Bargain Clay Shooting for Beginners and Enthusiasts Stockists

Bargain Clay Shooting for Beginners and Enthusiasts Stockists

Clay Shooting for Beginners And Enthusiasts A full colour very high quality hardback which has been a consistent top seller since its publication September 2009. Since December 2009 it has always ranked in the Google top 3 clay shooting books and regularly ranks No.1.It has received 5 star reviews only; at Waterstones on line and WH Smith on line. This book is unique and a 'first of its kind' as it takes the reader on a relaxed enjoyable journey through a structured series of clay shooting lessons. There is a logical start point at the introduction that reassures the reader to expect a comprehensive but very easy to understand solid grounding for Clay shooting. The speed of the journey is at a gentle pace through a series of lessons covering everything that is needed to be a competent clay shot. The friendly chatty style of easy to understand text is very strongly supported by simple and clear diagrams backed up by professional full colour pictures. Technicalities and superfluous inputs are steadfastly avoided throughout the book. John King the author has fully utilised the experiences gained from coaching some 30000+pupils to ensure that only essential instructional details are included. The book is aimed at complete beginners nervous about starting and novices/intermediates who have a basic level of competence; but are looking or an easy to understand system that will take them to the next level. It is also aimed at experienced clay shots needing to enhance their techniques. These experienced shots and many shooting coaches are finding it invaluable as a tool to help them pass on the joys of clay shooting to newcomers to the sport. Highly acclaimed throughout the clay shooting press who are all unanimous about the fantastic value that this book represents at only GBP24 99."

Bargain Deal: £21.99

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His Dark Materials #3: The Amber Spyglass Stockists

As war explodes between the worlds and Heaven, what is the knowledge that Will and Lyra must seek to bring their long quest to an end? The soul-shaking finale to Philip Pullman’s masterpiece. #modern-classics

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Toddle Waddle Stockists

Hurry scurry flip flop toddle waddle. There's a hullabaloo at the seaside when a toddler takes his friends on a stroll to the end of the pier. With jaunty rhymes and bright bold pictures even the youngest child will love this simple playful story. Follow-my-leader has never been so much fun!

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When Football was Football: Manchester City Stockists

When Football Was Football: Manchester City A Nostalgic Look at a Century of the Club

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Hetty Feather Stockists

In 1876, a tiny baby is abandoned at the Foundling Hospital. Through hardships and adventures at the Travelling Circus, Hetty dreams of finding her real mum…

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Scholastic Reading Pro Pack: Lexile Level 200-500 (Lower Primary) x 22 Stockists

We all know that kids should read more. But how do you stock up on books that you know are just right for your readers? Easy! Try our great-value Lexile packs: the instant way to build your library with levelled books for steady reading progression. They’re perfect for use with Scholastic Reading Pro: our revolutionary way to find the right book at the right time for the right child, exactly suited to their interests and reading level. Books grouped by Lexile and age levels to ensure the perfect match for young readers Wide range of genres, styles, themes and formats to broaden reading experience A quick...

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Little Miss Stubborn and the Unicorn Stockists

Little Miss Stubborn doesn't believe that unicorn exist. But when her friends say that they have met one she is determined to meet this strange horse.

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Dinosaur Train: A Surprise for Mum Stockists

Toot toot! All aboard the Dinosaur Train! In this storybook it's Mrs Pteranodon's birthday and Buddy Tiny Shiny and Don want to do something special. At the Big Pond they find the perfect surprise gifts for their Mum. Dinosaur Train" is a brand new animated series for children aged 3-7 airing on "Nick Jr". The television show follows Buddy a curious T. rex and his adopted family the Pterandons as they meet new dinosaurs and explore the world around them. The dinosaur train travels through the Triassic Jurassic and Cretaceous worlds and each episode is packed with amazing prehistoric creatures! Look out for other...

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Blackmail & Secrets book Stockists

Nearly missed this book when purchasing, as the cover has the same 'Girl' on many covers and I thought that I had already read this book, judging by the cover. Very confusing for people as I read tons of books, and go mostly according to the cover, authors, etc.  After reading up on your website, I realised I had not read these stories and rushed out to purchase this book.  Love the book, good buy. Perhaps they can change the covers to more of an artists view as in the past, because as time goes buy, these peoples faces on the cover will become tiresome.  xxx No malice meant.  Love your special releases, just purchased...

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Noughts and Crosses x 30 Stockists

Racism. Outrage. Violence. Hate. In a divided world, love can be a deadly thing. The Children’s Laureate will make you reconsider everything you take for granted in a shocking book that packs a knock-out punch. Sephy and Callum have been friends since childhood. But now that they are growing up, they can no longer mix. White-skinned Callum is a Nought – a second class citizen in a society controlled by the black Crosses. Sephy is a rich and privileged Cross: daughter of one of the country’s most powerful men. As friendship turns to a dangerous attraction, a time-bomb starts to tick. And when it blows, it will smash your...

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Dark Fever eBook Stockists

Sins I want him, she thought, and that, in itself, was shattering... . Bianca was enjoying her first holiday since the death of her beloved husband, three years ago... . Until she met Gil Marquez, the owner of the hotel where she was staying. Gil opened up such intense feelings of desire in Bianca, which she hadn't known she possessed. How could she want this man with such dark intensity, yet be certain that she was falling in love... ? Love can conquer the deadliest of Sins.

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