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Best Credo Stockists

Britain during the Dark Ages is the setting for the fascinating story of Bega a young Irish princess who became a saint and her lifelong bond with Padric prince of the north-western kingdom of Rheged. This dramatic far-reaching tale brings to life a land of warring kings Christians and pagans and tribes divided by language and culture illuminating a little-known yet critical period in British history.

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Leeds United

He made you cry with laughter with Paint It White now the celebrated Leeds-supporting cartoon-drawing painting-and-decorating eccentric Gary Edwards is back. It turns out that his first book was only an undercoat and now the story of his crazy life following Leeds needs a second coat. No wonder: Edwards you see has seen every Leeds game - competitive and friendly anywhere in the world - since 17 January 1968*. During those 37 years he's been there done that and bought the T-shirt. So after subtle prompts from his travelling companions he's back with more tales that simply would not fit into the first volume. There's...

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Optimum Nutri For Your Child

Optimum Nutri For Your Child

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Her Fill-In Fiance both

Cherish October 2011 From Pretend Lover…Sophia had long ago turned her back on small-town life – until a stint in the big city left her unemployed and pregnant! Facing her family might be the hardest thing she’s ever done…next to facing the man who’d betrayed her again.To Perfect Match?At first, Jake’s fling with Sophia had been strictly business – investigating the pretty housekeeper’s background for her wealthy employer was as routine as it got. But business turned deliciously personal – and incredibly complicated. He was determined to win back Sophia’s heart, even if it meant helping her reunite with...

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PM Turquoise: The Elves and the Shoemaker (PM Traditional Tales and Plays) Levels 17, 18

This story was probably created at a time when many adults still believed in elves and fairies, but when a growing merchant class could afford to travel ‘far and wide’ for their shoes. These illustrations place the story in the time of Charles II, after the Civil War. Set in England, circa 1660. Turquoise level titles develop children’s understanding of topics with clusters of books on related subjects. High-interest themes such as danger, courage, kindness, bullying and anger are introduced. Available for Levels 15–24, PM Traditional Tales and Plays retell classic tales in a simplified language and form that...

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Rub It In ebook

Rub It In Sexy, reclusive Caribbean resort owner Simon Reeves and Marcy McKinney have always had a volatile work relationship. But when the resort is closed and Simon intentionally traps Marcy on the island, she snaps – and the tension between them evolves into pure, unadulterated lust. Her hot boss has very definite – and exquisitely tantalising – ideas on exactly how to keep Marcy from leaving the island…and his bed!

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The Son that Changed his Life / Swallowbrook's We... book

Medical February 2013 The Son that Changed his Life Bride’s Bay Surgery miniseries When GP Benedict Legrange’s struggle with cancer reaffirmed that nothing was permanent, he felt he had no choice but to leave pregnant Emily Jackson: how could Ben offer security as a partner and father when his own life hung in the balance? Now, back in Bride’s Bay, seeing Emily again and his adorable son for the first time, makes Ben realise he has everything to live for… Swallowbrook’s Wedding of the Year Nurse Julianne Marshall loves life in the cosy Lakeland village of Swallowbrook. Then Aaron Somerton saunters into her medical...

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PM Magenta: The Toy Box (PM Plus Starters) Level 2 x 6

This book introduces the high frequency word ‘are’. It features a five-year-old child who is putting groups of toys into a toy box. The sequential order of this process is seen in each preceding photograph. Magenta level titles (equivalent to the Pink book band) are perfect for introducing fundamental reading concepts and skills to early and emergent readers. PM Plus Starters build emergent reading concepts and skills. High-frequency words and simple sentence construction are gradually introduced throughout the 20 fiction and six non-fiction texts

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First Skills: My First 123 Sticker Activity Book

One-to-ten activities. The sweetest number fun we’ve seen in too many years to count.

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Charlie Small

In the fifth journal found by us the lucky and smug publisher we learn that Charlie Small has become embroiled in an underworld from his nightmares ...Previously Charlie had bumped into the infamous Jakeman - but when the mad professor was dragged down into the Underworld Charlie had to follow - otherwise how would he discover how to get back to his mum and dad? This latest adventure takes him into an unreal darkened world where anything is possible. But will Charlie Small ever find a way out or will he be trapped underground forever?

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Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: detective sorcerer warrior. Oh yes. And dead. Skulduggery Pleasant is gone sucked into a parallel dimension overrun by the Faceless Ones. If his bones haven't already been turned to dust chances are he's insane driven out of his mind by the horror of the ancient gods. There is no official Sanctuary-approved rescue mission. There is no official plan to save him. But Valkyrie's never had much time for plans. The problem is even if she can get Skulduggery back there might not be much left for him to return to. There's a gang of villains bent on destroying the Sanctuary there are some very powerful...

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