Best Diamonds are for Sharing both Stockists

Best Diamonds are for Sharing both Stockists

­­ Life changing Decisions, Diamond Gifts Her Valentine Blind Date Before Cari Christensen could say Mr Right?, the dark, gorgeous stranger had whisked her outside the dance club to his waiting car. By the time Max Angeli realised Cari wasn't his blind date, he was already falling for the pretty waitress. Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds Celebrity chef Brett Cameron has a tough choice to make. Carry on with his new restaurant dream or answer a plea for help... Sienna Rossi is trying to rescue her aunt's bistro but she's in trouble. Until she sees a vision in shimmering chef's whites: Brett, her teenage crush! The Bridesmaid and the Billionaire Susannah Wilson is planning the trip of a lifetime. But her locked-up heart is being opened by billionaire Kane Lennox who is escaping the stifling expectations of New York. Being with Susannah, Kane's breaking all the rules and happy ever after isn't on his agenda.

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NYC Angels: Unmasking Dr. Serious eBook

After a somewhat disappointing start to NYC Angels, Mrs Iding sparks the series into life in this the third book. I'm not a particularly big fan of family novels but in this charming read the hero's son while prominent is not overpowering. Dan and Molly are two captivating but not perfect lost souls who don't know their true worth. Dan has a somewhat shy side to his character which I found endearing. With some interesting medical detail and the laying of groundwork for plots in future books in the seriesthis was an enthralling read. Ten out of ten  " 30 March 2013 Review By Lucy Perkins

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Claimed by the Desert Sheikh ebook

Special Releases January 2012 by Susan Mallery, Susan Stephens, Olivia Gates The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride Prince Qadir needs a fake fiancée and the no-frills Maggie Collins seems to be the answer – she’s almost as resistant to the idea of romantic love as he is! When passion flares between them, Maggie falls pregnant. Will Qadir demand a real marriage? Also includes: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress, Desert Prince, Expectant Mother

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The Legend of de Marco ebook

Modern April 2012 Rocco de Marco. Legendary financier and billionaire. The most important man in the room. And he’d just witnessed her filching canapés from the buffet…If waitress Gracie O’Brien’s first meeting with Rocco is memorable, the second is unforgettable. For when he finds her breaking into his office he doesn’t believe her innocence – so he’ll keep her close until he finds the truth.Yet it’s impossible for Rocco to stay angry with the sparky redhead – she’s making him feel emotions Rocco thought he’d buried for ever… And the sexual tension between them is reaching explosion point!

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Savage Redemption ebook

He thought he’d never see her again. Now he’s her only salvation. When half vampire Conlan saves a woman from a deadly attack he doesn’t expect to find himself staring into the exquisite eyes of the woman who ripped his heart out three years ago – Kat Karr. Their night of fierce passion had cost Conlan his life, his job and his heart. Now Kat’s desperate for help and Conlan is her only hope. With the enemy fast approaching, Kat is running out of time. Suddenly, for Conlan, revenge doesn’t seem so sweet…

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Regency Debutantes ebook

Special Releases June 2011 by Margaret McPhee She cannot risk exposure... When dashing Lord Natahniel Hawke resuces Miss Georgiana Raithwaite from drowning, the last thing he expects is for her to turn up on board his ship - disguised as a boy! Now Nathaniel must conceal her identity from his men for with reputations at stake, exposure could ruin them both... Includes: The Captain's Lady and Mistaken Mistress

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Under the Influence ebook

Blaze May 2010 Sex on the Beach? Overworked and fed up with being single, executive Natalie decides a business trip to California may be the time to try something new. She’s never had a no-strings fling before. Maybe she’s ready to give in to something purely sensual. And beachfront bartender Johnny could be the perfect man for the job. Soon, in Johnny’s arms and in his bed, Natalie discovers a side of herself she didn’t know existed. And she discovers that there is also so much more to gorgeous cocktail expert Johnny than she’d ever imagined. Now could her no-strings fling have the potential to become true love?...

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Cowboy's Texas Rescue ebook

‘It's nice to have someone with, skill set...around when there's a killer on the loose.' Taking out bad guys is in Jake Connelly's DNA as much as strength, fearlessness and Greek-god good looks. So is rescuing women like Chelsea Harris, who's kidnapped by an escaped convict. With the killer on the loose, Jake and Chelsea take refuge in an icy farmhouse. Sudden sparks between them turn on plenty of heat! But Jake needs to stay focused to stop the convict's reign of terror...and protect Chelsea from the danger of falling for him...

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Christmas Awakening/Beast of Darkness ebook

Intrigue November 2009 Christmas Awakening Ann Voss Peterson Drake House had seen its share of tragedy with two suspicious deaths in the past six months. Marie, the daughter of one of the murdered men, was determined to discover the truth. But she didn’t bank on encountering dark and brooding Brandon along the way... Beast of Darkness Lisa Renee Jones Spirit voices lead Sarah to Nowhere, Texas, where an ancient battle is being waged. Demon Max is a soldier in the war between good and evil, haunted by loss. Nowhere’s fate now rests on whether they can let go of the past and embrace a future together…

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Grayson / Dade book

A desire that defies death When Dr Braden Streib travels to the remote land of Teslinko to investigate how werewolf princess Alisa can remain human for so long without going mad, he is caught in a battle between the royal family and an extremist faction who wants both him and Alisa dead. With their lives on the line, handsome Braden is the first man Princess Alisa has ever met who didn't appear to want to impress her. And from the ashes of a deadly conflict, the irresistible spark between them could bloom into something more passionate...

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Born to Scandal ebook

‘PEOPLE TALK AS IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG ABOUT LORD BRENTMORE. SOMETHING ABOUT HIS PAST.' Lord Brentmore – half Irish peasant, half English aristocrat – grew up under a cloud of scandal. Even money and a title aren’t enough to stay the wagging tongues of the ton. But he’s vowed that his children will never experience the same stigma. After the death of their infamous mother they need a reputable governess. Anna Hill is too passionate, too alluring, but she fills Brentmore Hall with light and laughter again – and its master with feelings he’d forgotten… But a lord marrying a governess would be the biggest...

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