Bargain Elizabeth I (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Elizabeth I (DVD) Stockists

Helen Mirren plays the lead role of Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth I--a two-part Channel 4 drama written by award-winning screenwriter and acclaimed novelist Nigel Williams ("The Wimbledon Poisoner", "Bertie and Elizabeth" and "Uncle Adolf"). The drama begins in 1579 and portrays Elizabeth--daughter of Henry VIII--during her later years. It exposes the conflict between her sense of duty and the instincts of her heart, her doomed affair with the Earl of Essex, and the struggles of a powerful and independent woman battling to survive in a male-dominated world. During her reign, Elizabeth became one of England's most admired monarchs, having resisted the Spanish Armada and having reunified the nation after it was divided by religious factionalism. Her successes and popularity led to the creation of the 'Virgin Queen' legend, but this drama, for the first time, delves beyond this myth and attempts to uncover the real woman behind the crown. Running Time: 223 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 17/04/2006

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Interstellar (DVD) Stockists

Sci-fi feature written and directed by Christopher Nolan, director of 'the Dark Knight' trilogy. On a resource-depleted Earth in the near future, the discovery of a wormhole which can transport users through time and space unites scientists and explorers in the most important mission in human history. Among the potential travellers is a widowed engineer (Matthew McConaughey) who must decide whether to remain with his two children or to test the limits of human space travel, to see if there is a future for humanity out among the stars or whether the end of the Earth spells the end for humanity. Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer...

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Underground (DVD + Blu-ray) (DVD) & BLU- Stockists

UNDERGROUND (DVD + Blu-ray)A film by Anthony Asquith Introduced as a 'story of ordinary people', Anthony Asquith's Underground masterfully balances the light and dark sides of city life to evoke the daily existence of the average Londoner better than any other film from Britain's silent canon. The BFI National Archive has restored the film using the latest photochemical and digital techniques and present it here with a newly commissioned score by Neil Brand. Special Features Feature presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition Newly commissioned score by Neil Brand presented in 5.1 and 2.0 Alternative score by...

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Death Is A Woman (DVD) Stockists

Making a spectacular change from teen pop sensation to actress, Logie-Award-winning Australian singer Patsy Ann Noble is the scene-stealing, bikini-clad femme fatale in this stylish, cleverly plotted murder mystery. Giving Noble one of her earliest film roles and also starring Mark Burns, Wanda Ventham and Shaun Curry, Death Is a Woman is presented here in a brand-new digital transfer in its original theatrical aspect ratio.An undercover agent is sent to investigate narcotics smuggling on a sun-drenched Mediterranean island. However, when both of his principal subjects die in mysterious circumstances, he soon finds that he...

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Tales Of Hoffmann - Digitally Restored Special Edition [1951](DVD) Stockists

The Tales of Hoffmann has been beautifully restored in 4k, supervised by Martin Scorsese, Thelma Schoonmaker Powel and Ned Price. Newly discovered sequences from Act 3 and the epilogue, which were missing from previously released versions of the film, were found in the nitrate material held at the BFI and put back into the film as directors Powell & Pressburger originally intended Based on Jacques Offenbach's opera of the stories of romantic poet E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Tales of Hoffmann gave close collaborators Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger another opportunity to eschew realism and celebrate artifice and creativity.Metropolitan...

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The Goose Steps Out - 75th Anniversary (Digitally Restored) [1942] (DVD) Stockists

Comedy legend Will Hay stars as William Potts, a hapless, clumsy schoolteacher, who just happens to be an identical body double for a notorious German Nazi general. When the army is made aware of this uncanny resemblance to the German, who they are currently holding prisoner, they decide to drop the reluctant Mr.Potts behind enemy lines. His deadly mission is to find and retrieve information on a secret weapon that the Germans are planning to use. But whilst impersonating the Nazi general, William Potts manages to infiltrate the college of Hitler Youth. He also manages to make a big impression on the students who are being...

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Stay Lucky: The Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Minder and Sweeney legend Dennis Waterman stars as a London wheeler-dealer who heads north to escape old demons and start a fresh chapter in this popular, light-hearted drama series; Jan Francis, Susan George, Rula Lenska and Leslie Ash are among the ladies in his new life. Also starring Ian McNeice and Watching's Emma Wray, with guest appearances from Peter Capaldi, Celia Imrie, Michael Kitchen, Tim Healy and Frances de la Tour, this complete set presents all four series.At a rain-lashed A1 service station, Thomas Gynn helps to get recently widowed Yorkshire businesswoman Sally Hardcastle back on the road after a breakdown....

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Lewis - Series 9 (DVD) Stockists

Detectives Robbie Lewis and James Hathaway are returning to ITV in six new episodes of Lewis, as one of ITV's best-loved and most enduring dramas returns for a ninth series. Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox reprise their roles as the detectives renowned for investigating Oxford's most complex murders, alongside Angela Griffin (Mount Pleasant, Waterloo Road, Coronation Street) as Detective Sergeant Lizzie Maddox. The arrival of a new Chief Superintendent heralds a fresh dawn for Oxfordshire Police, although the high flyer soon clashes with Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whately) over the latter's more traditional approach to detective work....

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Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (DVD) Stockists

Screen legends Claudette Colbert and Gary Cooper star in the classic screwball comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Set on the French Riviera, the charming daughter (Colbert) of a destitute aristocrat (Edward Everett Horton) catches the eye of a dashing millionaire (Gary Cooper). After a brief courtship, she accepts his marriage proposal, only to find out on their wedding day that he has been down the aisle before seven times! Determined to teach him a lesson, she makes a mockery of their matrimony in a variety of side-splitting situations. Running Time: 90 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 14/07/2014

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Diana - A Model Princess (DVD) Stockists

As much as she was known for her kindness and the scandal that surrounded her marriage, Diana, Princess of Wales, was also known for her unerring sense of style that influenced a generation of women. When Prince William married Kate Middleton the inevitable style comparisons between the two royal brides were made. This programme takes a look back at the style of the ''people's princess'', the designers and magazine editors who helped her establish it. Spanning ten years, unique film footage from around the world shows the clothes worn by the Princess of Wales, whether at work, on official tours or at play on a sun-drenched...

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