Bargain Enter The Dragon (Uncut) [1973](DVD) Stockists

Bargain Enter The Dragon (Uncut) [1973](DVD) Stockists

DVD Special Features: Audio Commentary by Paul Heller and Michael Allin Music only track (5.1) Introduction by Linda Lee "Bruce Lee In His Own Words" (19 mins approx) Original 1973 Featurette Backyard workout with Bruce Trailers (x4) TV Spots (x7) Interactive Menus Scene Access Audio: English 5.1 Subtitles: English Running Time: 99 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English|Arabic Release Date: 8 Oct. 2001

Bargain Deal: £8.99

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The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming. (DVD) Stockists

Norman Jewison directs this cold war comedy, which was hugely popular on first release in the mid 1960s. When a Soviet submarine runs aground on a sandbank just off the coast of New England, sub-captain Lt Rozanov (Alan Arkin) and sailor Alexei Kolchin (John Phillip Law) are sent ashore to seek assistance. Initially, they try to pass themselves off as Norwegians, but when this plan fails, Rozanov is reluctantly forced to take holidaying playwright Walt Whittaker (Carl Reiner) at gunpoint in order to secure the use of his powerboat. Meanwhile, the sweet-natured Alexei is left behind to guard Whittaker's wife Elspeth (Eva Marie...

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The Victors [1963] (DVD) Stockists

THE VICTORS follows American G.I.'s in their march through Europe during World War II. Its anti-war theme made the battles frightening rather than heroic, and much focus was given to the war-ravaged villages through which the soldiers pass, and the women and girls who inhabit the towns. Running Time: 147 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 6 Jun. 2011

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Dinner at the Sporting Club (DVD) [1978] Stockists

John Thaw gives a compelling performance as a small-time boxing promoter struggling to maintain his integrity in a crooked world in this BBC drama from the creator of Minder. Supported by a first-rate cast including Liam Neeson in an early role and Maureen Lipman. John Thaw gives one of his finest-ever performances as the flawed but ultimately courageous boxing manager. Running Time: 63 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 3 Nov. 2003

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Pathe Archive: A Year to Remember - The 1930s (DVD) Stockists

Using rare news footage and interviews from the incredible British Pathé archive, this extraordinary series provides a unique look at what made the news of yesteryear. With a comprehensive hour long programme on each year of the 1930s, this 3 disc-set provides the definitive insight into the decade leading up to World War 2. In a world reeling from the Great Depression, the decade was dominated by record levels of unemployment and economic hardship with newsreels doing their best to maintain morale. The growing fascination with technological progress was regularly featured showcasing the rapid developments in flight and speed...

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Callan - Wet Job [1981] (DVD) Stockists

Featuring an electrifying performance from Edward Woodward, Callan explored the dingy twilight world of the professional spy and presented what was, until that point, television s most realistic portrayal of government espionage - becoming a national phenomenon in the 1960s and making Woodward one of the highest profile actors on television. This single play, originally aired in 1981 and scripted by series creator/writer James Mitchell, saw the reluctant killer pressed into service one last time. Reuniting Callan and his malodorous sidekick, Lonely (Russell Hunter), the play also stars George Sewell, Hugh Walters (as Hunter),...

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Last Tango In Halifax Special (DVD) Stockists

Two years have passed since series three. Caroline is about to embark on a new headship at a challenging state school which means moving her family out of the beautiful home in Harrogate to a farm house with potential?. Having agreed to host Christmas Day, Caroline is overwhelmed by so much change. But a chance encounter with a new acquaintance gives her a different perspective. Gillian is racked with guilt over Eddie's death and is convinced he's haunting her and Robbie. A sáance at Caroline's new, supposedly haunted, house is enough to tip Gillian over the edge as she makes a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, in a bid to...

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The Birth Of A Nation (DVD) Stockists

Nate Parker writes, directs and stars in this biographical drama which tells the story of Nat Turner (Parker) as he struggles with a life of slavery in the antebellum South. His owner Samuel (Armie Hammer) takes advantage of Nat's literacy and preaching ability to try and quell the resistance displayed among his other slaves. Nat witnesses brutality and injustice inflicted upon his people and his preaching becomes ever more ardent. But as his passion grows, he becomes more of a problem for the slave owners and is himself brutally whipped. Though he grew up alongside Samuel, Nat has lost all respect for him and those like him...

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Australia 1977+Japan 1981+England 1986 [2014] [NTSC] (DVD) Stockists

This Special Edition 3DVD set brings together three classic programmes featuring John Denver, one of the most successful and best loved recording artists of the 20th century. Country Roads: Live In England 1986 was filmed at the NEC in Birmingham and finds John Denver on top form delivering his finest songs with all his characteristic charm and good humour. Rocky Mountain High: Live In Japan 1981 captures John Denver performing in Tokyo on his first ever concert tour of Japan, a country that was always very close to his heart. Thank God I m A Country Boy: Live In Australia 1977 finds John Denver, already one of the biggest...

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World War Two: 1942 and Hitler's Soft Underbelly (DVD) Stockists

The British fought the Second World War to defeat Hitler. This film asks why, then, did they spend so much of the conflict battling through North Africa and Italy? Historian David Reynolds reassesses Winston Churchill's conviction that the Mediterranean was the 'soft underbelly' of Hitler's Europe. Travelling to Egypt and Italian battlefields like Cassino, scene of some of the worst carnage in western Europe, he shows how, in reality, the 'soft underbelly' became a dark and dangerous obsession for Churchill. Reynolds reveals a prime minister very different from the jaw-jutting bulldog of Britain's 'finest hour' in 1940 - a...

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Last Diamond (DVD) Stockists

Release Date: 27 Mar. 2017 Simon has just been released from prison and is on parole. His friend, Albert, lures him back to his old ways for one more hit. To steal the priceless diamond Florentin. Simon's plan to steal the diamond goes sour. Others are also after the diamond, such as gangsters and ruthless killers.

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