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Chocolate Coins - they come in the little nets just like they used to! There are generally about 6 gold foiled coins of different sizes and values in each net, The chocolate inside is milk chocolate... that delicious type of chocolate that you only seem to get in coins (I wonder why?) Anyhow... you get 5 nets of gold chocolate coins - so thats plenty to be going on with! And don`t think (like I did) that these are only Christmas sweets (though they are jolly good and traditional then!). but they`re also perfect sweets for parties, treasure hunts... and generally scoffing at any time of the year! 5 nets of foiled gold chocolate coins of different sizes, each net with about 6 coins, so that`s around 30 coins in total (loadsa chocolate money... as Harry Enfield didn`t used to say!) - Qty In Order: 5 nets of coins (each net is approx 24g)

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