Best Fireside book Stockists

Best Fireside book Stockists

Mira February 2013 Dreams come true with Susan Wiggs Kim van Dorn was living the dream. The best publicist on the West Coast and girlfriend of a star – it all seemed too good to be true. There was just one catch: it was. Now that Kim’s perfect life has imploded she flees to Willow Lake to start over. With no career and moving back in with her mother, Kim is afraid of what the future might hold. To protect her heart she vows never to let another man in – and then sexy baseball player Bo turns up and challenges all her rules. A fresh start and a supportive community are just what Kim needs to push her into a bigger and better future. While she’s making a new life for herself, Kim must learn to leave the past in the past and that risking her heart won’t always end in disaster. Perfect for fans of Cathy Kelly

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The Princes' Brides ebook

By Request July 2010 Pregnant by a Regal Rogue The Italian Prince’s Pregnant Bride From the moment Prince Nicolo saw Aimee he had to have her. No names, no strings…until he discovered she was pregnant with his baby! Then Nicolo felt duty bound to marry her. But Aimee wasn’t about to surrender herself to this arrogant male! The Greek Prince’s Chosen Wife Ivy claims she’s pregnant with Prince Damian Aristedes’ baby, but he’s never even met her! Still, she is expecting Damian’s child – as a surrogate mother! The arrogant Greek is furious. After all, he missed the pleasure of bedding her to conceive his baby…...

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Naughty Nights in the Millionaire's Mansion eBook

Modern May 2009 Hot-shot in the boardroom – blazing in the bedroom! Dynamic and drop-dead gorgeous, in two weeks’ time Sydney millionaire Mitch Stuart will be president of his family’s empire – and he won’t allow himself any distractions… Enter Vanessa Craig! Vanessa’s working hard to keep her little business afloat, although she can’t help but care more about the pets in her store than pennies in the bank. Mitch steps in to help her in the only way he knows: financially. But Vanessa’s bewitching kisses threaten his hard-and-fast corporate rule: not to mix business with pleasure…

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Craving the Forbidden ebook

Modern October 2011 The wrong Fitzroy brother?Ticket-dodging in a First Class train carriage is not how bubbly Sophie Greenham envisaged meeting Kit Fitzroy, fearless army hero and brother of her friend Jasper. The smouldering heat between her and Kit is an unwelcome shock – especially as Sophie’s masquerading as Jasper’s girlfriend all holiday!Although Kit’s bravery is legendary, he’s dreading the return to his bleak ancestral home. But Sophie’s vibrancy dispels the shadows in his tortured soul, consuming Kit with a potent desire for the one woman he’s forbidden to touch…The FITZROY LEGACYWedlocked to the...

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One Reckless Night eBook

Once wasn't enough... Zanna Westcott was a successful businesswoman with a track record for ruthless takeovers and always putting business before pleasure. Jake Lantrell was pleasure... sheer unadulterated pleasure. Zanna's attraction to him scared her. Jake represented everything in life she had tried to avoid: love, emotion, sex. And so, after one reckless night of passion, Zanna had determined to forget her momentary indiscretion... . It wasn't so easy. Jake wanted more than a one-night stand. He was determined to show Zanna that there was something missing from her life - him! Sara Craven's 50th Book Sara Craven has sold...

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The Lonesome Rancher/Finding Happily-Ever-After ebook

Cherish October 2011 The Lonesome Rancher Sloan avoids the limelight that comes with belonging to the Merrick political dynasty. After his ex’s betrayal, he’s happy alone on his ranch. So he’s furious to find himself attracted to his mother’s new nurse Jade! But her real reason for coming to town spells scandal for the Merrick family – and her secret could break Sloan’s heart… Finding Happily-Ever-After PI Jewel doesn’t believe in fairytale romance. What she does believe in are low-risk flings and ignoring her mother’s constant matchmaking attempts. But her newest clients – sexy professor Christopher and...

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The Prophet ebook

Mira March 2013 My name is Amelia Gray. I am The Graveyard Queen, a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts. My father passed down four rules to keep me safe and I've broken every last one. A door has opened and evil wants me back. In order to protect myself, I've vowed to return to those rules. But the ghost of a murdered cop needs my help to find his killer. The clues lead me to the dark side of Charleston; where witchcraft, root doctors and black magic still flourish?and back to John Devlin, a haunted police detective I should only love from afar. Now I?m faced with a terrible choice: follow the rules or follow my heart.

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The Italian's Blushing Gardener ebook

Modern November 2010 Blossoming under his expert touch… Kira Banks far prefers plants to people. After a heartbreaking affair, she lives alone in the beautiful Bella Terra Valley. But when restless billionaire Stefano Albani helicopters into the estate, Kira’s peaceful existence is shattered for ever… Notoriously charming but guarded, Stefano is fascinated by cautious, hidden Kira: this seduction will be unforgettable! But his polished routine goes awry – could it be that the tycoon who can have anything he wants might need someone for the very first time…?

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Billionaires & Babies ebook

Baby Bonanza The revelation that his affair with Jenna Baker had produced twins was almost impossible to grasp. Nick Falco was now determined to be a part of their lives. But Jenna wasn’t about to let the tycoon back into her least not without three little words that Nick had never said… Baby Business Donovan Tolley had to marry to keep his family’s company, and Cassidy Franzone was the woman he wanted. But convincing Cassidy to marry him without love on the table was one negotiation this cunning billionaire might not win…not even now he’d discovered she was nine months pregnant! Baby on the Billionaire’s...

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To Be A Husband eBook

Jarrett, Jonathan and Jordan Hunter are Bachelor Brothers Some men are meant to marry! Jonathan. Middle brother, accomplished lover, he's blond and impossibly good-looking. What woman can resist his charm? Gaye Royal, for one! For Jonathan, this is a first. Gaye's cool, elegant beauty is a challenge in itself, and she makes it plain from the start that she doesn't want him in her life - a situation he's determined to change. But why is Gaye so mysterious, elusive, so intriguing, and what does Jonathan have to do to win her over? Propose marriage? Being a husband is the last thing that Jonathan has in mind... .

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Hers For One Night Only? / Unlocking the Surgeon'... book

Hers For One Night Only? After a traumatic day at work, paediatrician Dominic Mansfield arrives at a colleague’s party craving escape. Emotionally vulnerable isn’t his usual type, but the shadows in nurse Bridgette’s eyes intrigue him. Dominic’s flings never last more than one night, no matter how hot, yet the next day he finds himself knocking on Bridgette’s door – and hears the sounds of a crying baby! Unlocking the Surgeon’s Heart Vivacious nurse Christy Michaels can easily appreciate a man as handsome as surgeon Linc Maguire. But his gruelling work ethic doesn’t impress her! Now Christy’s suddenly sharing...

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