Best CS351 SupraPlus Quint Wireless Headset Stockists

Best CS351 SupraPlus Quint Wireless Headset Stockists

Boost productivity in the workplace with the modern functional headset – the Plantronics CS351 SupraPlus. This product allows the user to perform more tasks at work as it gives real mobility and convenience. With an amplifier to plug on the phone unit and a charger for the headset, the user is guaranteed to have uninterrupted cordless phone conversations for hours on end. The CS351 is designed to fit today's office demands. Using advanced wireless headset technology, it provides the same superior audio clarity you would expect from a Plantronics headset. With a voice tube microphone, the headset can excellently filter background noise to make digitally clear communication possible. Not to compromise user mobility, it features a wide call range of 300 feet to maintain talk time even if away from the desk. It comes with an optional handset lifter that allows users to answer and end calls while in a different location. The ergonomic headset is also made with an over-the-head design for wearing comfort and neck pain prevention. Its extended 10-hour talk time makes it one of the most functional headset systems in the market today. It also has a 64-bit digital encryption for better call security. The Plantronics CS 351 combines superior call quality and increased user mobility. For today's busy office professional, this product is the right solution to increasing productivity at work.

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P91 Encore Polaris Trio Headset

The Encore Monaural is a lightweight headband headset that incorporates a single on-the-ear receiver. These Polaris headsets are sutable for use without an adapter.

'P91 Encore Polaris Trio Headset Deal' priced at £257.99  =>  Click for Deal


Plantronics SupraPlus HW251N/A - headset

Working with the latest in wideband VoIP technology, the Plantronics SupraPlus Wideband headset delivers the highest level of audio performance even in noisy environments. The SupraPlus Wideband helps overcome the challenges posed by traditional technology, delivering heightened speech clarity and life-like fidelity. Users will experience greater satisfaction through enhanced intelligibility and reduced miscommunication. A Noise-Canceling microphone filters out excessive background sound to further heighten call clarity.

'Plantronics SupraPlus HW251N/A - headset Deal' priced at £80.98  =>  Click for Deal


P141 DuoSet Polaris Headset

The Plantronics DuoSet P141 Polaris Headset offers a lightweight, versatile headset solution for those wishing to have the choice of both a headband and an over-the-ear design. Stability is maintained via an adjustable headband whilst the ear-hook can be worn comfortably by any size and shape of ear.

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CS540 Trio Wireless Headset

The lightest, most comfortable DECT headset Plantronics has ever made Plantronics CS540 Headset is setting a new standard for wireless desk phone communications. The new convertible headsets – the lightest DECT™ headsets on the market – feature streamlined design, improved performance, and the same great reliability. They offer hands-free productivity up to 100 meters away from your desk, and great collaboration options. Pair your headset with any base by simply docking it, or add up to three additional headset wearers into your call. Switch between narrowband audio to maximise battery life or wideband, professional-grade...

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Encore Binaural Voice Tube Noise Cancelling Headset

Plantronics Encore Binaural Noise Cancelling Headset with U10P Cable has two earpieces for total call concentration. By providing sound in both ears it gives greater clarity and is ideal for anyone working in a noisy environment that needs to concentrate on calls. With a fully adjustable headband and earpieces for an extremely comfortable fit, it's ideal for all day use. The Encore Binaural headset features a unique Sound Enhancement System that allows the user to adjust the caller's tone of voice, making it easier to listen to.

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Plantronics Explorer 50 - headset

Plantronics Explorer 50 - headset

'Plantronics Explorer 50 - headset Deal' priced at £14.98  =>  Click for Deal


P61 Supra Binaural Polaris Range

This headset has all the advantages of the Plantronics Supra Monaural but with one big difference. The Supra Binaural provides sound in both ears, making it easier for anyone whose job demands total concentration when making and taking calls; particularly in a noisy environment.

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H91N Encore Quint Headset with Noise Cancelling

The Plantronics Encore Monaural Noise Cancelling headset takes sound quality one stage further by making the user's speech much clearer. It uses a unidirectional microphone, which eliminates up to 92% of all background noise in the office. As a result, calls can be completed faster and the chances of misunderstandings occurring are reduced.

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D251 SupraPlus DIGITAL Quint Headset

The SupraPlus Digital Monaural Headset works with the VistaPlus adaptor to optimise audio performance in Health and Safety aware work places. The headset uses on board memory to store the exact parameters characterising each individual headset. It reads these parameters and tunes its setting to best match with the headset and lifting the receive level to enhance ease of listening, while staying within EU noise limits. Please note that this headset can only be used with the VistaPlus adaptor.

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MO100 SM2 Monaural Headset for Siemens DECT phones

The Plantronics MO100 headset offers convertible convenience at a great price.MO100 – a value solution that offers a simple, easy on/off wearing style. The headset is suitable for occasional users. 

'MO100 SM2 Monaural Headset for Siemens DECT phones Deal' priced at £27.99  =>  Click for Deal

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