Bargain Desktop Table Tennis Stockists

Bargain Desktop Table Tennis Stockists

Here’s a table tennis fact that you might not have known – it was originally called ‘Wiff Waff’ and was actually created in Britain in the early 1800s as an after dinner game.  Now we have got the interesting fact of the day out the way here’s something to keep you entertained. The Desktop Table Tennis is the ultimate in compact gaming. Take it anywhere you want so you’ll never be caught out. Included in the pack are two bats, one ball plus the all important net with suction cups to hold it firmly down to your table. It’s great for long days at the office or home and can be played by a single player batting against a wall or with two players going head to head, ping to pong. Plus it’s a perfect way to get some last minute practice in for the Olympic Games.  

Bargain Deal: £5.99

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Hexbug Strand Beast Stockists

The Strand Beast is the latest creation to come out of the Hexbug development laboratories and it brilliantly fuses a crab, a spider and a robot to create something awesome. The complex walking mechanism makes good use of its 8 legs and really comes alive as it moves. In fact it gives the illusion of being more organic than robotic! The Hexbug Strand Beast comes with an infrared remote control that allows you to independently operate each side of the Strand Beast's legs, giving you full control of forward, backward and turning motions. As it is set on two channels, you have the option of playing with two different Strand Beasts...

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Star Wars Vinyl Stickers Stockists

Star Wars up any gadget with these cool themed vinyl stickers. This set includes 17 differently themed stickers from both sides of the force, Yoda, Darth Vader, TIE fighters and X-Wings are all included as well as the super space station itself the Death Star. These are a great gift for any Star Wars fan and with the stickers being waterproof and removable you can use them again and again. Great for use with Laptops, tablets or mobile phones this is one product that you can’t say boo to a ghost of Obi-Wan too. 

'Star Wars Vinyl Stickers Deal' priced at £0.47  =>  Click for Deal


Snowimal Stockists

Ever since the movie The Snowman we’ve been traumatised by the reality that one day you might wake up and your freshly built Snowman may now just be a puddle of water. It’s a cruel world we live in! Thankfully after the Snowimal has melted you can rebuild him or her (we’re sure there might be a snowballs joke we could have thrown in here!). The Snowimal has everything you need to make your very own, ultra-cute, desktop Snowman! Made of a very special non Newtonian fluid, it will melt before your eyes, and if left long enough, will become a puddle of white. Complete with two arms, hat, eyes, red scarf and...

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Suicide Squad Katana Pop! Vinyl Stockists

With a taste for ancient weapons and phenomenal martial arts abilities, Katana is about to become everyone’s favourite super heroine! This mysterious warrior turned bodyguard is a highly proficient hand to hand combatant and swordswoman with one incredible (and pretty terrifying) secret weapon, the Soultaker sword. Showing off her awesome Suicide Squad attire and brandishing her soul stealing super weapon, this awesome Pop! Vinyl figurine is ultimate accessory for any Katana super fan. Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten up bedrooms, offices, and living room mantelpieces all across the...

'Suicide Squad Katana Pop! Vinyl Deal' priced at £5.97  =>  Click for Deal


Flower Fan USB Stockists

Before we start there’s something we need to get out of the way first. If you are looking for a fan to blow you away, or to create an instant chill, then sadly this isn’t it. The Flower Fan USB is more a subtle cooling breeze than a strong gust. However, even though it’s not the world’s strongest fan we still can’t help but love how it looks. We like to think of it more as a kinetic flower sculpture (with cooling effect). Its super bright colours and cartoon-esk design will liven up any room, from your kitchen to your bedroom. It’s like a constant little piece of spinning sunshine. Powered...

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Skull Speaker Stockists

When only deathly accessories will do, this Skull Speaker will undoubtedly add some boom to your bones! If you’re tired of speaker after speaker with the same old black and boring looks and you’re looking for something with a sneaky bit of gothic charm, then the Skull Speaker will help you feel the beat from skull to toe! Undeniably cool and outrageously osteo-awesome, these perfectly proportioned skeletal speakers will be the coolest household accessory you’ll ever have. Perfectly suited to some Death Metal or Gothic rock, blast out Bauhaus and Napalm Death in the most fitting way imaginable. With dual...

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Mr Pug Stockists

Tired of everyday life? Wake up, go to work, leave work and go back to bed. Nothing new or exciting ever seems to pop up. Now with the Mr Pug mask you can be as happy as a dog with two tails. The Mr Pug mask is designed to transform you from a run of the mill mongrel to a pedigree superstar in seconds. Throw on the plush faux fur mask and become the doggy diva you deserve to be. Mr Pug comes with mesh eyes so you can clearly see where you are going with a cushioned chin brace. What makes this animal mask stand out from the rest is all in the way it talks. Everytime you speak the pugs mouth will move in sync with your...

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Digiowls Stockists

If you think owls are cute then you'll find the Digiowls adorable! These dinky little guys love nothing more than singing and dancing for you. Each singing and dancing Digiowl will perform for you whenever you want them to. Blow at your owl to make them tweet and move or whistle at them and they will sing a song for you! If you aren’t very good at whistling then don’t worry, the ring perch for your owls has a built in whistle. You can whistle to the Digiowls to discover the 55 different songs and hoots. Each owl has a different personality and style to suit you and they all have cool LED glowing eyes. These birds...

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Hexbug Aquabot V2 Stockists

Following on from the massive success of the Aquabots, Hexbug have released a new version of these waterborne robots. The HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0's are just like their predecessors but with a few new bits added. These micro robotic Angel Fish and Hammerhead Sharks are equipped with more high tech sensors and smart fish technology. Each fish has an inner glow thanks to the built in LEDs, making them even more realistic. Using smart fish technology, the Aquabots use electro-magnetic propulsion to give themselves an unbelieveably lifelike swimming action through the water and come in ten translucent colours, allowing you to see...

'Hexbug Aquabot V2 Deal' priced at £1.97  =>  Click for Deal


Robo Hub 2000 Stockists

Plug up to four USB devices into one outlet with the handy Robo Hub 2000. A little red robot with four USB ports, this USB robot has green LED eyes that light up when he's connected. Simply plug into your Windows or Mac PC and charge your must have devices all at the same time from the same port! 4 USB HubCharge 4 devices from one outletGreen LED eyesSize: 10cm (H) x 6cm (W) x 2cm (D)Compatible with Windows and MacPlug and play

'Robo Hub 2000 Deal' priced at £6.97  =>  Click for Deal

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