Bargain Dr Langley: Protector or Playboy? / Daredevil and... book Stockists

Bargain Dr Langley: Protector or Playboy? / Daredevil and... book Stockists

Medical January 2012 Dr Langley: Protector or Playboy?Dr Ben Langley’s reputation with women is just as notorious as his brilliance in the O.R, so when student doctor Jade trips and is literally rescued by the delicious Ben, she can’t hide her blushes! But however much she’s drawn to the charming doctor, Ben will have to prove he’s more than just talented – and can be trusted with her fragile heart…Daredevil and Dr KateSingle mum Dr Kate Preston’s dreams of raising her kids in the safety of the countryside are blown away when she meets Dr ‘Daredevil’ Aiden O’Connor, whose blistering kisses leave her breathless! But does she have the courage to put her heart on the line for another man who lives life on the edge?

Bargain Deal: £4.50

Dr Langley: Protector or Playboy? / Daredevil and... book Deals on eBay Dr Langley: Protector or Playboy? / Daredevil and... book Deals on Amazon
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Diamond Dreams eBook

Kimani April 2012 A dazzling dynasty. As the only daughter of southern California’s most famous wine dynasty, Diamond Drake devotes all her waking hours to the family business. Burned by love, she’s sworn to give her heart only to the man who puts a ring on her finger. But self-made construction millionaire Jackson Wright is already sweeping her up in a whirlwind romance. Is he the real thing? Or will the sinfully sexy bachelor prove to be all flash and no substance? A love that’s her true destiny… From the moment he sees her, Jackson is dazzled by the stunning, sultry Diamond. He knows it’s dangerous to mix business...

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Not Another Blind Date book

Blaze February 2012 These Valentine’s Day dates have all the markings of blind-date disaster! Or do they?Skin DeepWho says nice girls can’t have fun? Jayne does dirty dancing – and a lot more! – with a hot bad boy one night. It was a one-time thing. But then she’s set up on a blind date with her sexy stranger…Hold OnWhen Sarah Holt gets the chance to impersonate sexy Steve Wilshire’s blind date, she takes it…and has the most torrid night of her life. Will Steve still be ‘holding on’ when the truth comes out?Ex Marks the SpotPaige Callahan just got set up on a blind date – by her ex-boyfriend! But catastrophe...

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Rescued by the Brooding Tycoon / Fixed Up with Mr... ebook

Cherish August 2011 Rescued by the Brooding Tycoon Widow Harriet is content with her life – she doesn’t need some upstart tycoon ruining it all! Yet, saving Darius from a capsized boat, she recognises that there’s more beneath his brooding surface… Can he make her see that she might need rescuing too? Fixed Up with Mr Right? After lawyer Kate’s prince turned into a frog, work became her top priority. She didn’t want a new relationship – especially not with a client. Then Jackson strode into her life and with a sexy smile made her reconsider all her plans…

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Klondike Fever book

Historical November 2010 He’d found something more precious than gold… Disguised as a drifter, Mountie Dylan Wayburn finds himself riding in the same stagecoach as Lily Cromwell. The beautiful redhead was once a family servant and she could blow his cover sky-high! Then their stagecoach is held up at gunpoint – because everyone knows that Lily has struck gold. Pretending to be married, they search for the gang who stole Klondike Lily’s fortune. In such close proximity, Dylan will try and fight the flames of his desire…but how can he ignore those full lips begging to be kissed?

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Christmas 2010 Trio B ebook

eBook Bundles September 2010 3 fantastic books filled with romance, drama...and that special Christmas magic!

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Tarnished Rose of the Court both

BOUND BY ROYAL COMMAND! A dangerous mission at Queen Elizabeth’s bidding is Celia Sutton’s chance to erase the taint of her brother’s treason. Her life is at risk if she’s discovered – and so is her heart when she learns her co-conspirator is also her one-time seducer: brooding and mysterious John Brandon! John can’t believe the change in Celia – what’s happened to the carefree English rose she once was? Leaving Celia was the only thing to do, but now guilt tears at his soul. He has to heal the sadness in her past, and he’s not above using anything – from expert seduction to royal favours – to achieve...

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Royal Captive ebook

Intrigue July 2011 A future princess in danger. A prince on a mission. Prince Istvan of Valtria expected to inherit his crown, not lead a death-defying chase to retrieve it. The dashing royal had always been a quiet scholar. Until Lauryn stormed into his life, set off sparks, and vanished – along with Valtria’s crown jewels! Travelling in disguise to exotic lands, Istvan’s as desperate to rescue Lauryn as he is to save the priceless gems. He knows she’s the one who should be his Queen and should wear the crown beside him…that is, if they live to recapture it!

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To Tempt a Wilde eBook

Kimani March 2011 After two years on the run, Althea Hudson may have finally found her safe haven. Who'd have thought it would be in Wyoming, at a sprawling ranch owned by three rugged alpha males? But it's strapping Nathan Wilde who's making her heart beat faster... even if the sensual cowboy has made it clear he's not in the market for romance. Althea's genteel manner and sweet charm don't fool Nathan for a minute. Stung by his ex-fiancée's betrayal, the relationship-wary rancher isn't prepared for the overwhelming desire his newest hired hand arouses. But the stunning belle is hiding something...and she may be too proud...

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Monte Carlo Affairs ebook

By Request March 2012 How can three American beauties refuse these international millionaires…anything?The Millionaire’s Indecent Proposal - Would Stacy accept one million euros to be Franco’s mistress for a month? How could practical Stacy say no? Their union would be pure pleasure… But Stacy didn’t know Franco’s offer was part of a bet… Also includes The Prince’s Ultimate Deception and The Playboy’s Passionate Pursuit

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Wild Western Nights eBook

Desire March 2012 Gabe Benton left to seek his fortune, leaving Maddie Halliday heartbroken – and pregnant. Now Gabe is a millionaire. And Maddie is back – temporarily. The passion between them is still hot. But when Gabe proposes, her flat-out no stuns him. Can the man who always gets his way learn to compromise?

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