Bargain Game of Gnomes Stockists

Bargain Game of Gnomes Stockists

Game of Thrones is all everyone seems to be talking about these days but what about Game of Gnomes? The alternative show that follows gnomes from across the lands fighting for their ‘rightful’ position on the throne. Surely this would get more views than the original? Ok, so maybe not, but you can have your own king of the gnomes to rule the seven kingdoms (or seven neighbouring gardens). The Game of Gnomes gnome will add some high quality puns into your garden. The king gnome sits on his iron throne made from 1000 rusty garden tools that were no doubt forged by the fiery breath of a dragon(fly). Not to be mistaken for a grumpy looking Papa Smurf, this stern ruler is hand painted and made from weather proof polyresin so when winter finally does come, he won’t be in any trouble.

Bargain Deal: £19.99

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Gigantic Donut Pool Float Stockists

You’re bronzed, toned and beach ready – you have all your bags packed and you can’t wait to jet off and soak up the summer sunshine! It’s the best feeling in the world, hot weather, cocktails and lazy days by the pool. Bliss! Usually a diet of sweet treats like sugar coated donuts wouldn’t feature in our holiday preparations, but some goodies are too good to resist! Now you can satisfy all of your sugar cravings whilst looking awesome poolside with the super cute Gigantic Donut Pool Float. In fact, this tasty float looks so good that some hungry monkey has already taken a bite! This uber-cool...

'Gigantic Donut Pool Float Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Giant Whoopee Cushion Pool Float Stockists

Are you ready for summer down by the beach or in the pool? Ready to get that beach-bod all bronzed up? Well, this may well prove to be the only time in your life you will ever want to sit on a whoopee cushion, with this fun novelty pool float. Styled exactly like the classic look of a whoopee cushion, this float is an impressive metre and a half wide once fully inflated, making it great for relaxing on in the pool. This pool float is made from super durable vinyl, meaning its super easy to clean and perfect for even the messiest of pool parties. It is guaranteed to make you and anyone else in the area smile without embarrassing...

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Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float Stockists

Whether you’re planning your summer jaunt abroad, setting off to the seaside or making a bit of a splash in the garden – no summer celebration would be complete without one of our Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Floats. This chirpy bird is a beauty – she stands out thanks to being crafted in shocking pink (and we mean shocking in a good way). She measures over 4ft so will transport a few of you along in the water. Plus, she is super easy to inflate and folds down into a suitcase friendly cardboard box.   If you’re not lucky enough to have a pool to pop her in don’t worry.  She will also...

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Tears of Joy Emoji Beach Ball Stockists

If you can’t wait to soak up the sunshine this summer and you like to make a statement poolside we have just the thing to make your holiday go with a splash! There’s no better way to accessorize this summer season than with this fantastically fun Tears of Joy Emoji Beach Ball. Let this giant inflatable express all of your holiday excitement as well as being incredible fun for playing in the sea, on the beach or in the pool. This ultra-compact and lightweight beach ball inflates to create an enormous 20 inch (50 cm) wide inflatable. And there’s no danger of it getting lost in the crowd, as this playful beach...

'Tears of Joy Emoji Beach Ball Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Giant Flamingo Float Stockists

Forgot your dusty old lilo and throw away that boring rubber ring because there is something so much more glamourous waiting for you. The Gigantic Flamingo Pool Float is a Vegas inspired, Hollywood worthy pool float that is this seasons must have for holidays. Team up with sparkling sunshine, luscious swimming pools and a delicious cocktail or two for the ultimate summer style. This ginormous pool float is nearly as big as a real Flamingo and will happily let you sit in it as you float around the pool. Over four foot wide and made from wipe clean, durable thick vinyl, this is the perfect way to relax in style this summer. 

'Giant Flamingo Float Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal


Gigantic Duck Pool Float Stockists

Rubber ducks are usually thought of as being companions for the bath but not anymore. Now they are ready to join you down at the beach or in the pool. The classic Rubber Duck design has been blown up (literally) to a whopping four feet across monster and he is more than happy to keep you company at the pool. Made from thick and durable vinyl, this beast can withstand weights up to 200lbs and is super easy to inflate and deflate. Match your sunglasses to the Giant Rubber Duckies for a totally quackers pool side combo. Because a duck is for all waters, not just the bath.

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Great Garden Gnome Massacre Stockists

RAWWR. This T-Rex garden ornament is coming to eat all the hapless gnomes in your garden. Please be warned that this product is not suitable for die-hard gnome lovers. The Great Garden Gnome Massacre ornament features a T-Rex munching down on 4 different gnomes, 2 of which have already given up the ghost. The T-Rex holds one of the gnomes in its mouth, holds 2 others and is stamping on the last.  Place this in your garden to instil fear into your existing gnomes, or if you’re not a gnome fan then grab one to warn gnomes what will happen if they venture onto your turf. This ornament stands on a solid base painted...

'Great Garden Gnome Massacre Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal


Game Over Mug Stockists

Our Game Over Mug is the perfect present for that gamer in your life, plus a way to ensure that they stay appropriately hydrated during those ridiculously long late-night Xbox marathons.   Designed to cleverly replicate a well-known handheld controller, just fill this little beauty with coffee (or any other appropriately caffeinated beverage). Once the thirst-quencher has been consumed GAME OVER is revealed and it’s time to press pause and stick the kettle on again. The good news is that the Game Over Mug holds an impressive 14oz (just 2oz less than a Starbucks Tall) so you’ve got loads of supping time...

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Gigantic Donut Pool Float Pink Stockists

Donuts sure are delicious but when you’re trying to achieve that celeb beach body look, they aren’t usually on the menu. If only there was a way we could combine our holiday body dreams with our love for sweet treats. Well now, you can! Step away from the junk food and take this Gigantic Donut Pool Float on your jollies with you. You get those chiselled abs you’ve been dreaming of and a tasty donut too! Beautifully coated with sprinkles and strawberry icing this pool float looks good enough to eat. So good in fact, that some greedy monster has already bitten a chunk out. When deflated, the Donut measures...

'Gigantic Donut Pool Float Pink Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Gigantic Pizza Pool Float Stockists

Going away on holiday is the highlight of the year for most of us. Kicking back in the sunshine with your shades, putting on your fancy swimwear and sipping on an ice cold drink… paradise. There’s only one thing that can make your holiday even more blissful, you guessed it – pizza! Grab a tasty slice of everyone’s favourite Italian treat and sit back and relax with this awesome Gigantic Pizza Pool Float. This fabulous float is bound to get an envious look poolside with its super fun pepperoni design that’s a witty addition to any pool party. This delicious inflatable snack is over five foot...

'Gigantic Pizza Pool Float Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal

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