Bargain Give It 10 Sign Stockists

Bargain Give It 10 Sign Stockists

Thankfully we’ve all moved on from the school playground rule, ‘whoever smelt it dealt it’. Now we’re grown-ups we’re old enough and mature enough to own up to our stinkiness! So next time you feel the need for a triumphant trip to the loo and you know it’s going to be a stinker, there’s no better way to fess up for your crime than with this handy sign that’ll do admit it all on your behalf! Designed just like a warning sign, this yellow beacon lets everyone know to give the ceramic throne a wide berth for a little while. This novelty sign reads ‘Give It 10 Minutes’ (with a rather apt gas mask picture beneath) on one side, and ‘Deeply satisfying poo in progress’ written on the reverse. Simply place it in the vicinity of the pong to give everyone plenty of warning of the stinky danger, saving your colleagues, friends and family the trouble of having to find out for themselves! Phew!

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RED5 Books - Finding Jesus Stockists

You found Wally so now it’s time to Find Jesus. Everybody knows the Lord moves in mysterious ways but his son sure is a sneaky devil. In this book you will be set the same challenge as the Romans, to find Mr Christ. It would seem that Nazareth was actually a pretty cool place over 2000 years ago. With crowds of people gathering at supermarkets, bustling rock concerts and packed weddings, you will have to search high and low to find the holy one. Who even knew that Jesus liked rock music?! Maybe he’s at the concert turning water into wine. Perhaps he’s at the beach trying to copy Moses and split the sea. You...

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Love You Starlight Bottle Stockists

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to not only brighten someone’s day but also their home, then the Starlight bottle is the ideal present for you. Filled with star shaped LED lights and a heartfelt message on the bottle's exterior, the Starlight Bottle is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. The colourful bottle features a print of the words 'Love you to the stars and back' on the front of the bottle, which is emphasized through the bottles warming LED starlights. Simply add 3 AAA batteries to the Starlight Bottle and be encompassed by the warm and heartfelt glow. 

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Book of The Shed Stockists

Ah the shed. Every man worth their salt sees this humble wooden structure as a calm sanctuary from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life, and now you can buy a book dedicated to this mighty structure! This hilarious novelty book aptly named ‘The Shed’ is presented as a retro Ladybird hardback book complete with Ladybird logo and is filled with supposed ‘anecdotes’ about men and their sheds. In this book you’ll meet men such as Keith who is sure that children are not allowed in his shed, and Les who hides out in his shed ‘doing work’ while he waits for the coast to be clear...

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101 Things to Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone Stockists

If you spend most of your time glued to your smartphone or tablet and not enough time being creative, making plans for the future or challenging your brain, then it’s time to do something about it! So put down your devices and delve into this magical little book which gives you activities and tips on how to take a tech time out and make moments for the little things in life. 101 Things to Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone is a fun and creative activity book for all ages packed full of puzzles, brainteasers, self-help and learning activities. More than just time killers, these activities include ways to unleash your...

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Pull My Finger Fart Pen Stockists

Everyone loves the ‘pull my finger’ trick, it’s just one of those things that will never get old. If you didn’t dine on beans or sprouts the night before, you may have trouble providing your own pumps, so when in doubt, pull the fart pen out! The Pull My Finger Fart Pen is pretty much an essential for pranksters worldwide. Shaped just like a finger, this pen will have your friends gasping for air for a different reason. Whenever they need a pen, simply don’t let go of the end you are holding straight away and as they pull the pen, a hilarious trump noise will appear from nowhere! With several...

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Book of The Husband Stockists

This Book of The Husband is filled with funny ‘facts’ about husbands and the things they get up to, making it a brilliant present for any man who is already, or soon to be, a husband. This book is styled like the traditional hardback Ladybird books complete with a clear, easy to read font and full page colour illustrations accompanying each page of text. In this book you’ll find out fun facts such as what fuels ‘the husband’ and why Adrian’s wife despises his logical cleaning habits. This is a great book to give yourself a good laugh and will be appreciated by any married man.

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100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Stockists

The corporate world is a notoriously difficult environment. Hard-nosed fat cats, endless meetings and passive aggressive emails make daily life at the office a constant struggle. Luckily help is at in the form of this brilliant book! Jam packed full of helpful hints and tips, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings will provide you with everything you need to appear clever in half the time it actually takes to learn something! The idiot's guide to conquering the conference room, you will learn all the essential tricks that will pay dividends in the long run. Helping you achieve tricky tasks like constantly nodding, pretending...

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Life Hacks for Dads Stockists

Something very special happens when a man becomes a Dad. Suddenly, everything he’s ever learnt in his life becomes important information that he can pass on to future generations. But there’s always a few handy hints and tips that are still to learn, so if the Dad in your life has a few holes in his knowledge, then this Life Hacks for Dads book makes the perfect read! Complete with more hacks than you could ever find on Pinterest, this compact paperback makes DIY disasters a thing of the past, lets you discover ingenious ways to keep the kids entertained and helpful ways to make cleaning a breeze. Guaranteed to...

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Bear Grylls Living Wild Stockists

If you fancy yourself to be a great adventurer, or want to become one, then you need to check out this ‘Ultimate Guide to Scouting and Fieldcraft’ by the famous explorer Bear Grylls. In this essential guide to living and surviving in the great outdoors, Bear Grylls gives the reader tips and secrets he has learnt from years of field craft experience. Not only is this book interesting and informative but the information comes straight from Grylls’ himself, a man who passed the 21 SAS selection, climbed Everest and has not only survived but thrived in some of the most inhospitable regions on Earth. In this...

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Grow A Pair Stockists

Ever been told you need to grow some balls? Well now you can literally achieve this with the Grow A Pair growing balls. If you know someone that is lacking confidence, has low self-esteem or is purely in the need of some bigger balls, give them the gift of the unique Grow A Pair balls! This magical set of balls grows up to six times bigger when added to water. You can watch the pair grow and grow over a duration of 72 hours, then hey presto you’ve got some gargantuan balls! The perfect gift for those with a questionable sense of humour, or great for those individuals who simply love themselves some large balls!

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