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Fabulous Personalised Girls Party Bags - Pink Stripes **NEW amp; EXCLUSIVE TO A QUARTER OF** Let`s face it, organising a children`s birthday party is quite simply horrible. As the date looms, and your little darling gets more and more excited and filled with anticipation, your heart plummets and you begin to feel sick at the prospect.... well worry no more! We`ve created the most amazing range of PERSONALISED party bags that will make both the birthday boy/girl AND each child invited feel truly SPECIAL! The best bit? It`s EASY PEASY. All you need to do is type in the name of the birthday boy/girl, their age on their birthday, and the names of each invited child, and HEY PRESTO, you`ll magically become Mummy/Daddy Extraordinaire!!!! Each beautiful stripy party bag measures 18cm x 23cm and contains the following goodies: 1 x Big Marshmallow Cable 1 x Drumstick 1 x sachet of Strawberry Space Dust 1 x Super-Bouncy Jet Ball 1 x pack of Rainbow Drops 1 x Funny Face (plastic fruit containing yummy sherbet!) 1 x pack of Fizzers Top tip: Why don`t you make your children`s party feel even more special and order a big jar of Penny Mix sweets for the little horrors to delve into? - Qty In Order: 1 Pink Stripe Party Bag

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