Bargain Floradix Syrup Stockists

Bargain Floradix Syrup Stockists

A natural iron and vitamin food supplement for growth, fitness and health. It is especially suited to anyone going through a growth spurt - in pregnancy when the need for iron to nourish the developing foetus rises enormously; in breast feeding mothers to nourish their growing infants; in young, growing children; in teenagers and anyone in puberty when the rate of development increases drastically. PLEASE NOTE THE IMAGE TO THE LEFTSHOWS THE 250ML SIZE BUT YOU WILL RECEIVE THE 500ML SIZE.

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Stockists of Nature Valley Granola Bars Maple Syrup

Nature Valley Granola Bars Maple Syrup

Nature Valley pride themselves on providing healthy, no-nonsense cereal bars, and these Maple Syrup Granole Bars are another fine example of this.

Stockists of Pancake Syrup Single Serving

Stockists of Acadian Maple Syrup Medium (250ml)

Acadian Maple Syrup Medium (250ml)

acadian pure maple syrup is produced in the highlands of nova scotia. maple syrup is only made in the north eastern part of north america and is made solely from the concentration of maple sap from the maple tree. with a certified taster and grader on...

Stockists of Floradix Iron Tablets

Floradix Iron Tablets

Floradix Iron Tablets provide organic iron, B-Vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid and strengthening herbal extracts. It helps support blood formation after a loss of blood, they are also used during pregnancy or nursing during the years of growth and development....

Stockists of Seven Seas Haliborange Kids Omega-3 Orange Syrup

Seven Seas Haliborange Kids Omega-3 Orange Syrup

Haliborange Orange Omega-3 Syrup is the tasty way to get children between the ages of 3-12 to consume essential vitamins and nutrients. The vitamins A, C, D & E benefit children with healthy growth, skin and eyes as well as a stronger immune system. Tasty...

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