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Dads – you know how it is. You want to keep things like your car keys, bus pass, favourite keyring or lucky coin out of the grasping hands of the little terrors darlings, and you know if you keep asking the other half where they are they’re probably going to punch you in the face (or maybe just give you a passive aggressive look when you ask, either’s cool). Well, worry no longer, for this Daddy’s Stuff Tin will be perfect for just about any small item you want to keep sequestered away. With a hinged lid embossed with “DADDY’S STUFF” in big friendly letters, you’ll be sure to know where things are with this helpful tin. Best of all, it’s the perfect size for portable use as well, so if you fancy going on a trip, you’ve got a handy tin for all your gubbins.  

Bargain Deal: £7.99

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Man Coinage and Pocket Fluff Tray Stockists

We all know that one rather irritating person who constantly jangles when they walk into a room. However, no longer do they have to be victimised for the annoyance of their pocket change band. The Man Coinage and Pocket Fluff Tray is the ideal gift for someone who doesn’t understand the concept of a wallet, and will prevent all washing machine change related fatalities from ever occurring again. The Man Coinage Tray is not only a piece of fine and sophisticated sorting equipment, but also brings humour and happiness to those change related discussions. Made from quality ceramic and designed to attract all pocket change...

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The Man Cave Sign Stockists

A fabulous glossy wooden plaque with metal hanger, decorated with The Bright Sides unique lettering - 'Man Cave'. The perfect gift for the man who shuts himself away in his room, workshop or shed! Where there's a man, there's a cave, now you can hang this sign outside your cave to warn others what they are letting themselves in for! Perfect gift for Xmas, Birthdays and more.

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Every Charger Case Stockists

Cable crimes effect all of us one way or another, whether you’re neat and tidy or indifferent to messiness (what mess?!), we’re sure that you need a little help in the cable department. Wires and chargers of all kinds, hanging out the walls, unplugged and left by the socket, some in the kitchen draw, some under the bed, some simply lost forever even though you’re sure you put it back in the right place, they all need a home. Luckily the Every Charger Case has come to the rescue! Finally providing one place to put all of your unsightly chargers and cables, you’ll never misplace another charger again....

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Receipt Tin Stockists

Instead of storing your receipts under a bundle of various coins and notes, why not keep them somewhere that is easy to access with this receipts tin. This tin comes in handy whenever you need to return that all important gift that you've accidentally broken or don't want, as you can quickly find the receipt instead of sifting through endless mounds of paper in your house. The top of the tin features a hilarious quote reading "Tin Of Denial" and emblazoned across the front of the tin it reads "Receipts (For Money I Used To Have)" making it the ultimate novelty gift to keep in your house. Dimensions 95 x 144 x 65mm. ...

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Man Booze Hip Flask Stockists

Whether you take your whiskey single malt or blended, prefer a vodka martini, a hearty rum, or even if you’re a teetotaller, you need never be without a drop of your favourite beverage again with this ‘Man Booze’ flask. Cheerfully decorated with illustrated light bulbs and featuring humorous quips about the beverage within being ‘for medicinal purposes’ and reminding us that it can ‘make everything seem like a good idea’, this handy little accessory is perfect for any time you need a drink on the go. It even includes a hinged screw top so you never need worry about losing the lid! 

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