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Dixit is a ground-breaking game, featuring high-quality components and breath taking artwork and offering delightful and thought-provoking entertainment for all your friends and family. Every turn, the storyteller will call out a short phrase or word to match the image on his card. This card goes face down on the table while each player will choose the card that most closely matches that phrase and put it face down next to the storyteller’s. After being shuffled, all the cards get revealed and everyone must guess which card the storyteller saw when he invented his brief tale. Correctly guess the storyteller’s card, and you’ll score. Convince everyone else that your card better fitted the phrase and you’ll do even better. Features: An easy and light game to enjoy with family or friends! Suspenseful and fun Use your flair and intuition to select the right image while avoiding the pitfalls set by the other players. 8+ Age 30-45 Minutes gameplay. 84 Cards 36 voting tokens in 6 different colors 6 wooden rabbits

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