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Bargain Girl Hearts Girl Stockists

Break out the rainbows: love conquers all! The obstacle-crushing Tumblr true-love tale of Lucy and Kaelyn: stars of YouTube’s My Coming Out Story. Smile, blub, be inspired.

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The Highlander's Stolen Touch both

HER FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER… Ciara Robertson has loved formidable Highlander Tavis MacLerie all her life. She watched, broken-hearted, while he married and lost another. Now, finally of marriageable age, Ciara throws her heart at his feet… Tavis knows that innocent Ciara thinks she’s in love with him – but she deserves better. Painful experience has proved that he’s a far better warrior than husband, and he’s determined never to marry again. Her dreams shattered, Ciara accepts another man’s hand. Ordered to take Ciara to her husband-to-be, Tavis is tormented – and tempted – every step of the way…

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The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Pack x 4

Fun! Friendship! Babysitting! Sweetie-pie classics touched by Raina’s graphic magic. Pocket smiles!

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Erica's Elephant (PB)

When Erica Perkins wakes up on the morning of her tenth birthday, the last thing she expects is to find a very confused elephant sitting on her doorstep. So begins an unlikely friendship. But can a small girl and a rather large elephant learn to live together in a tiny terraced house? And when the dastardly owner of the local zoo plots to steal the elephant, will Erica be able to outsmart him?

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Follow Your Dream both

Mira September 2010 “She was following her dream. And I’m going to do the same. I’m going to be a dancer.” In January 1947, Lillian’s Aunty Eileen escaped their family’s grim Southend boarding house to find her own path. Now Lillian’s gran rules the family with an iron fist and Lillian, the youngest, is no better than a slave. She takes comfort from her Aunty Eileen’s example, knowing that she will one day leave and become a dancer. As the austere Forties give way to the excitement of the “never had it so good” Fifties, Lillian joins a touring company, dancing in the chorus line. Her dream is so close...

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Five girls. One night. Can it be perfect for all of them? Destiny. Glitterballs. Frocks. Heart-throbbing romance. Who needs reality TV?

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Revise for Advancing Maths for AQA Pure Core Maths 3

These brand new revision guides contain all the help guidance and support students need in the run-up to the exams ensuring they achieve the grades they deserve. The familiar format helps to trigger students' memories making revision easier. Key point summaries at the start of each chapter focus students' minds on what they need to know for the exam. Worked examples with examiners' hints ensure students are following the best practice and approach for answering questions successfully. Practice questions including a test-yourself section that references the main textbooks encourage independent revision. These guides are...

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Black Candle

Bridget Dean Mordaunt was a woman of consequence in her own part of the world. Inheriting her father's businesses at the age of nineteen by the time she was twenty-three in 1880 she was running them as confidently as any man. Yet the path destiny required her to follow was not an easy one. Her feckless cousin Victoria became infatuated with Lionel Filmore the fortune-hunting elder son of an old but impoverished family living in the decayed grandeur of Grove House. Bridget had no illusions about Lionel but Victoria's happiness was paramount to her. So a pattern began to form that would shape the lives of generations to come...

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Presents a selection of non-fiction reading books for developing readers. This work also provides an introduction to the subjects for older readers.

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Winter's Bone

Amid the harsh landscape of the Ozark Hills sixteen-year-old Ree is taking care of her mother and two brothers. Her father has put their house up as bail and if he doesn't show up at court it'll be sold from under them. To save her family she needs to track him down but in a community riven with long-running feuds getting answers isn't easy.

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Lost in Pleasure eBook

London, 1816 Richard, Earl of Kilcreggan, longs for the thrill of the unpredictable-but nothing prepares him for the sudden appearance of a beguiling woman in his library. As a man of science, he's intrigued by her story of time-travel. As a man of passion, he cannot resist their smoldering desire. Thoroughly modern Errin McGill never dreamed a wish for romance would land her in Regency London-and face-to-face with the most attractive man she's ever imagined. But her fantasy man and the sensual pleasure he offers is decidedly real...

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