Best Disney: Real Life: This is Me: Your Real Life Journal Stockists

Best Disney: Real Life: This is Me: Your Real Life Journal Stockists

Real Life – the social network of choice for pupils at the International School in London. Three girls, thrown together in detention for very different reasons. One boy, appearing from nowhere. Readers can join in with the world of Real Life in this new journal based on the story of Amber, Andrea and Alice – with quizzes, questionnaires and more.

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Leper of Saint Giles

Brother Cadfael sets out to visit the Saint Giles leper colony outside Shrewsbury knowing that a grand wedding is due to take place at the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. As he arrives at Saint Giles the nuptial party passes the colony's gates. He sees the fragile bride looking like a prisoner between her two stern guardians and the groom an arrogant fleshy aristocrat old enough to be her grandfather. With his usual astuteness he suspects that this union may be more damned than blessed. He is horrifically proved right when a savage murder disrupts the May-December marriage leaving Brother Cadfael with a dark and terrible...

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Spartacus and His Glorious Gladiators

Everybody knows that Spartacus was a great gladiator and enjoyed giving the Romans the-run around. But in this book readers will discover all the fascinating facts that they didn't know such as how Spartacus fought for the Romans as well as against them and once camped his army of rebel slaves inside a volcano.

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How to Get Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant is the essential guide to helping you achieve a happy healthy pregnancy telling you all you need to know about fertility and conception in one volume. The average couple takes around six months to conceive and as many as a quarter of all couples take up to one year - after this time around one in six couples will continue to have problems and may need to seek help. This book provides vital easily accessible information for couples at all stages including updates on the latest developments from ICSI to alternative therapies nutritional advice and all the most useful website and contact addresses....

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Colloquial English

Colloquial English is an easy-to-use course specially written by an experienced teacher for self-study or class use. It teaches current spoken and written English as used in the UK through the medium of English itself. This course assumes a basic knowledge of English and is suitable for post-beginners whether studying on their own or as part of a class. Features include: full explanations and illustrations of grammatical terms pronunciation guide to help with areas of particular difficulty a variety of exercises to help learners to grow in confidence full answer key. Accompanying audio material is available to purchase...

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Higher Human Biology with Answers for CfE

Higher Human Biology for CfE is tailored specifically to the extended requirements teaching approaches and syllabus outlines detailed in the Higher revisions for Curriculum for Excellence provided by the Scottish Qualifications Authority as well as the Revised Higher Human Biology syllabus examined from 2012 onwards. The only fully comprehensive textbook for the latest Higher Human Biology syllabus outlines offered by SQA as examined 2012 onwards Bestselling author team with extremely high reputation for Scottish Biology titles Full colour presentation and motivating text design to encourage student enthusiasm Without Answers...

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Leiths Simple Cookery Bible

Perfect for beginners in the kitchen and everyone who is time-pressed but would still like to eat tasty homemade food this is the ultimate cookery reference book. Leiths Simple Cookery Bible contains a colossal 700 recipes that are foolproof delicious easy to follow and utterly reliable. Covering soups tarts snacks and sandwiches salads main courses accompaniments puddings baking preserving drinks breakfasts and the all-important basic recipes this terrifically comprehensive book has every recipe you'll ever need from spaghetti Bolognese sausage hotpot or shepherd's pie to salmon with dill and mustard crust...

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French Cruisers 1922-1956

The French produced some of the most striking and innovatory interwar cruiser designs. A large amount of new information about these ships has become available over the past twenty years in France but this book is the first to make this accessible to an English-speaking readership. Part I explains the design philosophy behind each of the classes built after 1922 and outlines the characteristics of each type accompanied by detailed data tables and a comprehensive set of specially-drawn plans based on official documents as well as carefully-selected photographs. Coverage includes the De Grasse laid down in August 1939 and...

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His Duty to Protect / The Heartbreak Sheriff book

Intrigue May 2012 His Duty To ProtectCaptain Ty Hamilton knows Rachel hates him, especially since he’d tried to sabotage her military career. Until a mission goes awry leaving Ty and Rachel stranded in enemy territory. And with their lives at stake, old hatreds become trivial – and new, unexpected feelings awaken…The Heartbreak SheriffSingle mum Sarah can’t believe the man she used to be in love with is throwing her in the clink. Sheriff Finn keeps assuring Sarah he’ll get her out of this mess, but her trust in him was annihilated long ago. Still, just being in his gorgeous presence sets Sarah’s pulse racing…

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Are you a Bosom Caresser or a Harvey Wallbanger? Can you tell a Moscow Mule from a Brass Monkey? Can you name Ernest Hemingway s favourite tipple? All the kit spirits mixers famous drinkers - and over 80 classic and contemporary cocktail recipes plus tried and tested hangover cures for the morning after. If you have friends coming round for drinks or you're looking for the perfect accessory to take to a party Gem Cocktails is the ideal quick-reference bursting with information on everything you need to know to mix the perfect cocktail. The fact-packed introduction examines the legends of how the cocktail was invented...

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