Bargain Celestron USB to RS 232 Converter Cable with Software Stockists

Bargain Celestron USB to RS-232 Converter Cable with Software Stockists

The Celestron USB to RS-232 Converter Cable (18775) with Software is used to convert Celestron's standard RS-232 (serial) cable into a USB cable.

Bargain Deal: £25.00

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Celestron X-Cel LX 2x Barlow Lens

The Celestron X-Cel LX 2x barlow Lens features a mulit-coated 3 element design, and will effectively double the focal length of the eyepiece you are using it with. To fit all 1.25 inch eyepiece holders.

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Celestron Ultima Duo 8mm Eyepiece

Combining excellent optics with a built-in T-adapter for astroimaging , the Ultima Duo eyepiece from Celestron has a wide 68-degree apparent field of view. Its multi-coated optics are designed to increase light transmission and contrast, and there are 8 lens elements in 5 groups to guarantee chromatic aberration and field curvature correction. It will fit both 1.25” and 2” focusers, so you can use it with almost any telescope. Simply remove the rubber eyeguard to expose the T-threads, and attach your DSLR or CCD camera with a compatible T-ring. The Celestron Ultima Duo 5mm Eyepiece is ideal for imaging bright solar system...

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Celestron Luminos 2.5x Barlow Lens

This Celestron Barlow lens increases the magnification of any 1.25 or 2 inch eyepiece by 2.5x, and makes a useful addition to your astro inventory. The 4-element multi-coated apochromatic optics are tuned to produce a flat field of view without light loss or false colour, and the lens is threaded to accept 2 inch filters. The finish is excellent and practical: A hard-anodised aluminium housing with rubber grip and practically-sized thumb-screws - easy to operate, even with cold fingers or while wearing gloves.

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Celestron Omni 12mm Plossl Eyepiece

If you're looking to move up to a higher quality eyepiece the Omni Series provides more enhanced features in a wider selection of focal lengths. Celestron designed the series with the finer points in mind so you, the user, can benefit from the features that make this series unique.The 12.5mm high power Omni eyepiece is a 4 element, premium symmetrical Plossl optical design. Features include blackened lens edges to minimize internal reflection and maximize contrast, multi-layer coating group on each lens surface to maximize light transmission and contrast, and each Omni goes through a two-step anodizing process to prevent reflection...

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Celestron 2x Barlow lens with T-Adaptor

The Celestron 2x Barlow lens with T-Adaptor can be used three ways: as a 2X Barlow for visual use, as a prime focus T-adapter, or as a “Barlowed” T-adapter for double the magnification and the benefit of extra inward focus travel. Insert any 1.25” eyepiece into the chamber and you'll enjoy double the magnification, while retaining all the eye relief of the inserted eyepiece. The Celestron Universal Barlow and T-Adapter can also be used for prime focus photography, which means you use the telescope as a photographic lens.

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Celestron X-Cel LX 5mm Eyepiece

The newly enhanced X-Cel LX eyepiece series is what you've been waiting for in a high quality eyepiece for planetary viewing. With a brand new sleek, robust design, and a twist-up eye guard, these eyepieces are especially designed for comfort and ease of use. They also have a wide 60 Degree field of view and 6-element fully multi-coated optics for magnificent wide-field performance. X-Cel LX eyepieces are Parfocal and require little to no focusing when changing from low to high power. Available in focal lengths of; 2.3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm

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Celestron Wedge HD Pro for CPC 800/925/1100

Celestron's HD Pro Wedge is designed to support our fork mounted Schmidt Cassegrain and EdgeHD Telescopes up to 11 inches. The HD Pro provides a heavy duty, stable platform that is perfect for astroimaging and guarantees minimal vibration. A low latitude range of 0-90 degrees makes this wedge functional for use at the equator. Built-in features include altitude/azimuth adjustment controls with oversized knobs attached for easy polar alignment, a hand control holder that provides the option of placing on the wedge or the fork arm, a tilt plate for easier mounting of the telescope by simply rotating the scope onto the wedge,...

'Celestron Wedge HD Pro for CPC 800/925/1100 Deal' priced at £359.00  =>  Click for Deal


Celestron Starpointer Finderscope

Day or night, the Celestron Starpointer Finderscope with red dot finder makes finding objects a breeze. A mirror lens projects the image of a LED illuminated pinpoint into the line of sight, providing you with a red dot of light to center on the object you want to view. The Starpointer Finderscope comes with a CR-2032 3V battery and mounting brackets for easy attachment to any telescope or binocular. You can adjust the brightness levels for user comfort and there is an on/off switch for when the Finderscope is not in use.

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Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit

Expand your horizons and gain insight into the great beyond with this 1.25" Eyepiece and Filter Kit from Celestron, which provides everything you need in order to take the next step into space with any 1.25" eyepiece compatible telescope, all contained within an ultra portable travelling and storage case. This sturdy and durable aluminium case features a carrying handle and a padded, high-quality die cut foam interior to ensure easy access and protection of your precious lenses on the go as well as allowing additional room for other small telescope accessories which can all be locked securely inside.

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Celestron NexStar RS-232 Cable

The Celestron NexStar RS-232 Cable connects to your computerised telescope to a laptop or PC for control via various planetarium software programs. The large adapter attaches to the serial port of your computer and the other end plugs into the telescope's hand control via a phone jack plug. If your computer does not have a serial port, you will need a Serial-to-USB Adapter (18775) so that you can connect the RS-232 Cable via a USB port instead. Once you have connected your computer and telescope, you can update your hand control firmware. The latest updates can be found in the Support section of the Celestron website. Connecting...

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