Bargain Cross Dart Target Game Stockists

Bargain Cross Dart Target Game Stockists

Take aim and fire the sucker darts with amazing accuracy and power. This sturdy bow comes equipped with 6 sucker darts and the reverse of the packaging has a target to assist with your accuracy. Pull back the special tensioned string onto to the catch, put the dart into the barrel aim and fire. The dart will travel over 20ft to its target. The special soft rubber tipped darts and a clever device to stop other objects being fired make this product wonderfully safe. Perfect for the office ambush or at home! Makes a great executive toy for a bit of office downtime and welcomed diversion from that tricky spreadsheet or onerous report.

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Sudoku Cube Stockists

Do you love a good puzzle? Being baffled by brain teasers? The Sudoku Cube is a great way to text not only your logic skills but aso your dexterity. The object is simple, line the numbers 1 - 9 on evry side of the cube to win! Combining the much loved puzzle with the fun of a rubix cube, this is a great way to pass the time when you have a free moment or two. This gift is also great for the younger generation as it is a fun way to learn how to solve puzzles and also how to cope with frustration!

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Rubber Band Plane Stockists

With a wing span of 50 cm this detailed model Bi-plane can fly for up to a minute just from the power of a rubber band. No glue or tools are required in its assembly. Simply slot together, wind the propeller which in turn powers up the rubber band and then launch into the sky. Made from wood, polystyrene & plastic.

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Retro Radio Stockists

Do you love everything retro? Enjoy listening to some good music at home and on the move? Well, with this classic Retro Radio, now you can combine the two and listen to the charts with this old fashioned style radio. Made from plastic and designed to replicate a vintage radio, it is the ideal gift if you're looking for something a little different. Fully functioning with FM radio and automatic station scanner and antenna, it will look perfect sitting on the shelf in a vintage style kitchen. Small and compact enough to take with you to a friends or even on holiday! Requires 2 X AA batteries (not included).

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Air Power Soccer Disc Stockists

Turn any empty space into an instant football hockey game with this Air Power Soccer Disc which floats off the ground using the same technology they use on hovercrafts and it works both indoors and outdoors. The small jets of air which come out of the bottom of the Soccer Disc allow it to automatically glide along the floor independently, but if you want to direct it into any direction simply give it a little kick. The disk's outer rim completely protects the disk so you can bounce it off of walls, furniture or any objects to make things more interesting. You can use your feet, hands or even a hockey stick to move the disc,...

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Infinity Spinning Top Stockists

Stare in amazement at this Spinning Top Light which literally never stops spinning no matter how long you leave it. Watch the top continually spin as it picks up speed and remains balanced no matter what is surrounding it. The Infinite Spinning Top defies gravity, physics and logic and changes colour using it's 32 different light patterns, giving you a mesmeric light show as you watch. Requires 3XAAA batteries (included).

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Instant Air Hockey Stockists

Play the famous arcade game anywhere there is a smooth table surface with this Instant Air Hockey set. You can set up the two goals and puck on your dining room table or desk at work for a bit of downtime from working on that tiresome spreadsheet or tricky report. The puck is battery powered and will float on air - similar to the real thing and comes with 2 goals and 2 pushers. All you need to do is provide a smooth surface on which to play - a desk, kitchen or dining room table or even a polished wooden floor.  Bet it becomes just as competitive and addictive as the classic arcade game.  So fire it up and...

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Impossipuzzle Beans/Sprout Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Stockists

Here's an interesting challenge for the person who loves Jigsaws, baked beans or even sprouts? (Are there many of those around?) If you're one of these people or know someone who is, we're pretty sure they won't be so keen after attempting this Beans/Sprout Jigsaw Puzzle.    If you're up for one almighty challenge, then you're in the right place! The name says it all - it really looks like one impossible puzzle! But be patient, it can be done! Five hundred and fifty pieces are packed into this cube shaped box. Part of the exclusive range of Impossipuzzles whereby the image has been repeated many times over/ This...

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Strap On LED Fingers Stockists

Create your own amazing light show from your fingers using these Strap on LED Finger torches! Ideal for kids or fun guys alike, standard size fits all! Put the four different coloured torches on your fingers and project the different colours to produce a dazzling show for your peers!  Available in 4 different colours. 

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Laser Twilight Projector Stockists

Imagine having your very own Planetarium or space observatory at the flick of a switch; then imagine it's in your own living room or bedroom! Well, are you sitting comfortably because we're about to wax lyrical about this wondrous and totally mesmerizing little piece of star-shaped technology.Turn out the lights, switch it on and wow! You are watching a cosmic light show the likes of which you never imagined (with or without the aid of illegal substances). Your own personal, spectacularly animated universe - galaxies with thousands of twinkling, sparkling stars, some appearing closer than others, occasional shooting stars and...

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Cowboy Costume Stockists

Yeeeee Hawwwwww! Unleash your inner cowboy with this fantastic costume. No need to wrangle those pesky mustangs with this Cowboy Costume. You can purchase this fierce steed fully trained and look great whilst doing it. The costume includes an in built fan which inflates the horse around your body to give it that realistic effect. The fan also acts as a fantastic way to keep cool while you dance the night away. The costume is made from parachute silk giving it a luxurious sheen that will be sure to impress those single cowgirls. Note: This product requires 4xAA batteries that are not included.

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