Bargain Desktop LED Clock Fan Stockists

Bargain Desktop LED Clock Fan Stockists

Endless hours working at a desk can become tiring and so a gadget that refreshes you, giving you a little zing as you work is always welcome. The desktop LED clock fan circulates the air directing a cooling breeze towards your face and body, ideal for refreshing tired eyes. Cleverly aligned green and red LED's in the fans blades then light up and displaying the time in an analogue clock face displaying hour, minute and second hands as the fan rotates. Plug directly into your USB and direct the adjustable fan to the desired position and you have a cool desk feature that's practical too. Desktop LED clock fan6" (15cm) diameterDisplays time as fan rotatesTwo modes, display LED time, or use as fan without clockUSB poweredTwo speed settingsGreen and red LED clock display360° angle rotation up/downHigh quality metal structure1.8m integrated USB cableWorks with any USB socketPlug and play (no software required)Brushless motor for long lifespan

Bargain Deal: £19.99

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MenkindDesktop LED Clock Fan£19.99Click for Deal LED Clock Fan£19.99Click for Deal

USB Powered Colour-Changing TV Backlight with Remote - 1 or 2 Stockists

Turn your small screen into a total dream with the USB Powered TV Backlight Flexible LED strip is approximately 100cm in length and includes an adhesive back The three button mini controller changes the colour, speed and brightness and flash regulation Ideal for housing behind TV screens, on shelving, in cupboards, wardrobes and more Subtle glow can help reduce eye strain in dark conditions and add an ambience to the room Powered by any device with a 5V 1A USB port such as TVs, laptops or car cigarette chargers Waterproof (IP65) design means it can even be used outdoors Buying Options ...

'USB Powered Colour-Changing TV Backlight with Remote - 1 or 2 Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Tin Can Cocktail Cup Silver 10oz / 280ml (Pack of 4) Stockists

With a unique look, the Cocktail Tin Can Cup looks just like a baked bean can. Perfect for creating cocktails with an up-cycled chic look.

'Tin Can Cocktail Cup Silver 10oz / 280ml (Pack of 4) Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Diamond Champagne Flutes 6oz / 170ml (Case of 24) Stockists

Featuring a stunning vintage inspired design, these Diamond Champagne Flutes are the perfect choice for serving lavish champagnes.

'Diamond Champagne Flutes 6oz / 170ml (Case of 24) Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


Pom Pom Personal Alarm Stockists

It goes without saying that safety has to come first but we’ve always been a bit put off by personal alarms – you might think we’re daft but have you looked at them? Ugly is the only word we can use.  So, imagine our delighted when the super stylish Pom Pom Personal Alarm arrived at Genie HQ. Not only is the cute little Pom Pom super chic, it’s also your best friend when it comes to safety.  Just attach him onto your bag (our new friend has been christened Peter) and strut like the street is your catwalk. Then, in the unlikely event that you need rescuing, just pull on your Pom Pom to sound...

'Pom Pom Personal Alarm Deal' priced at £10.95  =>  Click for Deal


Disco Ball Straw Cup Stockists

There are cup and there are CUPS and our Disco Ball Straw Cup certainly falls into the CUP category. Designed to replicate a disco ball, and fantastically mirrored and shiny, there is very little not to love about this funky party essential. Just unscrew the top, pour in a nice cold beverage and you’re all set. What’s more, thanks to the cleverly fitted top we reckon you could happily dance the night away, do a bit of running man, robot or big ship little ship cardboard box, and your drink will stay happily un-spilt.  

'Disco Ball Straw Cup Deal' priced at £5.95  =>  Click for Deal


Looftlighter Stockists

The Looftlighter is a heating tool that will revolutionise the way you light your BBQ's and fireplaces. Simple to use, this lightweight firelighter is made from a durable stainless steel inner with aluminium cover, which means it's sure to last years and years. No more getting frustrated over trying to light the BBQ as the Looftlighter can create an established fire within 1minute. Super heated air is blown out of the top of this nifty electric firelighter to approximately 680°C, which means that you will never need to use lighter fluids again. Simply position the nozzle of the Looftlighter onto the coals igniting larger...

'Looftlighter Deal' priced at £54.95  =>  Click for Deal


iPhone 6 Waterproof Case Stockists

Provide premium protection with the iPhone 6 Waterproof Case Transparent membrane material allows underwater phone utilisation Crafted from durable and high quality material (PC and silicone) Protects your device against dirt, dust, snow and water Lightweight at just 112g, compact at 157x82x15mm Available in black, white, pink or blue Perfect for outdoor activities Provides full-body protection Includes a lanyard attachment Providing full access to your device Compatible with iPhone 6 devices (4.7 inches) Perfect for the active person who needs to stay connected Save...

'iPhone 6 Waterproof Case Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Assorted Flavoured 10ml E-Liquids - 5, 10, or 20 Pack Stockists

Love lemon? Crazy about caramel? Mix it up with Assorted Packs of Flavoured E-Liquids 10ml bottles compatible with vaping kits and e-cigarettes No tar, tobacco or nicotine Choose a 5, 10 or 20 pack of assorted flavours - sent at random from: Classic: tobacco, Marlboro, Golden Virginia, chewing gum, energy drink, caramel Fruity: apple, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, blueberry, lemon Great for those wishing to branch out into different flavours Buying Options: 5.99 pound for a pack of 5 7.99 pound for pack of 10 12.99 pound for pack of 20

'Assorted Flavoured 10ml E-Liquids - 5, 10, or 20 Pack Deal' priced at £5.99  =>  Click for Deal


2-Speed USB Tower Fan - 2 Colours Stockists

Be a fan of staying cool with a 2-Speed USB Tower Fan Vertical fan takes up minimal space in your home Fits into corners and other tight spaces Portable design means it can even go on your holidays. 2 speed settings to allow you to set your room's temperature to what suits you best Black or white colours available  USB-powered: connect to your PC or laptop with the supplied cable Can also be used with an AC power supply (not included) Size: 33cm (H) x 10.5cm (W) Save 67% on this 2-Speed USB Tower Fan for 9.99 pound instead of 29.99 pound

'2-Speed USB Tower Fan - 2 Colours Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Animal Adventures Pet Photobooth Stockists

If you own a cat or a small dog, then you’re not going to want to go anywhere until you’ve heard about the Animal Adventures Pet Photobooth. Designed with the photogenic house pet in mind, the Animal Adventures Pet Photobooth is without doubt the best use of a 5-sided card we have ever seen...and we've seen a lot. The concept is simple, construct the card and simply wait for your inquisitive small pet to find its way in to one of our five images for a quite ridiculous photograph. Intsapet.

'Animal Adventures Pet Photobooth Deal' priced at £7.95  =>  Click for Deal

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