Bargain Gateshead   Architecture in a Changing English Urban Landscape Stockists

Bargain Gateshead - Architecture in a Changing English Urban Landscape Stockists

Gateshead has often been overshadowed by Newcastle its northern neighbour across the River Tyne yet its history is full of fascinating insights into the way in which a northern industrial town experienced the 19th and 20th centuries.This book explores this period of great change through a study of the town's everyday historic landscape. The story of industry includes the legacy of railway engineering and the construction of the Team Valley Trading Estate a nationally significant example of a state-sponsored attempt to engineer economic change. Gateshead's growth brought new civic responsibilities and the borough's public buildings - town hall libraries schools and hospitals - illustrate how services were provided.Dominating the landscape however is the housing built for the town's fast-growing population and this tells a rich story of changing lifestyles from the highly distinctive 'Tyneside flats' of the 19th century to post-war high-rise blocks. The book concludes with a discussion of the conservation of the historic environment in a new period of great change.Paperback 82pp Informed ConservationPublication Date: August 2004

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Guidebook: Stonehenge. Italian Stockists

Today visitors experience Stonehenge as a wonder of ancient achievement and an enduring symbol of mystery. But Stonehenge was built as a temple - a place of ceremony of burial and of celebration. The first Stonehenge was simple - just a circular ditch and bank perhaps with a few small upright timber posts or stones - and was constructed about 5000 years ago in the period of prehistory known as the Neolithic or New Stone Age.By about 2500 BC more and much larger stones had been brought to the site huge sarsen stones from north Wiltshire and smaller bluestones from west Wales. This marked the beginning of over 800 years of construction...

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Guidebook: York Cold War Bunker Stockists

An eerie reminder of the Cold War the protected headquarters of the Royal Observer Corps No. 20 Group are sunk several metres below the ground on the outskirts of York. Here up to 60 scientists and trained civilians worked in preparation against nuclear attack.An open secret the very existence of the bunker would have warned the Soviet Union of Britain’s preparedness to withstand attack and to seal off its workforce from potentially contaminated outside world.This guide contains a tour and history of a site which evokes a chilling period of recent history.Key Features:12 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2014

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Guidebook: Witley Court and Gardens Stockists

Witley Court was one of the great country houses of England. After a devastating fire in 1937 it became one of the country's most spectacular ruins. In this vast 19th century mansion life was lived on a grand scale with week-long parties glittering balls and Christmas trees hung with jewels.This guidebook offers a tour and history of the house and gardens which are now being restored and is illustrated with historic photographs reconstructions maps and eyewitness accounts.Key Features:40 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2013

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Railways and Rural Life Stockists

This beautiful photography book records the work of Sydney Walter Alfred Newton a commercial photographer who was based in Leicester in the late 19th and early 20th century. The young Newton recorded the London Extension of the Great Central Railway - the last main line - between Nottingham and London travelling the route with his camera. Significantly in addition to photographing the railway and its associated features Newton also recorded the navvy community and the rural life in the villages along the course of the line. Railway interest local history and social history intertwine to provide a unique picture of life...

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Manchesters Northern Quarter Stockists

This book raises awareness of the wide range and the varied character of the historic buildings which make up the Northern Quarters townscape and the forces and trends which contributed to its appearance. It also shows how the area has evolved over the last two and a half centuries forming the historic backdrop to everyday life in a particularly vibrant and culturally distinctive quarter of the city.The book will have a broad appeal both to the established urban community and to those with an interest in the city of Manchester and its buildings.Paperback 88pp71 colour and 8 b&w illustrationsInformed Conservation Publish...

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Guidebook: Carisbrooke Castle Stockists

Carisbrooke Castle was the key to the defence of the Isle of Wight for more than six centuries this guidebook is beautifully illustrated and written by leading English Heritage experts.Carisbrooke Castle has been the most important stronghold on the Isle of Wight from at least Saxon times. The keep and main walls were built soon after the Norman conquest and the castle was frequently updated over the centuries under the threat of Spanish invasion in Elizabeth I's reign it was transformed into a state-of-the-art artillery fortress. During the Civil War it was used as a prison most famously housing Charles I who twice attempted...

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Bridport and West Bay Stockists

Bridport is an industrial market town on the west Dorset coast which has played a pivotal role in the region's hemp and flax industry for over 700 years. The industrial heritage of this town is not widely known outside the area and very little has been published on the regional and national significance of Bridport. Hemp and flax was traditionally grown locally and used for the production of cordage netting and sailcloth: this industry expanded from the 18th century onwards with the construction of new mills and warehouses along with the continued use of traditional rope and twine walks creating a highly distinctive range...

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The Royal Engineers at Chatham Stockists

"Tells the story of the Chatham Garrison in Kent a site of major international military significance""Surviving physical evidence at Chatham is substantial and unique - relating directly to Britain's development as a nineteenth-century imperial power""Contains extensive use of previously unpublished Royal Engineer photographic archive material"Chatham on the River Medway in Kent is a site of international military significance. It has been vitally important for the defence of the nation for more than four centuries ever since the Royal Navy used the river here as a safe anchorage for mooring...

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Englands Schools Stockists

For most of us school was our first detailed experience of a building outside the homes of our parents friends and relations. Many people react emotionally when their old school charged with so many memories is closed or demolished. Not all school buildings are worthy of designation but many are major local landmarks and demonstrate an important part of our society's evolution.This book aims to raise awareness of the wide range of school buildings built in England from the Reformation to the Millennium and discusses which buildings may be worthy of greater appreciation and preservation. It summarises the development of...

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McMorran & Whitby Stockists

McMorran & Whitby are arguably one of the most unsung practices of post-war British architecture. Led from the late 1950s by Donald McMorran and George Whitby two indisputable architectural heavyweights of the post-war era the practice willingly rejected the experimentalism and fleeting faddishness that characterised the dominant paradigm of the age and from which so many of Britain's towns and cities are still blighted. The practice can be seen as part of an evolution in British classical tradition with direct linkages through other eminent figures such as Sir Edwin Lutyens and E. Vincent Harris.Their work found notable...

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