Bargain Doctor Who   The Day Of The Doctor: 50Th Anniversary Special (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor: 50Th Anniversary Special (DVD) Stockists

The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th anniversary special. In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London's National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space, an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor's own dangerous past comes back to haunt him. Starring: Matt Smith, David Tennant and Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt. This must-have DVD contains the eagerly anticipated feature length anniversary episode, 2 mini-episodes including the explosive Night of the Doctor starring Paul McGann, Doctor Who Explained, Behind the lens and more!NOTE: To avoid audio navigation the customer should not press enter button when it asks at the beginning but wait until the disc loads by it self. (5-10sec.) Running Time: 76 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 2 Dec. 2013

Bargain Deal: £8.99

Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor: 50Th Anniversary Special (DVD) Deals on eBay Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor: 50Th Anniversary Special (DVD) Deals on Amazon
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Billy Liar (50th Anniversary Edition) (Restored) (BLU-RAY) Stockists

Billy Liar (50th Anniversary Edition) (Restored) (BLU-RAY)

'Billy Liar (50th Anniversary Edition) (Restored) (BLU-RAY) Deal' priced at £18.99  =>  Click for Deal


The Mentalist - Season 1-7 [2015](DVD) Stockists

The complete seven seasons of the American detective drama. Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation who has the remarkable ability to solve serious crimes using his razor-sharp observational skills. Season 1 episodes are: 'Pilot', 'Red Hair and Silver Tape', 'Red Tide', 'Ladies in Red', 'Redwood', 'Red-Handed', 'Seeing Red', 'the Thin Red Line', 'Flame Red', 'Red Brick and Ivy', 'Red John's Friends', 'Red Rum', 'Paint It Red', 'Crimson Casanova', 'Scarlett Fever', 'Bloodshot', 'Carnelian Inc.', 'Russet Potatoes', 'A Dozen Red Roses', 'Red Sauce', 'Miss Red', 'Blood...

'The Mentalist - Season 1-7 [2015](DVD) Deal' priced at £64.99  =>  Click for Deal


Scott & Bailey - Series 3 (DVD) Stockists

Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp return in the hit ITV drama The professional and personal lives of DC Rachel Bailey and DC Janet Scott continue to bring drama, surprises and gripping tension. Janet begins to get her life in order to concentrate on her role as acting DS. Meanwhile Rachel, who has been facing scrutiny over her brother's murder of her ex-boyfriend, has settled uneasily into sharing her life with Sean. But the detectives are about to feel the heat. Rob Waddington (Danny Miller) arrives as a permanent DS, Rachel's devil-may-care attitude threatens her relationship with Janet and the ongoing murder case comes to a...

'Scott & Bailey - Series 3 (DVD) Deal' priced at £12.99  =>  Click for Deal


Discovering Somerset (Volume 2) (DVD) Stockists

Somerset's glorious heritage is revealed further with this latest volume on the county's history, which was written and presented by Glastonbury-based author Henry Buckton. Our journey begins at Burnham-on-Sea and meanders across Central and South Somerset before almost returning to the coast at Bridgwater. Join us as we visit country houses, abbeys and cathedrals, some of the county's top sporting facilities and sample its cider. Glastonbury, the fabled Isle of Avalon, is celebrated as the final resting place of King Arthur, and where Joseph of Arimethea allegedly brought Christianity to Britain. Cadbury Castle is uncovered...

'Discovering Somerset (Volume 2) (DVD) Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Bodies - The Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

The complete series of the gripping, darkly humorous and disturbing medical drama BODIES. Created by Jed Mecurio (Line of Duty, Critical) the hospital drama unlike any other before - there is no room for heroics or glamour, instead Bodies strikes to the heart as it focuses on a hospital where mistakes do happen and are often ignored or accepted. Packed with operation scenes that are shown in graphic detail, Bodies also delves into the personal relationships between the doctors and nurses and their battle with their consciences as they question the medical competence of themselves and others. Just how many mistakes can be covered...

'Bodies - The Complete Series (DVD) Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Ballet for Children - Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit... [2012] (DVD) Stockists

Ballet for Children - Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit; Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker; Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf; Adventures of Alice in Wonderland / The Royal Ballet [2012] [NTSC] (DVD)

'Ballet for Children - Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit... [2012] (DVD) Deal' priced at £39.99  =>  Click for Deal


Mandy (65Th Anniversary Digitally Restored) (DVD) Stockists

Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 12 Jun. 2017

'Mandy (65Th Anniversary Digitally Restored) (DVD) Deal' priced at £15.99  =>  Click for Deal


Bread: The Complete Collection Series 1-8 (DVD) Stockists

All 74 episodes of the British sitcom written by Carla Lane. The Boswells live in Liverpool and are very adept at scamming the system. Nellie Boswell (Jean Boht) rules the nest and puts up with no nonsense from her children or her long-suffering husband, Freddie (Ronald Forfar), as she struggles to support her family through Thatcher's Britain. Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 29 Sept. 2014

'Bread: The Complete Collection Series 1-8 (DVD) Deal' priced at £69.99  =>  Click for Deal


The Keys of the Kingdom [1944] (DVD) Stockists

After losing his parents and his childhood sweetheart to tragedy, Francis Chisholm (Gregory Peck) joins the priesthood and devotes himself to a life of service and compassion. But Chisholm`s unorthodox beliefs raise eyebrows among his superiors, especially Bishop Angus Mealy (Vincent Price). And when he is sent to the farthest reaches of China to rebuild an abandoned mission, Chisholm faces his greatest challenge of all: to tame a hostile land, win over superstitious people and save his parish from an invading army. Review towering film stamped with greatness --The Independent Running Time: 131 minutes Region: Region 2 Release...

'The Keys of the Kingdom [1944] (DVD) Deal' priced at £8.99  =>  Click for Deal


Garden Of Evil (1954) (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Gary Cooper, Susan Hayward, Richard Widmark, Hugh Marlowe and Cameron Mitchell Three fortune-hunters heading for the Californian Gold Rush find themselves stranded in a Mexican port.Gary Cooper plays Hooker, a rootless man of few words. Richard Widmark is Fiske, a slick gambler with a sardonic sense of humour; and Cameron Mitchell plays Daly, an impetuous gunman with a weakness for women.While they pass the time in a cantina (watching Rita Moreno singing and dancing), a beautiful American (Susan Hayward) walks in and offers an enormous reward to anyone who can rescue her husband, trapped in a goldmine in hostile Apache...

'Garden Of Evil (1954) (DVD) Deal' priced at £8.99  =>  Click for Deal

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