Bargain Duracell D Batteries (2 Pack) Stockists

Bargain Duracell D Batteries (2 Pack) Stockists

Make sure when you receive your new RED5 product that you are able to enjoy it straight away by getting the batteries that you need. We buy in bulk so that we can offer you the best prices on the best quality batteries.

Bargain Deal: £0.27

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Snowimal Stockists

Ever since the movie The Snowman we’ve been traumatised by the reality that one day you might wake up and your freshly built Snowman may now just be a puddle of water. It’s a cruel world we live in! Thankfully after the Snowimal has melted you can rebuild him or her (we’re sure there might be a snowballs joke we could have thrown in here!). The Snowimal has everything you need to make your very own, ultra-cute, desktop Snowman! Made of a very special non Newtonian fluid, it will melt before your eyes, and if left long enough, will become a puddle of white. Complete with two arms, hat, eyes, red scarf and...

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Bleacher Hulk 11" Stockists

The Incredible Hulk is arguably the strongest superhero in the Marvel Avengers universe. When bad guys hear “Hulk Smash!” they run for the hills and with good reason. The Hulk is an awesome green powerhouse that you definitely need in your bleachers team and standing at 11” tall he is one of the biggest around.

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Civil War Crossbones Pop! Vinyl Stockists

Crossbones is not the kind of guy you’d like to ‘cross’ in a hurry, as this former agent, highly skilled fighter and leader of the Strike Team is one mean dude. So when he’s not instigating all sorts of trouble making against the greatest Marvel superheroes of all time, he can be sitting on your desk looking pretty badass! Styled in his exoskeleton get up from the Captain America: Civil War blockbuster, this miniature super villain has well and truly transformed his way from Brock Rumlow into the ultimate Marvel baddy! Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten up bedrooms,...

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Special FX Fangs Stockists

Ve vant to show you ze coolest product that fits in your mouth, ever (but we'll lose the stupid accent to tell you about it). Up until now either the whistle or the kazoo could only be considered with such an accolade, but not anymore. Vampires have had a pretty cool PR boost lately and seem to be featured in just about every drama on tv (maybe with the exception of Coronation Street - we're not quite ready for the nocturnal immortal to roam the streets of Weatherfield just yet!). Pretty much all of us have donned plastic fangs at Halloween but we bet you haven't seen anything quite like these. For the first time ever you...

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Marvel Spiderman Pop! Vinyl Stockists

The legendary alter ego of the shy teenager Peter Parker, Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes in comic history. Now you can enjoy your very own incarnation of the Avengers superhero as styled in his classic red and blue outfit. This mini figurine looks ready for action, waiting to unleash his webslinging power wherever he goes! So if your Spider senses are tingling, we have just thing to keep every fan of the legendary Marvel hero happy! Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten up bedrooms, offices, and living room mantelpieces all across the country. From movies, to TV, to comic books...

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Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Skatepark Stockists

Skateboarding is one of the coolest sports in our opinions, doing some crazy tricks is impressive enough never mind actually being talented enough to land those tricks. If your balance isn’t as strong as your passion for all things skate related then these skateboards are ideal! Not only do you not need to balance, you don’t even have to get off your butt! You can sit back, relax, and perform some crazy tricks wherever you are without barely moving a muscle. Kids of all ages can unleash their skateboarding potential with the Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Skatepark. Choose between two different types of play: traditional...

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Digiowls Stockists

If you think owls are cute then you'll find the Digiowls adorable! These dinky little guys love nothing more than singing and dancing for you. Each singing and dancing Digiowl will perform for you whenever you want them to. Blow at your owl to make them tweet and move or whistle at them and they will sing a song for you! If you aren’t very good at whistling then don’t worry, the ring perch for your owls has a built in whistle. You can whistle to the Digiowls to discover the 55 different songs and hoots. Each owl has a different personality and style to suit you and they all have cool LED glowing eyes. These birds...

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Alpha 1S Robot Stockists

Robots in our homes is something we would expect to see in the future but we didn’t expect to see one as intelligent as Alpha in our homes today! The Alpha 1S Robot from UBTech is a completely customisable futuristic robot for you to play with - you create the programs and he will perform them for you. He comes with 16 degrees of freedom which is the equivalent of our joints, so he is incredibly flexible! He can sing, dance and read stories, but more impressively he can even do Tai Chi, somersaults, play football with his friends and one handed press ups - which is more than a lot of us humans can do. By downloading...

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Flowing LED Cables iOS Stockists

Charging our phones, iPads and what not is so so boring. Necessary, but horrendously boring. We can’t make your phone do anything exciting while it gets a power top up, but we can make the charging cable more exciting. That boring old cable you got with your phone, throw that away and start charging your phone with the Flowing LED Cables! These colourful charge and sync cables light up as soon as they are connected to a power source in bright colours that run up and down the cable. Measuring approximately 100 metres long, this is sure to reach the plug socket with ease. Suitable for the following devices: iPad 4th...

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Selfie Tripod Stand Stockists

If you haven’t taken a selfie yet you’re either a technophobe or living under a rock. Selfies are filling up our news feed every day and although you may not want to admit it, we have all had a go. Whether you’re a duck faced pouter, casual smiler or funny face puller, the Selfie Tripod Stand will help you to get the perfect shot wherever you are. With three gooseneck legs and rotating grip that you can pose in any position, you can get a steady, blur free picture any day. Team it up with our awesome SelfieShutter to really make the most of your photos. An adjustable grip means you can use the Selfie Tripod...

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