Bargain Fruit Fusion Bottle Stockists

Bargain Fruit Fusion Bottle Stockists

People are pretty busy nowadays, and we don’t always take the time to look after our bodies the way we should. So if you need a little helping hand reaching your health targets every day, the Fruit Fusion Bottle is the perfect portable accessory! This cool and ingenious design is the fresh and healthy drinks bottle that lets you infuse all your favourite fresh fruits with mineral water to help you get your two litres a day. Ideal for at the office, down at the gym or just a home, the Fruit Fusion features a unique chamber which fits to the bottom of the bottle and brings natural and healthy flavours to your water. Choose berries, oranges, citrus, kiwi, apples – anything you like to make your water taste wonderful. Fill with sparkling water, still water and keep your fruit in for longer to intensify the flavour, the world is your fruity oyster! This fab design has an integrated foldaway straw built in too, ideal for drinking on the go. Fruitylicious! Please note, due to the way we receive this item a colour will be chosen at random.

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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Karaoke Microphone Stockists

Put down your hairbrushes, put on your disco lights and party like it’s 1999! If you’ve ever dreamt of being under the bright lights, receiving constant adoration from screaming fans and emblazoning your walls with platinum discs, then this Karaoke Microphone is your first step to chart-topping awesomeness! This Bluetooth dream maker is a speaker and microphone in one. Simply connect to your phone, whack on your favourite hits and show the world what you’re made of! It doesn’t matter whether you’re rocking out like Rammstein, popping it up like Prince or being an old school crooner like Sinatra,...

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Selfie Shutter Remote Stockists

Sometimes you just want that perfect selfie but haven’t packed your selfie stick, or you knew that the stick would be too bulky to carry around. This can be a common problem at parties or on a casual day out where a selfie stick wouldn’t be practical. Or perhaps you did buy a selfie stick but you can’t find a good timer app? Well fear no more because the Selfie Shutter Remote is here! This incredible little device syncs quickly and easily to your smart phone or tablet and allows you to click the button and take a perfect selfie. The remote comes in blue, yellow, red, green and white (note that you cannot...

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BioBand Smartwatch & Sleep Tracker Stockists

Getting into shape and keeping a track of your activities can be tough, especially for people with a busy lifestyle. The BioBand Smartwatch & Sleep Tracker helps you keep up to date with your daily fitness and sleep patterns as well as being a digital watch. The BioBand is an innovative smartwatch & sleep tracker that will help you keep tabs on your daily exercise and sleep. The BioBand works via a downloadable app for your smartphone (compatible models listed below), and gives you up-to-date information on your daily activities. The black LED interface cycles through the different information with the touch of a discreet...

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Fidget Pad Stockists

Stress toys have definitely been on the rise as they proliferate throughout schools and workplaces across the land, and for those who suffer from anxiety in the workplace or in general, they can truly be a godsend. This Fidget Pad is the latest in a series of stress relieving devices that have been making the rounds, and it’s a versatile one, covered in all sorts of gubbins that’ll help your stress levels decrease. Shaped similarly to a game controller pad, but small enough to fit in your pocket, there are a variety of different controls – to begin, there is a clickable joystick that turns and clicks at your...

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Light Up Finger Fidget Stockists

Hand spinners are among the latest crazes of our generation. While there’s no real consensus about how useful they are at keeping an individual focused while in a work situation, there’s a pretty big consensus on the fact that these are fun toys to fiddle with. The Light Up Finger Fidget is one of the newest additions to this craze. The traditional three-pronged design of the hand spinner is joined by lights that flash in three different colours – red, blue and green. This, in addition to its lightweight plastic construction and easy to store design, means that it won’t be a heavy weight in your pocket.

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Loungair XL Stockists

Spending the day relaxing in the great outdoors is a hugely popular pastime, and with good reason. You can’t beat a nice bit of sunshine, topped off with some fresh air and the relaxing sound of birds twittering in the background. The only problem is when you head out early in the morning to find that the morning dew hasn’t quite lifted and the grass is still wet. Let’s be honest, getting a wet bum from sitting on the grass doesn’t really fit in with the sunny relaxation dream. Now there’s no need to worry about wet bum syndrome as the Loungair XL is a portable airbed that can be used anywhere!...

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Professional Action Cam 720P Stockists

If you love the great outdoors, huge adventures and plenty of extreme sports, then capture all the action in HD with the awesome Professional Action Cam 720P! Whether you’re bungee jumping off a bridge, biking through a forest, skating, climbing or skiing, this lightweight and portable action camera will capture all the action! Fitted with a 720P video camera and 12MP image resolution, the Professional Action Cam can record up to 1.5 hours of footage with an impressive 90° wide angle, so you’ll never miss any of your amazing adventures. You can even check your images and video on the built-in 2inch LCD screen...

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Spy Camera Pen Stockists

Be just like 007 with this fun Spy Camera Pen. Record every detail using the built in hidden camera disguised as a stylish bull point pen. Now you can be just like 007 or James Bond and record live confessions! The Camera Pen records in AVI video format once a micro SD card is inserted. Features: PC webcam function 2.0MP high definition CMOS High fidelity sound recording 720 x 480 VGA resolution - 30fps AVI video Photo resolution is 1280 x 1024 Replaceable pen refills With time and date stamp High-capacity lithium polymer battery Micro SD card slot supports up to 8GB (Micro SD card not included) Up to 2 hours of recording...

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Whirlerz Finger Fidgets Stockists

Buy 2 Whirlerz for just £6! Simply add two to your basket to receive the discount! There aren’t many people who can sit still at a desk without a sneaky foot tap or pen fiddle, so let’s turn that irresistible fiddling into something more fun with the Whirlerz Finger Fidgets. These hand spinners are the ultimate in workplace fidgeting for anyone of any age, and one of the most sought after gifts of this time. Each Spinner is built with precision made bearings, giving the user an incomparably smooth, seamless spin each and every time. The Whirlerz Finger Fidgets are small enough to fit into any pocket or bag...

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Emoji Plush Stockists

If you only speak emoji, then our favourite pictographic mode of conversation has had a super-soft plush-tastic makeover! The universal language of pictures is here in 3D form with these perfectly round cuddly buddies. And let’s face it, we’ve all got our favourites, whether it’s a cool sunglasses smiley, the cute blowing a kiss emoji, the ever so cheeky tongue out winky or the adorably furious grumpy face – there’s a plush for every occasion! These sweet toys make the very best spherical chums wherever you put them -  on the sofa, in the bedroom to spruce up your bedding or a charming desk...

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