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Best Collins Read On: Unsolved Mysteries Stockists

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The Lunar Chronicles Pack x 4

A cyborg Cinderella. A steampunk Snow White. Hackers, rebels and androids. Fairy tales as you’ve really never read them before. Sci-fi but emosh to go with it. Don’t scream. Do be seriously excited. Way into the future, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood (not so little, thanks), Rapunzel and Snow White are real-life girls. Oh yeah – and they’re totally kick-ass to go with it. Cinders is a cyborg mechanic. Rapunzel – aka Cress – is an expert hacker. Scarlet still wears a red hood, but she won’t stand for being eaten by Wolf. And they’ve all got an enemy in common. Say hello to Queen Levana… Totally unique and...

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Stitch with Love

Stitch with Love is the Perfect Introduction to simple stitchery. Learn how to sew the 11 specially selected starter stitches with clear instructions for both right and left handers. Today's newest and most popular needlecraft stitchery is an ingenious combination of good old fashioned embroidery modern quirkiness and contemporary projects. Mandy Shaw's unmistakable style provides a gorgeous collection of stitches and projects all in natural fabrics in the stylish cream and red colour palette. It includes a perfect introduction to eleven simple stitches with step-by-step instruction for both right and left handers. It...

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PM Red: Tom is Brave (PM Storybooks) Level 5

Tom has gone to the shops for his mum and he fell over and got hurt but he made it all the way home. Red level titles introduce recurring families and animal characters to engage children. Overlapping of high frequency words and sentence structures ease the transition from the previous level. Each meticulously levelled PM Fiction title features a classic story structure complete with tension, climax and resolution. The stories deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. PM Storybooks cover levels 3–24.

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Carcassonne 1942. A spirited and courageous young woman Sandrine finds herself drawn into the world of the Resistance in Carcassonne under German Occupation. Her network - codenamed 'Citadel' - is made up of ordinary women who risk everything to fight the sinister battles raging in the shadows around them. As the war reaches its violent and bloody conclusion Sandrine's fate is tied up with that of three very different men. But who is the real enemy? Who is the real threat? And who is the true guardian of the ancient secrets that for generations have drawn people to the foothills of the Pyrenean mountains?

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The Revolutionary Mistress eBook

Spice February 2012 Barmaid Mariette hates that she's had to resort to giving favors to men for a few extra francs, but everyone is scrambling for money with the revolution boiling out of control. Even so, Mariette enjoys her illicit activities—particularly when she meets Rene, a caring, handsome patron whom she desires even more than his coin. But Mariette has also caught the eye of a revolutionary who makes her share his bed and one of his missions. A mission that plunges Mariette deeper into the revolution when she's tasked with seducing a rich lord and Rene at the same time....

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Her Secret, His Love-Child ebook

Modern April 2010 Scandalous bombshell – secret baby Hard-hearted tycoon Alex Webber is reeling. The passionate woman who once put fire in his blood is back…in his slick penthouse office…armed with a bombshell… Alex’s rigidly controlled life is disrupted when he learns he is to become a father. Yet the intensity of his need for Katrina is equally unsettling…and completely addictive! So Alex demands Katrina move in with him. Only now he’s got Katrina back where he wants her, will their red-hot nights be enough to sate this playboy’s hunger?

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Little Miss Pocket Library

Includes six cute Little Miss" books."

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Dirty War

1969 was a year of rising tension violence and change for the people of Northern Ireland. Rioting in Derry's Bogside led to the deployment of British troops and a shortlived uneasy truce. The British army soon found itself engaged in an undercover war against the Provisional IRA which was to last for more than twenty years. In this enthralling and controversial book Martin Dillon author of the bestselling The Shankill Butchers examines the roles played by the Provisional IRA the State forces the Irish Government and the British Army during this troubled period. He unravels the mystery of war in which informers agents...

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LEGO®: The Book of Everything

The newest book in the LEGO® Nonfiction line, “The Book of Everything”, takes on the biggest subject of all: our world and everything in it! There’s a whole world of information inside on almost every subject under the sun, from science to technology, from history to geography to popular culture. Each spread contains a LEGO® scene to facilitate the learning journey: a vignette, mini story, or icon featuring LEGO® models, characters, and sensibility. Graphic design combines the LEGO® illustration with real-world photography and facts for an immersive experience. ” The Book of Everything ” arrives just in time for...

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