Bargain Early Structural Steel in London Buildings Stockists

Bargain Early Structural Steel in London Buildings Stockists

At its heart this book is an examination of how a new structural material - mass-produced steel came to be first applied to the buildings of one of the world's great cities. The focus is evolution and change in London's buildings and architecture in the late Victorian and early Edwardian period; its emphasis is unashamedly constructional. A great deal has been written about the shape style and ornament of metropolitan buildings of the period but comparatively little on their structural anatomy and physiology.The first part examines the technological developments and economic forces that brought structural steel into being. Central to this was the invention of the Bessemer and Siemens-Martin processes which revolutionised steelmaking and enabled the mass production of a metal which outmatched both cast and wrought iron. Steel became the pillar of a new phase of industrialisation and urbanisation throughout the world and London where Henry Bessemer had conducted his initial steelmaking experiments was one of the first cities to make use of it.The second part of the book is an examination of how structural steel was exploited in different types of London building before 1910. As steel construction developed and buildings became larger and more complex structure was forced back onto the architectural agenda. Techniques of framing evolved to make buildings more open better lit more stable or to give them stronger floors or wider roofs.Key Features:Published: February 2014Extent: 408Illustrated in colour and black and white

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Guidebook: Whitby Abbey Stockists

High on their windswept headland the imposing ruins of Whitby Abbey dominate the busy harbour town below. Originally founded in the seventh century and ruled by the renowned Abbess Hild the first monastery here was the setting for one of the defining episodes in the establishment of the Anglo-Saxon church - the synod of Whitby. After the Norman Conquest a new religious community was established on the site which eventually grew into one of the great abbeys of Yorkshire. Later after the Suppression of the Monasteries the abbot's house was converted into a grand private residence. Drawing on the latest archaeological...

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St Mary’s Church, Studley Royal Stockists

St Mary's Church is William Burges’s ecclesiastical masterpiece. It was built in the 1870s for the Marquis and Marchioness for Ripon. Its towering spire rises like that of a small cathedral on the Studley Royal estate. The church now only in occasional liturgical use is a memorial to William Burges’s devotion to Early English architecture and his artistic love of imagery. It is preserved in the guardianship of English Heritage and is managed by the National Trust.

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The Rows of Chester Stockists

Almost ten years of historical and archaeological research on the Rows of Chester the most extensive surviving example in Europe of a medieval two-tier complex of shops are detailed in this thorough and authoritative report. The Rows of Chester form a unique system of walkways through the frontages of buildings on the city's four main streets. They pass above the street-level shops giving access to a second tier of shops at Row (first floor) level. Established in 1984 the Chester Rows Research Project aimed to survey all the Rows buildings using an interdisciplinary approach in which an appreciation of the architectural...

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Textile Mills of South West England Stockists

- The first study of textile mill buildings across the South West region- Explains the great influence of textile mills on the development of towns and countryside- Heavily illustrated and includes a list of sites which are open to the publicThe textile industry has been one of the most prolonged and widespread influences on the development of historic buildings in the South West. The regional industry pre-dated the classic period of the Industrial Revolution by several centuries resulting in distinctive types of vernacular buildings industrial buildings townscapes and landscapes all contrasting with those in other areas.This...

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Monuments and the Millennium Stockists

An international conference 'Public Monuments into the Millennium' organized jointly by English Heritage and the Stone and Metals Sections of the UKIC with the support of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association 20-22 May 1998.Environmental issues are central to many schemes planned to mark the coming millennium. The re-evaluation and regeneration of public spaces fall within this category and the monuments that occupy these spaces are a special concern. These objects are of great artistic historic and social value. The aim of this international conference was to take a comprehensive look at the conservation and...

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A History of Aerial Photography and Archaeology Stockists

'This book was inspired by a centenary marking the first aerial photographs of an archaeological monument in Britain. Those photographs are inevitably of Stonehenge.How a single balloon flight and the resulting photographs fit into the context of the history of aerial photography is revealed in this fascinating new book.The main emphasis is on how aerial photography came to be such an important tool for archaeologists over the last 100 years. However the beginnings and development of aerial photography within military and civilian contexts are explored in depth especially the contribution of pioneering aeronauts and aviators...

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The Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle Stockists

The garden created by Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester at Kenilworth Castle in the early 1570s was one of the wonders of Elizabethan England. It is also the best documented of all the great gardens of its age providing the starting point for English Heritage's ambitious re-creation in 2009. This beautifully illustrated book presents the extensive research that informed the scheme and describes the process by which the new garden was designed.Seventeen chapters written by specialists and experts in the field range widely covering: the place of Kenilworth in garden history; the Earl of Leicester as a cultural patron and his...

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Newcastles Grainger Town Stockists

Grainger Town is an area of Newcastle named after Richard Grainger who remodelled the town in a style which became known as Tyneside Classical. This is a history of that remodelling and of the area as a whole. Paperback 74pp Informed Conservation PUB DATE: December 2003

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Great Lengths - The Historic Indoor Swimming Pools of Britain Stockists

Swimming is Britain's most popular participation sport. Nearly one in four people swim at least once a month with around 80 million visits to swimming pools recorded every year. Surprisingly although public baths have formed a vital part of community life since an 1846 Act of Parliament their story has never been told in book form until now.Great Lengths the eighth book in the acclaimed Played in Britain series traces the development of indoor public baths and pools from the earliest subscription baths of the Georgian period and the first municipal baths in Liverpool in 1829 to the current generation of leisure pools with...

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Played at The Pub Stockists

WEB EXCLUSIVE PRICE!Aunt Sally in Oxford Toad in the Hole in Lewes bagatelle Chester quoits in Darlington and bat and trap in Kent - they sound relics of a bygone age and yet contrary to popular belief the games of Britain live on. Traditional games such as nipsy (the poor man's golf) played by Barnsley miners may have died out in the 1990s joining in the history books such former favourites as guile bones noddy board slide thrust fox-mine-host tick-tack the mysterious milking cromock. But new games emerge all the time so that nowadays regulars are just as likely to be entering pub quizzes - the first quiz league was recorded...

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