Bargain Giant Space Hopper Stockists

Bargain Giant Space Hopper Stockists

Space Hoppers – a giant ball of happiness, a link to memories and something we have grown too big for. Or so we thought. The Giant Space Hopper is designed to suit bigger bums bouncing on it and can support a maximum weight of 100kg. Hop on down to memory lane and race around the garden on your very own adult sized Space Hopper. This giant ball of orange smiley fun comes with a fast working foot pump included and is you’re key to enormous fun.

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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Waboba Moon Stockists

You haven’t played ball games until you’ve played with the Waboba Moon Ball! This ball takes bouncing to a whole new level with its lightweight material and specially designed edges. The dimples on the ball cause it to make a popping sound on impact and the flat edges along the ball cause it to bounce in erratic directions. The Waboba moon comes in neon colour that makes it easy to spot as it bounces along. The colours include: yellow, green, blue, red and orange. Please note colour cannot be guaranteed. The Waboba Moon ball is a gravity defying challenge and game wrapped into one and would be a great addition...

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Magic Notebook and Pencil Stockists

If you often find yourself entering the land of wizardry, leaving the muggle world behind you then you’ll understand how important your spells are. With so many spells, it’s difficult to remember your Expecto Patronum from your Expelliarmus. Trying to recall them all off the top of your head is sometimes trickier than finding a Horcrux in a haystack. (See what we did there!) The Magic Notebook wouldn’t look out of place in Hogwarts and is an ideal place for all your notes, calculations and potion recipes. With 90 sheets of spellbound A5 paper, there is plenty of room for every spell known to wizard kind....

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Sky Drone Plus Battery Stockists

Flying your Sky Drone Plus can be a great experience with the 50 meter range and video capabilities but this fun can be cut short if you lose your battery or require a longer flight time than 7 minutes. With this spare battery you can replace a lost battery to let your drone take to the skies again. Alternatively you can use a spare battery to switch with another when it runs low and give yourself more time to play and fly with your drone. Please note this battery fits the Sky Drone Plus only.

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Credit Card Power Bank 2000mAh Stockists

We all suffer from a flat phone battery from time to time, so what you need is this Credit Card Power Bank to slot inside your wallet ready for when your phone power is out. This gadget is great for when your travelling or out and about for long periods of time. These days we just can't seem to put our phones down for longer than 5 minutes so when your battery is drained, simply pull out the built-in mini USB cable and insert into your phone. The lithium battery will power 2000 MAh to your phone to ensure you will be re-connected to the social media madness in minutes! Compatible with the following Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE...

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Pocket Selfie Stick Stockists

Once upon a time you needed someone else to hold your camera if you wanted to get in on the shot. Then along came phones with front facing cameras and with a clever outstretched arm, our social media platforms are now filled with mostly pictures of ourselves! So if you can’t go through the day (or a night out) without at least one Selfie then we have the perfect pocket gadget for you! The M:Tech Pocket Selfie Stick is the best tool you can use to get all your friends in the frame. Once your phone is placed in the adjustable grip, you can set the camera angle and pull out the stick to 76cm to make sure everyone is included....

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X4 FPV Mini Quadcopter Stockists

Hubsan have been leading the field with innovative RC drones and quadcopters since 2010 and this X4 FPV Mini Quadcopter is a perfect example of why the brand has gained global recognition in such a short space of time. This quadcopter comes equipped with a 0.3 megapixel camera with 640x480 resolution and transmits a live feed directly to the remote control. The remote has a built in 4.3 inch LCD colour screen so you can capture every minute of your quadcopters flight in brilliant quality. You can also add a 2GB – 16GB micro SD to your remote to record and save your videos (please note this is not included). This quadcopter...

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T630 Speaker Stockists

It's time to get the party started. What we need is a brilliant sounding bluetooth speaker. What we need is an amazing sound responsive light show. What we really need is the T630 Bluetooth Speaker! This small but mighty speaker combines fantastic sound with awesome light effects that is sure to standout in more ways than one, whenever its on!  Connect the T630 via NFC, Bluetooth or AUX and you are ready to hear your music in crystal clear sounds. The lighting feature comes with five different settings – you can choose to preselect your favourite or let it phase through the collection. Equalize – LEDs light...

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Beer Pong Stockists

A new era of drinking game has been sweeping the nation, in the form of Beer Pong. Ideal for those with a good aim, and those without, if you like downing copious amounts of your favourite sauce. Contestants must throw the ping pong balls into the cups, which by this point are overflowing with your drink of choice. If they are successful, someone from the opposing team must see the entirety of its contents off. Winner stays on, until they can't stand up! This set comes with twelve cups and two ping pong balls, giving you everything you need to get a riotous battle under way!  Please drink responsibly -

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Robot Arm Stockists

If you are interested in robots this fantastic Build-Your-Own Robot Arm is the perfect place to start!This self-assembly robot arm creates a fascinating technical challenge to learn more about robot technology and control systems. With five motors it allows for complete control of five different joints.Build-Your-Own Robot Arm features base rotation, shoulder, elbow and wrist motion as well as a functional gripping claw which also has an integrated spotlight for extra illumination of anything that you are going to pick up.Learn all about the science of robots and machines and you can progress to build many more amazing things...

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1:32 Battle Tanks Stockists

Take to the battlefield once and for all with these awesome 1:32 radio controlled interactive Battle Tanks! These super cool toy tanks feature T:34 Allied Soviet WW2 model tank and M1A2 US Gulf War tank to enter into an epic battle in miniature! Each tank features a IR emitter and receiver with LED indicators. When you enter the battle field, each tank has three lives, and every time you take a hit you lose a life until somebody wins! These fantastic remote control toys each have multi-directional control, realistic tank movements which let you drive up 45-degree hills, roil motion as you fire as well as cool sound effects...

'1:32 Battle Tanks Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal

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