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Take part in this fantastic Western Adventure Day, as you learn about the western-style of riding and help to prepare the horses for a day trailing the New Forest. On this experience you'll be riding in a Western saddle. Western saddles are mainly used for western riding, for working horses throughout the United States and they're the choice of saddle for cowboys. They are designed to provide security and comfort for all riders on long journeys, especially over rugged terrain. Your working day starts at 9am with a coffee, a bacon sarny and an introduction by the Trail Leaders. The first task of the day is grooming and getting to know your horse. You'll be shown how to fit headcollars and how to 'lead' and 'rack up' on the yard. Finish by tacking up your horse before stopping for a quick coffee break. After coffee it's time to mosey down to one of the arenas for a western riding lesson, where you'll be taught the basics of western-style. Lunchtime is for horses and riders alike, so after ensuring that your mount has hay and water, it's time to sit down to a sizzling 'Chicken and Steak' BBQ lunch. After lunch set off to ride into the wide blue yonder on a Western Trail into the new Forest. Beginners are welcome on all western rides since only gentle paces are used. The trail takes you across the plains where you will ride amongst the free roaming wild forest ponies, foals and cattle, and then on into several of the forest enclosures where, with a bit of luck, you may catch a glimpse of the Forest Deer or one of the other inhabitants of the woods. Finally the day winds up back at the ranch where the horses need untacking and a good rub down before hay and feeds. That done, you get the chance to sit down with plenty of hot coffee and a doughnut or you can help turn the horses back out into their fields for a good roll and a play before they settle down to munch the grass.

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