVD) Stockists

Albert Finney stars in director John Huston`s adaptation of Malcolm Lowry`s acclaimed novel, set against the backdrop of imminent war in Europe. Focusing on just one day in 1938, the film charts the life of former British Consul Geoffrey Firmin (Finney) as he struggles with dipsomania in the small Southern Mexican town of Quauhnahuac. As the festivities of the Day of the Dead erupt around him, Firmin, on an increasingly downward spiral, tries to build bridges with his returning ex-wife Yvonne (Jacqueline Bisset) while refusing to accept the concerns of his half-brother Hugh (Anthony Andrews). Review There will be few unmoved...

'Under The Volcano (DVD) Deal' priced at £11.99  =>  Click for Deal


Frontier Marshal (DVD)&BLU-RA Stockists

Allan Dwan directs this classic Western starring Randolph Scott as legendary Deputy Wyatt Earp. The film tells the story behind the most famous gunfight in the history of the Wild West which took place in Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881. The supporting cast includes Cesar Romero, Nancy Kelly and John Carradine. Region: Region 2 Release Date: 21 Dec. 2015

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Black Magic Rites (DVD) Stockists

Black Magic Rites features satanic rituals in an ancient castle s underground vaults which revive a witch who was killed over 400 years ago. The rites involve slaughtering seven naked virgins, already dazed by their experiences during a demonic orgy. The ritual is interrupted by one of the women s lovers who tries to save her.There follows a series of frenzied and crazed depictions of torture, burnings, and SM sex Italian-style, in what has to be one of the most bizarre horror films ever made. Running Time: 90 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 07/28/2014

'Black Magic Rites (DVD) Deal' priced at £8.99  =>  Click for Deal


She's Out [1995] (DVD) Stockists

Ann Mitchell returns to her award-winning role as Dolly Rawlins in the follow-up to Lynda La Plante s seminal drama series Widows . Dolly Rawlins is free again. She has served the eight year prison sentence for her husband s murder and is now set to collect the six million pounds worth of diamonds that she stashed before she was sent down. The money will enable her to follow her dreams and start a new life. But her former cell mates have their own ideas... From the Back Cover Dolly Rawlins is free again. She's served her sentence for her husband's murder and now she's looking to collect a cool 6,000,000 in diamonds, hidden...

'She's Out [1995] (DVD) Deal' priced at £15.99  =>  Click for Deal

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