Bargain Four Men And A Prayer 1938 (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Four Men And A Prayer 1938 (DVD) Stockists

To prove their father was murdered, four brothers fight to bring down a powerful arms syndicate. A British Indian Army colonel is blamed for giving orders that resulted in a massacre of his troops. Dishonourably discharged from the army he returns to London. His four sons, Rodney, a student at Oxford, Wyatt, a London barrister, Chris, an aviator and playboy, and Geoffrey, an attachá at the British Embassy in Washington, rally round to support him. He tells them he is the victim of a conspiracy by an arms syndicate, before he is found dead, apparently having killed himself. John Ford directed this sprawling saga that treks from India to South America, London, Egypt and the USA as the young men seek to uncover the truth about their revered father. Running Time: 80 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 12/05/2014

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You and the Night (DVD) Stockists

Around midnight, a stylish young couple and their exuberant transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen. Each comes with their own dark and impassioned secrets, unravelled in sequences and flashbacks, in a night that will stay with you long after.Writer-director Yann Gonzalez' sensual and erotic debut played to critical-acclaim during Critics' Week at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and stars former international footballer, Eric Cantona and cult legend, Beatrice Dalle (BETTY BLUE) in this kitsch ode to love and lust.With electrifying music by M83, helmed by Anthony Gonzalez,...

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The Love Lottery (DVD) Stockists

Comedy drama in which Hollywood superstar Rex Allerton (David Niven) is invited to be the 'prize' of a lottery draw, and bites off more than he can chew. After the fame and women become too much to handle, Rex decides to seek solace in a small Italian village. However, he is soon being auctioned off to a swarm of admirers, and jokes that he will 'marry' the contenstant who wins his affections... Running Time: 85.00 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 14 Mar. 2011

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Rio 2016 Olympic Games (DVD) Stockists

Highlights of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The collection includes every one of Team GB's 67 medal wins as well as highlights from the opening and closing ceremonies. Running Time: 565 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 3 Oct. 2016

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Klown (Blu-ray) Stockists

Comedians and TV personalities Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen (hosts of the Danish version of Shooting Stars) play extreme versions of themselves in the Curb Your Enthusiasm-alike comedy of embarrassment. Based on the hit sitcom, Klown finds Frank on the verge of the fatherhood. So how better to prove his paternal credentials than borrowing his awkward 13-year-old nephew to accompany him and Casper on their annual tour de pussy? What follows is far too crude and outrageous to describe here! Imagine a Scandinavian relative of The Inbetweeners and The Hangover with a dash of Lars von Trier at his most playfully transgressive...

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Killing Zoe (BLU-RAY) Stockists

An American safecracker named Zed (Eric Stoltz) is summoned to Paris by his childhood buddy, Eric (Jean-Hugues Anglade). Eric has the perfect, no fail robbery plan for Zed. We go in, we get what we want, we come out. But in life nothing's perfect. Dreams of easy money quickly evaporate when the heist starts to go wrong and Eric transforms into a psychotic, drug crazed sociopath! As the robbery spins out of control, the death toll mounts. The next victim is the bank secretary, the trouble is, she's Zoe, and Zed's in love with her. He has a second to decide what side he is on....This highly controversial debut by Academy Award...

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Ironside - Complete Series 1 (DVD) Stockists

Chief of detectives Robert T. Ironside is shot down by a sniper's bullet whilst vacationing at a remote cabin. Surviving the assassination attempt, Ironside is left paralysed from the waist down. Confined to a wheelchair, he becomes the head of his own special police unit, fighting crime with intelligence and action, aided by a crack team of investigators on the streets of San Francisco. From 1967-1975, Ironside confronted the hottest issues of its time - civil rights, drugs, sexual assault and terrorism - many of which are still relevant to this day, giving television its first disabled hero. Raymond Burr, fresh from 9 years...

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I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue: Live on Stage (DVD) Stockists

Recorded over two legs of the 2007 sell out tour - the series' first ever live shows in it's 35 year history - I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue is as mad as always and even live you may still not be able to work out the elusive rules of Mornington Crescent! Join, Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Jeremy Hardy and pianist Colin Sell plus Humphrey Lyttelton, in one of his final performances, in an un-missable evening of inspired nonsense. Running Time: 106 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 10 Nov. 2008

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J. Edgar [2012] (DVD) Stockists

During his lifetime, J. Edgar Hoover would rise to be the most powerful man in America. As head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for nearly 50 years, he would stop at nothing to protect his country. Through eight presidents and three wars, Hoover waged battle against threats both real and perceived, often bending the rules to keep his countrymen safe. His methods were at once ruthless and heroic, with the admiration of the world his most coveted, if ever elusive, prize. Hoover was a man who placed great value on secrets-particularly those of others--and was not afraid to use that information to exert authority over the...

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Wycliffe: The Complete Fifth Series [1998] (DVD) Stockists

Set amid the windswept beauty of Cornwall, this popular and acclaimed series follows Detective Superintendent Charles Wycliffe as he investigates the region s most serious and challenging cases. Whilst the storylines often highlight the social and economic difficulties faced by the local community, the conscientious Wycliffe offers something of a contrast to the classic maverick detective ; a family man with a fastidious, tolerant approach, he tackles each investigation with a calm determination and a resolutely open mind, and his incisive style of questioning never fails to cut through to the heart of the mystery. Jack Shepherd...

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Walk Tall: The Very Best Of Val Doonican [Clean] (CD) Stockists

Walk Tall • The Special Years • I’m Gonna Get There Somehow • Elusive Butterfly • What Would I Be • Memories Are Made of This • Two Streets • If the Whole World Stopped Loving • You’re the Only One • Now • If I Knew Then What I Know Now • Ring of Bright Water • Morning • Heaven is My Woman’s Love • Delaney’s Donkey • When You Were Sweet Sixteen… 40 tracks.

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