Bargain Englands Schools Stockists

Bargain Englands Schools Stockists

For most of us school was our first detailed experience of a building outside the homes of our parents friends and relations. Many people react emotionally when their old school charged with so many memories is closed or demolished. Not all school buildings are worthy of designation but many are major local landmarks and demonstrate an important part of our society's evolution.This book aims to raise awareness of the wide range of school buildings built in England from the Reformation to the Millennium and discusses which buildings may be worthy of greater appreciation and preservation. It summarises the development of schools and analyses how social attitudes have been expressed in their architecture and planning.Finally it looks at the adaptation of older schools to modern needs and new uses for schools around the country drawing on examples of best practice from Historic Building Inspectors and Advisers.Elain Harwood is a historian with English Heritage specialising in architecture of the twentieth century. She is also a Trustee of the Twentieth Century Society and co-editor of its journals including titles on the Festival of Britain and the 1960s.Pub Date: January 2010

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Britains Oldest Art Stockists

Britain's first Ice Age cave art was discovered at Creswell Crags in 2003 by Paul Bahn Paul Pettitt and Sergio Ripoll. The book starts with the discovery of the art places the Ice Age archaeology of the crags in a national context draws on continental parallels and details the scientific verification of the art. It concludes with a chapter on the national search for other examples of Ice Age cave art by the Cave Art Survey Team commissioned by English Heritage.Providing a final definitive list of the motifs each with a photograph line drawing and full description while setting the art into its archaeological and geological...

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Leonard Manasseh & Partners Stockists

'Leonard Manasseh was an 'architect's architect' greatly admired by his contemporaries both on a personal and professional level. He came to prominence at the Festival of Britain and went on to be one of the leading British architects of the 1960s designing private houses and offices as well as major public commissions.Timothy Brittain-Catlin architect and architectural historian at the University of Kent describes how the work of Leonard Manasseh and Partners expresses one of the central themes of the 1950s and 1960s � the apparent conflict between the architect as creative artist on one hand and as rational...

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Guidebook: Down House Stockists

Charles Darwin lived for 40 years at Down House in rural Kent until his death in 1882. Here in the home that he lovingly created with his wife and family he developed a scientific theory that would rock the world. This beautifully illustrated new guide takes the visitor on a tour of the house and the gardens that Darwin used as his open-air laboratory. The fascinating history of the Darwins at Down includes sumptuous photographs historic images and eyewitness accounts.Key Features:52 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2009

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Guidebook: Longthorpe Tower Stockists

Longthorpe Tower was built in about 1290-1300 by Robert Thorpe a lawyer landholder and an official of Peterborough Abbey. The first floor of the tower is decorated with one of the most complete and interesting examples of medieval domestic wall painting in northern Europe. Dating from about 1330 the scenes depict religious secular and mythical subjects along with heraldry and images of birds and animals abundantly displaying the erudition devotion and importance of the owner. The room was probably used as a study and private place to receive special guests and clients.Added to an earlier house the tower belongs to a type known...

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Guidebook: Wroxeter Roman City Stockists

Wroxeter Roman City - Viriconium Cornoviorum - was once the fourth largest town in Roman Britain. Founded in the mid 1st Century AD as a legionary fortress the town was established in the 90s AD. The town was deserted apart from the area round the Church of St Andrew.Only the ruined wall known as the 'Old Work' in the centre of the Roman city and the town's defences indicated that there had once been a town here. The town reverted to farmland its fields producing crops alongside artefacts and building stone eventually attracting the attention of antiquarians. In 1859 archaeologists began excavating by...

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Science in Archaeology Stockists

The papers in this volume were presented at a conference held in London in February 1997; their theme is the contribution of the sciences to archaeology. Each paper includes an element of reporting and review but more importantly helps set an agenda for the future by identifying archaeological questions that existing scientific techniques or refinements of them have the potential to answer in the short to medium term. The papers are grouped into four broad chronological periods from the Palaeolithic through later prehistory to Roman and medieval and later times. However the authors were encouraged to draw examples from other...

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Guidebook: York Cold War Bunker Stockists

An eerie reminder of the Cold War the protected headquarters of the Royal Observer Corps No. 20 Group are sunk several metres below the ground on the outskirts of York. Here up to 60 scientists and trained civilians worked in preparation against nuclear attack.An open secret the very existence of the bunker would have warned the Soviet Union of Britain’s preparedness to withstand attack and to seal off its workforce from potentially contaminated outside world.This guide contains a tour and history of a site which evokes a chilling period of recent history.Key Features:12 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2014

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Chamberlin, Powell & Bon Stockists

Chamberlin Powell and Bon are the architects behind London's epic Barbican development - this is the first published study of their work. The book contains stunning photography plans and previously unseen archival material.The Barbican is one of London's landmarks and Britain's largest listed building yet its architects Chamberlin Powell and Bon (CPB) are little known today. Their leader Peter (Joe) Chamberlin died young and little of their archive survives. But detective work has revealed a complex story about three determined characters and a surprising variety of fascinating architecture.Chamberlin worked...

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Guidebook: Wenlock Priory Stockists

The beautiful ruins of Wenlock Priory have a colourful history beginning in the 7th century when St Milburge became abbess and brought Wenlock fame through the miracles she performed. In the 11th century French monks were brought to Wenlock and it was refounded as a priory subject to the Abbey of Cluny in Burgundy. There are many tales of the great wealth amassed by corrupt abbots and connections with several kings and queens.The grandeur of the site in its heyday is illustrated in this guidebook with stunning photography reconstruction drawings and plans that supplement the detailed text.Key Features:24 pagesPaperbackPublished...

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Plymouth Stockists

Post-war reconstruction offered unparalleled opportunities to the developing profession of urban planners; they were able to cast off the constraints imposed by historic infrastructure and produce a new vision of urban living expressed in rationally designed city centres linked to suburban precincts and with modern integrated transport systems.Plymouth is the foremost English example of post-war reconstruction on the grand scale laid out to the designs of the most influential urban planner of the day Sir Patrick Abercrombie. This book explains the circumstances which led to the development of Abercrombie's Plan for Plymouth...

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