Bargain Build and Play Tie Fighter Stockists

Bargain Build and Play Tie Fighter Stockists

Known as the signature Special Forces fighters used by the Galactic Empire and later the First Order, this TIE fighter model is one of the most recognisable ships from The Order’s arsenal. If you’ve ever edged towards the dark side and dreamt of defeating rebel forces then this is the ship for you. This fantastic kit will give you all the tools needed to build your own TIE fighter. Forget the difficult messy kits where you end up with more glue than model – this is the next generation of kits where simplicity is key and the end result is extremely impressive. With the Build and Play TIE Fighter, it won’t take you forever to find piece 21.6p and 7xj to them glue them together whilst trying to follow the instructions that require an engineer’s degree. No glue, no scissors, no filing and no painting. These perfectly designed model pieces simply and easily snap together, allowing you to build the most manoeuvrable ship in the known galaxy in a matter of minutes. When you’re finished, your model can become a fantastic durable toy complete with open canopies, light up cockpit and infamous roaring sound effects. So get ready to take over the Outer Rim Territories because the Order needs you!

Bargain Deal: £3.47

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Jellyfish Glow Tank Stockists

The thing with pets is that they take so much effort to look after. Be it house training, feeding or taking to the vets, it’s all too much work for us lazy folk. So we would like to introduce you to the Jellyfish Glow Tank – the no fuss pet! Forget traipsing back and forth to the pet shop every other week, with these little swimmers all you need is a UK mains plug to keep them happy. Three coloured Jellyfish are included and each will swim around the tank with surprisingly realistic movement. The top and base of the tank have coloured LED’s built in making it double as a soothing mood light - select your...

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Chip Stockists

Prepare to be overcome by a cuteness overload… An interactive pet that’s so much more than a cool gadget, CHiP is man’s brand new best friend! This incredibly cute and incredibly irresistible robot pup has got everyone here at Menkind swooning with excitement, and with very good reason! Using the next level of artificial intelligence, this super clever robot puppy really is a technical breakthrough in robotics. Equipped with an adaptive personality, using intelligent algorithms and high tech sensors, this perfect pup has a character that grows and develops over time - with real time processing helping CHiP...

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Farts in a Can Stockists

Back in the day, if you wanted to prank you siblings or your best friend the go to weapon of choice was the whoopee cushion. Famously difficult to discreetly conceal, and vastly unpredictable in levels of success, these rubber balloons were still pretty funny when the conditions were right. That’s because there’s one simple fact of life that is undeniable – farts are funny. Always have been, always will be. These beloved body expulsions are a sure-fire way to make you giggle, so luckily we have found a new way to prank your friends with guaranteed success. Farts in a Can is the gift that keeps on giving,...

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Interactive Glow T-Shirt Black Stockists

Featured on BBC 2's Dragon Den and invested in by the one and only Deborah Meaden, if that isn't a reason to snatch this up quick then what is? Everyone loves going out for a night about town, and most people will admit to the fact that some of the best memories (or lack of them) happen when you’re out on an evening with your mates. Why not make these occasions even more fun with this fantastic Interactive Glow T-Shirt Black. This t-shirt will ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd! At first glance this t-shirt doesn’t look particularly special; it’s a nicely fitted black t-shirt with a white polygon...

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Erasable Memo Pad Stockists

40 Advantage card points. The Erasable Memo Pad is a must have office gadget for every workplace. The quick and easy way to get down all your notes, this desktop accessory is the handy wipe screen notepad which simply plugs into your computer’s USB port. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

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Balloon Dog Light Stockists

The Balloon Dog light is perfect for anyone who used to love the clown or entertainer creating a animal out of a balloon at the fair. Why not re-create that memory in your very own home with this fanstastic light constructed out of soft silicone rubber. It features LED lights in the middle which creates a red glow, to light up your room. The light requires 2 x AA batteries (not included), which can last longer due to the optional auto switch off feature after 30 minutes use.  

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Glitter Lamps Stockists

Add a touch of sparkle to your humble abode with the fabulous Glitter Lamps. Each lamp is packed full of coloured water and super shiny flakes of glitter. Turn on the lamp to watch them dance and shimmer their way up and down the tube, just like a lava lamp but without all the goo! The sparkly Glitter Lamps are a unique gift and can be used as a funky reading light, a night light for kids or just as something to brighten up your living area. Great for bedrooms, offices and boudoirs alike, this fancy light can bring some shimmer and shine to any situation! 

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Snap Time Stockists

Are you on the lookout for a cool new accessory? Then look no further than the Snap Time! With a bright LED display you will always be able to see the time even when you are in the dark. The watch reacts to movement so a simple tap, snap or clap will instantly light up the display! Not only do these watches look cool and are super easy to use but they are practical as well. Fantastic for clubbing, outdoor activities and the accident prone, never again will you have to worry about your watch getting damaged. With no watch face to scratch and made out of lightweight durable silicone these watches are hard wearing and safe to...

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Light Stax Sets Stockists

Winner of the 2015 Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award No matter where you are, how old you are or what you do, we believe that no one can resist playing with building blocks if left alone in a room with them. And who can blame you! Now we have building blocks with a difference. The Light Stax Classic and Mega Packs are just what you need to build an even bigger glowing creation! A whole truck load of extraordinary blocks are included in each expansion pack. These are much better than standard building blocks as these ones light up in vibrant colours! Whenever a block is touching the black base (aka the power unit)...

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Shot Tender Stockists

99 bottles of spirits on the wall might seem like a bit much but don’t let the man get you down, grab your Shot Tender and pour another round. The Shot Tender allows you to bring the bar back home, great for parties, social gatherings or living out those Ibiza night club owner fantasies (that may just be us). Easy to mount on walls and existing shelves the Shot Tender comes with its own attachment pieces and is able to hold up to 1 litre bottles so you can party on into the night! (Just try not to wake the neighbours). Each shot will dispense 1.5oz of your favourite drink into your glass in an instant, giving you...

'Shot Tender Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal

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