Bargain Englands Coastal Heritage Stockists

Bargain Englands Coastal Heritage Stockists

The English Heritage Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey (RCZAS) programme has produced a wealth of new information with over 45 survey reports now completed. Alongside this the offshore survey completed as part of the Marine Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund has increased understanding of early prehistoric coastal change while other researchers have extended back the time scale for a human presence in England to at least 900000 years. From a wider Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management perspective there has been increased participation by English Heritage in Defra and Environment Agency initiatives.It is apt now to review what has been achieved and learnt from the RCZAS and other recent coastal historic environment studies. The book will include an introduction to the coastal historic environment a consideration of long-term coastal change an outline of survey recording and characterisation methodology a national review of the coastal historic environment and a separate discussion of regional significance a set of research priorities for the future and a final section considering how England's coastal heritage should be managed in the future. The fact that climate change will impact significantly and mostly adversely on the coastal historic environment gives a special urgency to this new publication.Published: April 2014Page extent: 184 Illustrated in colour

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Guidebook: Walmer Castle & Gardens Stockists

Walmer Castle was begun amid fears of imminent European invasion in May 1539 by Henry VIII following his divorce and break with the Roman Catholic Church. It formed one of a chain of gun forts built to the latest military designs across the south of England to protect the most important stretches of coast. With its neighbouring forts to the north Deal and Sandown it guarded the shallow semi-sheltered anchorage known as the Downs. By October 1540 it was garrisoned and ready to face the cannons of Europe. The invasion never came but Walmer remained garrisoned until into the 19th century. The only military action it saw however...

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Blackpools Seaside Heritage Stockists

Blackpool is Britain's favourite seaside resort. Each year millions of visitors come to walk on its three piers ride donkeys enjoy shows at the Winter Gardens scream on the thrilling rides at the Pleasure Beach and ride the lift to the top of the Tower. Generations of holidaymakers have stayed in its hotels lodging houses and bed and breakfasts and all have succumbed to its delectable fish and chips.Two centuries of tourism has left behind a rich heritage but Blackpool has also inherited a legacy of social and economic problems as well as the need for comprehensive new sea defences to protect the heart of the town. In recent...

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Guidebook: Middleham Castle Stockists

Middleham Castle stands above the small market town of Middleham in North Yorkshire. To the south-west is an earth mound all that is left of the first castle which was built during the Norman Conquest by Alan the Red one of William the Conqueror’s right-hand men. By the late 13th century the Nevilles held Middleham and over the next 200 years while they dominated the north of England they turned it into a castle fit for a king. Indeed after the death of the Earl of Warwick the mighty ‘Kingmaker’ during the Wars of the Roses the castle passed to Richard Duke of Gloucester later King Richard III. Richard had...

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Guidebook: Dover Castle (German) Stockists

Dover Castle's location commanding the shortest sea crossing between England and the Continent has given it immense strategic importance. The chalk of Castle Hill has been shaped and reshaped over the centuries into massive earthworks ditches and mounds. Imposing walls and towers have been raised and networks of tunnels built beneath them. Henry II began the building of the present castle in the 1180s and over the next 800 years its buildings and defences were adapted to meet the changing demands of weapons and warfare.This guidebook packed with historic images reconstructions and plans provides a full tour of this iconic...

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Guidebook: Helmsley Castle Stockists

Standing on a rocky outcrop and surrounded by impressive defensive ditches the ruins of Helmsley Castle still dominate the adjacent town. A castle was first raised by Walter Espec by 1153 but was rebuilt in stone by the powerful northern baron Robert de Ros II later that century. The buildings that stand today largely date from this time and from the later Middle Ages when further building works were carried out by successive members of the de Ros family. The west range was converted into a Tudor mansion in the 16th century and interior fittings from this time including a carved fireplace still survive.The castle was besieged...

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Guidebook: Kenwood - The Iveagh Bequest Stockists

Kenwood House is a striking neoclassical villa on the edge of Hampstead Heath. The house was bought in 1754 by William Murray a distinguished lawyer who became Lord Chief Justice in 1756. He commissioned the famous architect Robert Adam to expand the original house and create a suite of rooms for entertaining. The library at Kenwood is widely acknowledged to be one of Adam's finest interiors.Today the house contains an outstanding collection of Old Master paintings donated by Edward Cecil Guinness 1st Earl of Iveagh who bequeathed the house and part of his collection to the nation in 1927. The house has recently been restored...

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Guidebook: Kenilworth Castle Stockists

Kenilworth Castle is one of the great historical sites of the United Kingdom. It was a royal castle for most of its history and its walls enclose a series of outstanding works of medieval and early Renaissance architecture. The first castle was established in the 1120s. In the early 13th century King John’s modifications to the castle created one of the most formidable fortresses in the kingdom proved beyond doubt in 1266 when Kenilworth withstood the longest medieval siege on English soil. This revised third edition expands on the medieval history of the castle with a feature on the infamous French gift of tennis balls...

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Guidebook: Muchelney Abbey Stockists

Set in the glorious landscape of the Somerset Levels Muchelney Abbey is an extraordinary survival. A monastery was first founded on the site by King Ine of Wessex in 693 and fragments of an Anglo-Saxon church have been discovered here. Over the later Middle Ages it developed as a Benedictine abbey with an impressive complex of buildings and a grand church. Following the Suppression in 1538 much of the abbey was demolished but the abbot's lodging and several associated buildings remain.Key Features:36 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2011 (revised reprint)

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Guidebook: Aldborough Roman Town Stockists

Aldborough Roman Town by Professor Martin Millett of the Faculty of Classics University of Cambridge and Dr Rose Ferraby focuses on the wall remains and site museum of this Romano-British town in North Yorkshire and puts the finds and the archaeological discoveries in the context of Roman conquest of Britain and settlement in Yorkshire. It casts new light on the relationship between the imperial settlers and the indigenous tribes and dispels long-held misconceptions about the supposed military character of the site arguing instead for a highly developed urban population cultured and sophisticated made up of local groups who...

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Guidebook: Chesters Roman Fort and the Clayton Museum Stockists

In a low-lying Northumberland valley where Hadrian’s Wall bridged the North Tyne lie the impressive remains of Chesters Roman Fort – the home of the ala II Asturum (Second Asturian Cavalry Unit) for more than 200 years. Uncovered in a series of 19th-century excavations by the influential antiquary John Clayton and his descendants the remains of many of the key buildings of the Roman fort can be seen including the impressive baths.Many of the important objects amassed by Clayton and his family are on display in the museum and reveal a fascinating story of life on the Roman frontier.This fully revised guidebook includes...

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