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Choose from three very relaxing and spiritually enhancing ayurvedic treatments and walk away from your experience with a deep sense of calm and well-being. Why not choose Abhyanga a relaxing full body massage; gentle, choreographed, rhythmic massage uses a variety of techniques to enhance skin tone, detoxify and revitalise your entire body to induce deep relaxation. It uses warm herb-infused oils specifically tailored to your individual needs. The combination of herbalised oils and gentle warmth make this massage a deeply restful and rejuvenating experience.Or, try Shirodhara a stress-relieving oil flow; this treatment offers one of the most divine and tranquil experiences available. After a relaxing massage of the head and neck, you lie face up while a warm stream of oil is carefully poured onto the middle of your forehead, or your "third eye". The herbal oil, blended specially for your constitution, often engenders a powerful meditative experience reflected in a new sense of calmness and serenity that you will not have experienced before.Maybe choose ShiroAbhyanga also known as Indian Head Massage; a complete massage of the head, neck and shoulders. It balances your central nervous system and promotes mental clarity while deeply conditioning your hair follicles and scalp. Another treatment to choose could be Vishesh; a technique that incorporates classic Abhyanga therapy with deeper strokes to clear and detoxify your channels of circulation. The treatment begins gently before progressing to deeper, firmer and slower strokes designed to release physical and emotional toxins. A powerful tension-relieving treatment.At the end of your treatment, you will be given a customised bag which will include massage oil, skincare products and ayurvedic tea.

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