Bargain Dylan Thomas Reads Under Milk Wood (CD) Stockists

Bargain Dylan Thomas Reads Under Milk Wood (CD) Stockists

Bargain Deal: £8.99

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Hud [1963] (DVD) Stockists

Life is hard on a Texas ranch, and the owner is not helped by his arrogant ne'er-do-well son, who is a bad influence on the househo ld. The winner of 3 Academy Awards including Best Actress. Running Time: 107 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 7 Jun. 2004

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1066 (DVD) Stockists

From the writer of the excellent 'Bow Street runner' mini-series City of Vice, and director of the powerful drama The Relief of Belsen, comes the untold story of the Norman conquest. 1066 chronicles a defining chapter in British history, exploring the conflict through the eyes of the those up close to the action, on the battlefield and caught up in the fray. The lavish two-part feature-length drama stars Mike Bailey (Skins) Francis Magee (Layer Cake), and Soren Byder (Foyle's War). Running Time: 180 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 05/25/2009

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Saving Private Ryan (DVD) Stockists

Set in France in 1944 shortly after the Normandy invasion. The story concerns a squad of U.S. Army soldiers on a perilous assignment behind enemy lines. The mission: to risk their lives to save the life of one man, paratrooper James Ryan. Ryan is the last survivor of a family of four brothers, the rest of whom have been killed in action. The film was nominated for 11 the winner of several Acad emy Awards including Best Director. Running Time: 162 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 6 Nov. 2000

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Jam and Jerusalem: The Complete Series One (2006) (2-Disc Set)(DVD) Stockists

With a superb ensemble cast, this is a hilarious and heart-warming BBC comedy from Jennifer Saunders, the writer and star of Absolutely Fabulous. Clatterford is a small town, but big enough to have a good cross-section of people, local shops and a late night convenience store - a place which also has a thriving Women's Guild. When Sal's husband dies suddenly of a heart attack, she is forced to give up her role as practice nurse at the local surgery. Without a job and feeling very much alone, Sal slowly realises that she needs the support of the Women's Guild as much as they need her, so she decides to join them and give the...

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The Flashing Blade: The Complete Series [1967] (DVD) Stockists

All 12 episodes of the adventure series detailing the exploits of Francois de Recci (Robert Etcheverry). In 'Episode 1', Francois arrives at the Fort of Casal to do battle with the marauding Spaniards. 'Episode 2' sees de Ricci disappear from Casal, and in 'Episode 3', he and Guillot meet one of France's most important figures. 'Episode 4' sees Francois and Guillot encountering the Duc de Sospel and his beautiful daughter Isabelle after they are captured by bandits. 'Episode 5' sees Isabelle realise her rescuer is not all he seems and in 'Episode 6' Francois finds himself travelling with a group of players, whilst continuing...

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The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Seasons 1-5 [1977] (DVD) Stockists

All 81 episodes from seasons 1-5 of the television series based on the Marvel comics character. When scientist David Banner (Bill Bixby) is accidentally exposed to toxic radiation, he finds himself turning into a giant green monster with almost limitless strength. Although he stays his mild-mannered self most of the time, whenever he's provoked his inner Hulk appears. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Lou Ferrigno plays the fierce green alter ego. Episodes comprise: 'the Final Round', 'the Beast Within', 'Of Guilt, Models, and Murder', 'terror in Times Square', '747', 'the Hulk Breaks Las Vegas', 'Never Give a Trucker...

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Hetty Wainthropp Investigates - Complete (DVD) Stockists

Hetty Wainthropp, a sprightly, intelligent pensioner, wakes on her 60th birthday and decides to become a private investigator. Armed with just her handbag and lots of gritty northern common sense, she proves she can easily outwit the professionals. Although she walks, takes the bus or occasionally borrows a scooter to get to the crime scene, with sidekick Geoffrey a teenager she caught shoplifting husband Robert and her steely determination, how can she fail? This boxed set follows Hetty and her Wainthropp Detective Agency from its humble beginnings, charting its progress as it grows into a highly successful and thriving business....

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North & South [2004](DVD) Stockists

North and South is a powerful adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's feisty and passionate novel, set across the social divides in the changing world of Victorian industrial society. Margaret Hale is one of literature's most original heroines: a southerner from a country vicarage newly settled in the industrial northern town of Milton. In the shock of her move, she misjudges charismatic cotton mill-owner John Thornton, whose strength of purpose and passion are a match for her own pride and wilfulness. When the workers of Milton call a strike, Margaret takes their side, and the two are brought into deeper conflict. As events spiral...

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Quai Des Orfevres [1947](DVD) Stockists

H.G. Clouzot classic cinema. A marriage that has fallen on hard times is further tested by the couple's implication in a murder. Jenny Lamour (Suzy Delair) is a music hall chanteuse married to her pianist husband Maurice (Bernard Blier). Keen to get ahead, Jenny leaps at the chance when an ageing wealthy businessman (Charles Dullin) offers her the chance of some gigs. However, when she agrees to a meeting at his home and he is found dead later in the evening - Maurice's untamed jealousy is in the frame. A Maigret-esque detective, Antoine, played by Louis Jouvet leaves no stone unturned in his exceedingly private investigations...

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