Bargain Endeavour   Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Endeavour - Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

Shaun Evans returns to duty at Oxford City Police as Colin Dexter's cerebral Endeavour Morse, with four new gripping murder mysteries set amidst the turning tides of 1960s Britain. His partnership with DI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) now firmly cemented, the two men must band together to crack this fresh quartet of dazzingly complex cases, shaking the highest pillars of Oxford society as they go. A parade soured by suspected suicide; a girls' school haunted by memories past; a strangler stalking the foggy autumn twilight; and conspiratorial whisperings in the corridors of power. Endeavour must risk all if he is to bring those responsible to justice, and escape with brain and body intact. Running Time: 356 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 05/05/2014

Bargain Deal: £12.99

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Taxi: The Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Relive every hilarious episodes of the classic sitcom that zeros in on a group of New York City cab drivers. Lording over Alex (Judd Hirsch), Bobby (Jeff Conway), Elaine (Marilu Henner), Tony (Tony Danza), John (Randall Carver), and Latka (Andy Kaufman) is the one and only Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito). The snide and surly taxi dispatcher, from the safety of his dispatcher's cage, barks orders, hurls insults, and mercilessly berates the diverse and eccentric characters who drive for him. Along the way, they form a special bond, becoming friends and helping each other navigate the sometimes crazy road called life. Enjoy all...

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Last Words: The Battle for Arnhem Bridge (DVD) Stockists

A moving and poignant account of The Battle of Arnhem by those who were there. Through powerful personal testimonies from the British Veterans and Dutch civilians, Last Words tells the story of the brutal and heroic battle that took place in September, 1944. The film explores the extraordinary bravery, self sacrifice and dogged determination of the soldiers who fought to the bitter end but failed to take the bridge. From tales of bailing out of glider planes to chilling accounts of combat to humorous anecdotes the film focuses on the human story of war. As most of the veterans are now coming to the end of their lives it is...

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Stella: [2012] (DVD) Stockists

In Pontyberry, the fictional town in the South Wales Valleys, a 40-something divorcée is trying to juggle the demands of family life. With her son Luke in prison, her teenage daughter Emma who refuses to do what's best for her and her little boy Ben who still needs his mam, Stella doesn't want for distractions. But when Emma reveals some shocking news, Stella's world gets tipped upside down. She's not on her own though because Stella's world is peopled with a selection of odd-ball friends and relatives always ready to help her out, from ex-husband Karl and his vacuous girlfriend Nadine, to love-lorn lollipop man Alan and her...

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Broadchurch - Series 3 Stockists

Three years have passed in a town that will never forget; but times change. The local newspaper, once the backbone of Broadchurch, is about to be closed down. And DI Alec Hardy with DS Ellie Miller are about to explore a case that reopens old wounds and divides the town in ways they could never have predicted. Hardy and Miller are called on to investigate the brutal sexual assault of a local woman, Trish Winterman. The crime scene points to a party attended by close to a hundred people. But not a casual assault the act appears premeditated. What dark secrets still lie buried in a town that has been so closely examined? And...

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BBC Ultimate Wildlife - Escape To The Wild [DVD] Stockists

Ultimate Wildlife takes you to the far corners of the globe to discover the secrets of some of the animal kingdoms most fascinating creatures. From tigers to domestic moggies, why cats are an endless source of fascination and understanding our pet dogs you may be surprised. Join hungry bears on their quest for food and learn about sea lions, turtles and dolphins...and much more. Running Time: 250 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 19 Oct. 2009

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The Virgin Queen - BBC (DVD) Stockists

From teenage princess to accomplished queen, forever torn between duty and personal longing, the reign of Elizabeth I is exposed in this lavish four-part drama starring Anne-Marie Duff and Tom Hardy. Filmed against a backdrop of some of Great Britain's most beautiful houses and landscapes, the programme follows Queen Elizabeth (Duff) from her days of fear as a potential victim of her sister's terror, through her great love affair with Robert Dudley (Hardy), into her years of triumph over the Spanish Armada, and finally her old age and her last, enigmatic relationship with her young protege, the Earl of Essex (Hans Matheson)....

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The Spy In Black (DVD) Stockists

First time to DVD!! Captain Hardt (Conrad Veidt), a World War I German submarine commander, is ordered to lead a mission to attack the British Fleet at Scapa Flow. He puts ashore on the Orkney Islands to meet his contact but finds more than he bargained for in the local schoolmistress (Valerie Hobson). The film was named by the National Board of Review as one of the Top 10 films of 1939 and is also the first collaboration betweener Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and is based on the World War I spy thriller U Boat 29 by Joseph Store Clouston. Running Time: 82 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 20 Feb. 2012

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Arabian Nights [1974](DVD & BLU-RAY) Stockists

ARABIAN NIGHTS (DVD + Blu-ray)A film by Pier Paolo Pasolini The final part of Pasoloni's Trilogy of Life series is rich with exotic tales of slaves and kings, potions, betrayals, demons and, most of all, love and lovemaking in all its myriad forms. Mysterious and liberating, this is an exquisitely dreamlike and adult interpretation of the original folk tales, presented here in a beautiful new High-Definition restoration. Special Features Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition Alternative English-language version Original trailer Deleted sequences Fully illustrated booklet including essays, reviews and biography...

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British Steam Railways - Steam On Vacation - DVD Book (DVD) Stockists

British Steam Railways presents a unique 48-page book and DVD combination exploring the dramatic transformation of British leisure activities and the resulting social revolution effectedby the arrival of the steam railway, from the earliest excursions on the Liverpool & Manchester to the last days of steam. Also read the fascinating tale of workers holidays: how working lives and employees expectations changed beyond recognition with the arrival of the railways, and how carriage-loads of factory workers descended on London and Paris, and changed seaside resorts such as Blackpool and Scarborough for ever. Running Time:...

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